The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7568: Real shot



The golden lines are like the luxuriant root system of a big tree pierced into the earth. Under Jiang Yun’s waving of his palms, they are facing the four-headed cloud bird, the monks in the Hanxiang Taoist realm, and The third team spread like crazy.


Looking at these golden lines that didn’t form a shape at all, Immortal Fairy Yunyao showed a look of vigilance on her face.


As Jiang Yun, who has almost been listed as the number one enemy by the entire Hongmeng, as a member of the Hongmeng, he has some understanding of Jiang Yun’s proficient spells and supernatural powers.


Especially as a monster clan, he knows that Jiang Yun seems to have a magical power specifically for the monster clan.


The supernatural power is to penetrate into the body of the monster race by drawing some special seals, so as to have different effects on the monster race.


It’s a pity that among the Hongmeng monks today, none of them have really seen this kind of supernatural power.


Although Immortal Fairy Yunyao suspected that Jiang Yun was displaying this kind of supernatural power at the moment, those golden lines did not form any shape.


However, Immortal Fairy Yunyao still didn’t dare to underestimate her in the slightest, she raised her palm, and palm-sized white feathers immediately appeared around her.


The number of feathers is overwhelming, not only is it continuously woven into a huge white feather net, blocking those golden lines, but also there are golden thunders shining on the feathers.


In Immortal Fairy Yunyao’s mind, no matter what those golden lines are, as long as they touch the thunder, they will definitely be shattered and lose their effect.


Immortal Fairy Yunyao thought well, but she still underestimated Jiang Yun and those golden lines.


At the same time that Immortal Fairy Yunyao was weaving the huge feather net, Jiang Yun stretched out his hand again and pointed towards the spreading golden lines.


A strange scene happened.


These golden lines were about to touch the feather net, but all of a sudden, they all disappeared without a trace, as if they had never appeared before.


The divine consciousness of Immortal Fairy Yunyao could not find the whereabouts of these golden lines.


But only a moment later, these golden lines suddenly appeared in the place where monks from the Hanxiang Taoist realm gathered.


Not only did it appear, but all the golden patterns were combined together, turning into a golden seal with an area of ​​ten thousand feet.


The demon seal of life and death!


The dazzling golden light emitted by the demon seal of life and death easily dispelled the thick dark clouds formed by the condensed demon energy above the nearly 100,000 monks.


“The power of space!”


Immortal Fairy Yunyao’s pupils froze for a moment, and she realized that the power of space was attached to the golden lines just now, allowing them to easily pass through the feather net she had laid.


The reaction of Immortal Fairy Yunyao was also extremely fast. After realizing this, she immediately stretched out her hand and grasped the huge feather net in vain.


The feather net suddenly collapsed and turned into white feathers again, like countless arrows, it turned and shot towards the life and death demon seal.


However, before the feather was shot, the demon seal of life and death suddenly sank, like a mountain, falling from the sky and falling towards the nearly one hundred thousand monks gathered here.


Hanxiang Dao Realm is dominated by demon clans, and most of the monks are demon cultivators.


Those who chose to join the Hanxiang Dao Realm were also mainly demon cultivators.


Among the nearly 100,000 monks, more than 80% are monsters.


Therefore, when the demon seal of life and death fell, a demon seal of life and death appeared in the bodies of almost all demon cultivators.




Following Jiang Yun’s low shout, the demon seals of life and death exploded in the bodies of these demon cultivators!


With Jiang Yun’s current strength, coupled with the demon seal of life and death drawn with his own blood, under the unreserved explosion at this moment, although the power has been dispersed, it is still terrifying.


Therefore, streams of blood rose into the sky like fountains, and countless broken limbs and arms scattered in all directions like fallen leaves in the wind.


The demon cultivator in the Great Emperor Realm has almost no power to resist, and immediately dies and disappears.


Especially some monstrous beasts that are huge in size, ten thousand feet, one hundred thousand feet in size, when they fall down, they will press on the companions around them, killing a large number of them.


