The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7570: Water and Fire Dao Realm



At the same time as the other nine original peaks rushed towards Jiang Yun, everyone in Daoxing Tiandi naturally saw this scene.


This made their already gripping hearts hang high again.


Especially Guan Tian beside Tianzun, even whispered to Tianzun: “Shall we help him?”


Guan Tian broke into the Hongmeng camp three times, and he knows the strength of the Hongmeng monks better than anyone else.


The ten original peaks acted at the same time. In Guan Tian’s view, Jiang Yun could not be an opponent at all.


Under the current situation, if everyone in Daoxing Tiandi witnessed Jiang Yun’s death with their own eyes, their morale would plummet.


Tianzun shook his head and said, “It’s too late!”


“What’s more, even if you and I go, we can hardly provide him with any help.”


“Trust Jiang Yun, he is no longer the child he used to be.”


“Since he dared to break into the Hongmeng army, he must have thought of all the possibilities he would face, and he must have a way to escape unscathed.”


Guan Tian silently nodded and stopped talking.


Tianzun closed his mouth, and murmured in his heart: “Boy, you must make it through smoothly and come back alive!”


Actually, Tianzun didn’t worry that Jiang Yun would die in the Hongmeng army.


But her identity made it impossible for her to save Jiang Yun.


If the rescue fails and she dies in it, then the entire Daoxing Heaven and Earth can only be slaughtered by the monks of Hongmeng.


As for the others, apart from worrying about Jiang Yun, there is naturally no way to help Jiang Yun.


At this moment, Jiang Yun, who was still wrapping himself in Beiming, had already arrived at the front of the fifth Hongmeng team.


The fifth team is nearly 100,000 monks headed by Qiuhe Daojie.


Seeing that Jiang Yun rushed past four teams in a row, they were already ready to make a move, so that when Jiang Yun rushed into the Fenglan Taoist team, they had already made a move.


However, after seeing Bei Ming’s weirdness, they didn’t think that their attacks could break through Bei Ming’s defense.


Most people gave up using their magical powers and chose to use magic tools instead!


For example, a thirteen-story pagoda with a height of more than a thousand feet directly faced Jiang Yun, and put its hood on Jiang Yun.


That Qiu Xuanzi also stretched out his hand and threw out an extremely simple bronze lamp and a palm-sized blue lotus.


The lotus flower fell into the void, and ripples immediately appeared layer by layer, and the nothingness within a radius of a thousand feet was filled with endless water in an instant.


The lotus sank to the bottom of the water, motionless.


The bronze lamp also turned into a sea of ​​flames, and there were countless figures shaking in the sea of ​​flames.


The Qiuhe road boundary is mainly based on water and fire.


The two artifacts thrown out by Qiu Xuanzi can be said to contain the two strongest powers in their Tao world, water and fire.


At this moment, the purpose of Qiu Xuanzi and others is very clear. The purpose of the magic weapon is not to hurt Bei Ming or Jiang Yun, but to trap Jiang Yun and delay the time as much as possible so that other peaks of origin can come in time .




The pagoda has come to the top of Jiang Yun’s head, and there is a golden light shooting out from each floor, exuding a powerful pressure, stopping Jiang Yun’s forward speed, and falling down quickly.




The moment the pagoda fell, Bei Ming’s body suddenly exploded and turned into a size of ten thousand feet. , like an arm, tightly entangled the pagoda.


The next moment, the pagoda was suddenly caught in the ripples on Beiming’s body, like a stone falling into the sea, and it disappeared without a trace even after struggling.


The whole process was extremely fast, and Beiming’s forward speed was not affected in the slightest. After swallowing the pagoda, he continued to rush forward.


Although there are still all kinds of magic weapons, releasing various traps and attacks, trying to delay Bei Ming’s speed, without exception, all the magic weapons are all captured by Bei Ming’s huge body. The ripples on the sky are all swallowed up.


It can be said that the strength of Beiming made Hongmeng monks almost feel desperate!


Hit, can’t move, drag, can’t drag!


As long as Jiang Yun has Bei Ming in his hands, it will be difficult for anyone to harm him, let alone kill him.


In their cognition, such creatures should not exist in this world at all.




The sea of ​​fire formed by the bronze lamp and the lotus flower has already been pushed by Qiu Xuanzi to come together, and the water and fire blend together. Water is in fire!


When Beiming came to this place where water and fire meet, its body shrank, and Jiang Yun appeared again, opened his mouth, and sucked hard.


Suddenly, this piece of water and fire, which most monks would not easily set foot in, turned into a long dragon and rushed towards Jiang Yun’s mouth.


Jiang Yun’s body is like a black hole that can’t be filled. In just three breaths, he has sucked all the converging water and fire, even the lotus flower and bronze lamp inside it.


Jiang Yun not only has the most powerful thunder in the cauldron, but also has the most powerful water and fire power.


Therefore, no matter whether it is the power of the Dao related to water or fire, or the magic weapon, it is impossible to cause any harm to Jiang Yun.


“Jiang Yun!”


With the disappearance of his magic weapon, Qiu Xuanzi shouted loudly, and took the initiative to take a step towards Jiang Yun, standing directly in front of Jiang Yun, and stretched out his hands, hugging Jiang Yun.


It seems that he wants to use his body to prevent Jiang Yun from moving forward.


Of course it was impossible for Jiang Yun to be hugged by Qiu Xuanzi, his figure flickered, trying to get around him.


But after this flash, Jiang Yun’s complexion changed slightly.


Because, I should have bypassed the opponent’s body, but in fact, in front of me, there is still Qiu Xuanzi with open arms.


A light flashed in Jiang Yun’s eyes, and his figure suddenly became unreal. At the same time, surrounded by the power of space above his body, he continued to walk towards the side.


In this case, even if he can’t pass Qiu Xuanzi, Qiu Xuanzi won’t be able to touch him.


However, there was a muffled “bang”, Jiang Yun, whose figure was illusory, and indeed walked to Qiu Xuanzi’s side, was still tightly hugged by Qiu Xuanzi’s arms!


The expression on Qiu Xuanzi’s face was not excitement, but pain. He opened his mouth and let out a roar, and the clothes on his body were shattered, exposing his naked upper body.


It can be clearly seen that his body is not a human body at all, but half water and half fire!


As for Jiang Yun, he didn’t see Qiu Xuanzi’s body, because the moment he was embraced by the opponent’s arms, the power of water and fire shot up into the sky in front of his eyes.


He found that he was not in Qiu Xuanzi’s arms at all, but in a world full of water and fire.


The water and fire here are not ordinary water and fire, but the original fire of the Dao!


Jiang Yun suddenly raised his head, looked around, and said with a look of enlightenment in his eyes: “Shards of the Great Dao!”


The dao world of Daoxing Dayu, no matter how big or small, is evolved from the fragments of the avenue, and the fragments of the avenue are different in size, and the evolved worlds are also of different sizes.


Even, even the Dao will have more or less, making the Dao world equal to the difference between high and low.


Jiang Yun doesn’t know much about the fragments of the Dao, so he will not know that the reason why this monk who was only in the original state can suddenly become the peak of the original is because he took the two fragments of the Dao, water and fire, Forcibly integrated into the body.


In this way, not only did his cultivation skyrocket, but he also turned himself into a realm of water and fire.


At this moment, Qiu Xuanzi looked at Chu Huaifeng and others who had rushed over one after another and shouted: “What are you still doing, I will send you into my Dao Realm and kill Jiang Yun!”


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