The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7569: Uninterrupted Thunder Network


Among the calm boundary, suddenly the wind blew up, and the wind was hunting!

Blows of wind appeared from all directions, sweeping towards Jiang Yun who was rushing towards him.

These winds are divided into two streams. The wind rushing at the front is as sharp as a knife, easily splitting the space.

As for the second wind, it condensed into a huge tornado, covering a radius of thousands of feet.

What has been done is not only splitting the space, but directly smashing the space.

In addition to the wind, there are various powers of the great way, magic powers, and magical powers, followed closely!

Compared to the previous three teams, the monks in this fourth team had already received the order from the young man, telling them to be ready to attack at any time.

The Dao Realm this team belongs to is the Fenglan Dao Realm, and the leader is named Chu Huaifeng.

For this realm, Jiang Yun just passed by on the way back to Daoxing Heaven and Earth, and had no contact with it.

But when he was jointly attacked by several original monks in the Qiuhe Dao Realm, two of them came from the adjacent Fenglan Dao Realm.

Even, the one who died was Chu Huaifeng’s elder brother!

Although those original peaks were not actually killed by Jiang Yun, but blew themselves up under the control of some unknown existence, but Chu Huaifeng got the news that the murderer was Jiang Yun.

Therefore, Chu Huaifeng hated Jiang Yun deeply.

Facing the attack launched by nearly 100,000 monks, especially when he saw the tornado covering an area of ​​thousands of feet, Jiang Yun knew that the opponent was trying to prevent himself from dodging through the power of space.

But Jiang Yun has more than just the power of space.

When all the attacks were about to come to Jiang Yun, a black figure suddenly appeared outside Jiang Yun’s body.

The black figure was like a blanket, wrapping Jiang Yun’s body, completely ignoring all the attacks, and continued to rush forward.

“Bang bang bang!”

Almost none of the various attacks of nearly a hundred thousand monks failed, and all of them hit the black figure accurately, making endless muffled sounds.

But the black figure seemed to have turned into a black hole again. Not only did it absorb all the attacks, but its moving speed didn’t slow down in the slightest, and it directly crashed into the fourth team.

Bei Ming!

About Jiang Yun’s possession of Beiming, although it is not a secret, it is still the same sentence, but all Hongmeng monks who have seen Beiming are already dead.

Therefore, without seeing it with their own eyes, no one would believe that there are existences in this world that can almost ignore any attack.

Now, these Hongmeng monks naturally believed, but it was too late!

At this time, as Beiming completely blocked the first wave of attacks from these monks, Jiang Yun also appeared from under Beiming’s package.

He didn’t look at it at all. The moment he appeared, he pointed at the monks gathered around and whispered a word.



Accompanied by the deafening sound of thunder, countless golden thunderbolts immediately appeared above the nearly 100,000 Hongmeng monks.

These thunderbolts did not attack them directly, but condensed into a huge thundernet at an extremely fast speed!

The net of thunder crashed down.

The nearly 100,000 Hongmeng monks seemed to have turned into fish in a fish pond, covered by a net of thunder.

The fate of the fish will be caught by the net, but their fate is much more miserable than that of the fish.

Because of this golden thunder net, it began to shrink extremely quickly after it caught them.

And wherever the net passes, the bodies of a large number of monks will be cut into countless pieces of the same size by the golden thunder immediately!

Even if some monks have sensed that something is wrong, and have even sacrificed magic weapons for body protection, under the power of the golden thunder, these magic weapons are like paper paste, and they can’t stop them at all. live.

This is the Unconnected Thunder Net that Jiang Yun learned from a monk in the first field of Tiangang.

The difference is that Jiang Yun’s thunder is the thunder of the great way, and it can even be said to be the strongest thunder in the cauldron. Its power is so great that ordinary monks cannot compete with it.

The shrill screams were endless, but Jiang Yun was not in the mood to listen to their cries carefully, and his figure slowed down because of the shot, and rushed forward again.

“Jiang Yun!”

Behind him, Chu Huaifeng let out a roar, and hurriedly chased after Jiang Yun.

Even though Jiang Yun showed great strength, it did not shock Chu Huaifeng, on the contrary, it aroused the hatred in his heart, so he desperately wanted to catch up with Jiang Yun and kill Jiang Yun .

What’s more, Chu Huaifeng also knew that Jiang Yun was facing the next Dao Realm team, named Qiuhe Dao Realm!

Compared to his own Fenglan Dao Realm, Qiuhe Dao Realm has a deeper hatred for Jiang Yun.

Because the Qiuhe Dao Realm had lost three original realms and three original peaks.

The current Qiu Xuanzi in the Qiuhe Dao Realm was originally only in the original realm, but he did not know what method he used to forcibly raise his cultivation base to the original peak, and he is also the only one in their Dao Realm.

No matter what, the opponent will use all means to stop Jiang Yun.

What’s more, at this time, a total of five original peaks from the last four teams have also jumped up one after another, rushing towards Jiang Yun.

Obviously, everyone knows that it is impossible to stop Jiang Yun with only one or two original peaks in a team, so the best way is for everyone to go together.

At the same time, Pan Chaoyang, Jindan Sanren and the others heard voices again: “It’s fine if you didn’t stop him just now, if you don’t make a move now, when will you wait!”

Although Pan Chaoyang and the others were unwilling to go, they knew that they could no longer disobey the voice master’s orders, so Pan Chaoyang took off into the air and said loudly, “Everyone, stay put!”

After leaving this sentence, he continued to rush towards Jiang Yun alone.

Jindan Sanren and Yunyao Immortal Fairy also made the same decision as Pan Chaoyang.

With the addition of Qiu Xuanzi and Chu Huaifeng, the ten original peaks shot at the same time.

Everyone believed that Jiang Yun would be able to stop Jiang Yun’s progress this time, and even kill Jiang Yun.

In addition, at the end of the entire Hongmeng army, the Taoist of the Four Seasons, who was wearing a Taoist robe and changed from season to season, also heard Pan Chaoyang’s voice.

“Siji Taoist, is your Four Seasons Building on Jiang Yun’s body?”

“If you are here, please take action later.”

“As long as you can capture or kill Jiang Yun, after entering the Dao Xing Tiandi, you can choose between all the things of the Dao and the origin of the Dao!”

Although Taoist Four Seasons was also moved by the things of the Great Dao and the origin of the Great Dao before, he is willing to go with the Hongmeng monks under the pretext of taking back the Four Seasons Building himself,

But when the army was really moving towards Daoxing Tiandi, he quietly retreated to the back of the team.

Obviously, it is okay to let him fish in troubled waters, but he is not willing to let him go in the front and bear the brunt of facing the monks of Dao Xing Tiandi.

Therefore, even after Jiang Yun appeared, he always just chose to watch from a distance, and had no intention of making a move at all.

At this moment, when he heard Pan Chaoyang’s sound transmission, his heart moved, and then looked at the ten original peaks rushing towards Jiang Yun, and responded calmly: “There are other strong people hidden in Jiang Yun’s body.” , isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Pan Chaoyang replied: “There must be strong people in his body, so only if you take advantage of the chaos and use the power of time to disrupt them and catch them by surprise, can we have a chance to severely injure them.”

Siji Taoist shook his head lightly and said: “Two are not enough, I want four!”

Pan Chaoyang said without hesitation: “Okay, four of them are four!”

The Taoist Four Seasons smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, my Four Seasons Building is on Jiang Yun’s body, I will wait for the opportunity to make a move!”


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