Although most of the demon cultivators in the Supreme Realm are still alive, they have suffered injuries to varying degrees.


Even some demon cultivators in the original state were injured a little bit.


In short, the explosion of this round of life and death demon seal caused huge casualties to the third Hongmeng army.


This area has become a Shura battlefield, with corpses strewn all over the field and blood flowing like rivers.


This is also Jiang Yun’s first real attack on this group of Hongmeng monks.


Immortal Fairy Yunyao was not beaten into the life and death demon mark, so she was naturally unharmed, but seeing the casualties of her subordinates made her suffer a lot.


Looking at the scene in front of her, she couldn’t believe her eyes.


At this moment, a wind sounded from her ears, and Jiang Yun’s figure had already rushed towards her.


The four-headed cloud bird instinctively spread its wings, raised its head, and stretched out its mouth, ready to peck at Jiang Yun.


But Jiang Yun suddenly erupted with the aura of being a demon refiner, and at the fingertips, a demon seal of life and death appeared again, flying towards Yunniao.


Although it was Yunniao’s first contact with the aura of a demon refiner, when he saw the demon seal of life and death, a kind of instinctive fear immediately surged in his heart, and he couldn’t even escape.


Where did it dare to attack Jiang Yun again?


It seems that as long as Jiang Yun and the demon seal of life and death can’t be seen, Jiang Yun can’t attack it.


Immortal Fairy Yunyao also came back to her senses, hastily shot, and slapped the life and death demon seal.


Jiang Yun didn’t try to stop him, but looked at the other party with cold eyes, and said four words again: “Whoever blocks me will die!”


Hearing these four words again, although Immortal Fairy Yunyao was angry, she could only let out a helpless curse in her heart, reached out to pat Yunniao’s head, and took a step to the side, stepping aside Road.


After seeing the power of the demon seal of life and death, Immortal Fairy Yunyao has self-knowledge. Even though she and Jiang Yun are exactly the same in strength, as a demon cultivator, she is definitely not Jiang Yun’s opponent.


Therefore, instead of trying to stop Jiang Yun here, it is better to let Jiang Yun pass.


As for the nearly 100,000 monks who joined the Hanxiang Dao Realm, only half of them are still alive, and those who have been beaten are routed into a mess.


Although many monks were almost unscathed, when they saw Jiang Yun approaching, they had no courage to stop them, and turned around in a hurry to avoid it.


Jiang Yun passed the third brigade unimpeded.


It took a total of 15 breaths of time, resulting in the death of nearly 50,000 demon cultivators!


Looking at Jiang Yun’s back, Pan Chaoyang, Jindan Sanren, and even Immortal Fairy Yunyao all heard a voice: “What are you doing, why don’t you stop him!”


Although the voices are different, they all carry a trace of anger.


Pan Chaoyang responded calmly: “Only I know of your existence, but Ye Dong’s existence is known to everyone in the Soul Dao world.”


“If I dare to stop Jiang Yun, or forcibly order the Immortal Emperor and the others to stop Jiang Yun, they will kill me first!”


Jindan Sanren’s response was similar to that of Pan Chaoyang: “Since Senior Haotian gave Jiang Yun the power of the Five Elements, if I, the Five Elements Dao Realm, dare to attack Jiang Yun, then Senior Haotian will screw my head off.”


As for Immortal Fairy Yunyao, she said coldly: “Jiang Yun can clearly restrain demon cultivators, how can I stop it from the Hanxiang Dao Realm!”


At this moment, Jiang Yun has come to the front of the fourth team.


The original pinnacle of this team is a young man.


Although the whole process of Jiang Yun’s attack on the Hanxiang Dao Realm also shocked him greatly, he has no intention of giving way.


Even, his face was still full of hatred, so that when Jiang Yun’s figure just appeared in his sight, he, together with nearly a hundred thousand monks behind him, had already made a move.


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