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Seeing this sign, Kimura and Shu and the others did not show any signs of fear.

There are many people who are brave, and even if some monsters do appear, there may be a moment of panic, but with the qualities of Ito Shi and the others, they can still stabilize.

In addition, the sign says that there are wild beasts, not monsters, so even in the middle of the night, they are not afraid.

Ignoring the sign’s warning, several people walked directly from the mountain road to the mountainside.

However, Jinshan is really rare. The road up the mountain is only tens of meters, and then there is no road. There are jungles of different heights everywhere, unknown mosquitoes chirping around, all kinds of trees in the field of vision, and the visibility is very low at night.

But everyone is a cultivator and has night vision ability. So there is no such thing as someone falling after walking a few steps.

“Where did Daisuke Kojima go missing.”

“I don’t know.”

Hearing this answer, Kimura and Shu paused.

And as soon as he stopped, the others stopped too, and they were speechless when they heard the answer.

“Did you not investigate?”

Hearing this question, Ito Shi and the others turned their attention to Saito Tomoya and Tsukahara Tsukahara.

“Don’t look at me.” Seeing this, Rui waved his hand quickly, “I was pulled over by Pengya before, but I didn’t have any clues. This guy disappeared for a while, and then he pulled me and ran away.”

Saito Tomomi also smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry I forgot where I met that beautiful woman.” At that time, he dragged Rui straight up the mountain, originally looking for monsters, and he had a bit of an adventure gene in his bones, so he directly Pull Rui straight up the mountain to check blindly. And he didn’t have the habit of memorizing the way, so after going up the mountain, the two of them walked around. When going down the mountain, it was not the right way, but came down from other directions. It took an hour to walk back to Xiaolin Village.

Kimura Kazuki is speechless

Jinshan is higher than Yundao Mountain, at least 500 meters above sea level, and the trees are unevenly distributed and the ground is rugged. It is not an easy thing to find out the situation in Jinshan. Fortunately, there is no rain. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to check.

He came down all day today and also knew that this golden mountain, in ancient times, was the hunting place of Xiaolin Village. It’s just that after modern times, living standards improved, coupled with the wisdom of the village chief, Xiaolin Village was developed into a tourist attraction, and the people in the village became rich, and they never went to Jinshan again.

I haven’t been to the Golden Mountain for decades, not to mention the beasts, the trees in front of them are just a hindrance.

He originally thought that Tomoya and Ruizao had already investigated things a little after going up the mountain. For example, the place where Daisuke Kojima disappeared. As a result, the two did not know where Daisuke Kojima disappeared. The most important thing is Tomoya, a reckless man, who did not remember the place where he met the beautiful woman yesterday.

In this case, wouldn’t they have to start from scratch

Thinking of this, Kimura Kazuki couldn’t help but have a headache. Then he could only helplessly say, “Then let’s split up.”


When everyone heard this, they all looked at Kimura Kazuki pitifully.

Ito Se said with an even more ugly face, “Boss Kimura, haven’t you watched a horror movie? If we are separated, the monsters will destroy us all. You will be strong by then, and you will not die. Maybe the few of us are He died tragically on the Golden Mountain.”

The others all nodded like chickens pecking at rice. Of course, Tomo Saito is no exception, he nodded in agreement, “If we search together, we probably won’t find anything for a few days, but if we are separated, we should be able to explore most of Jinshan in one night. I think this Good idea.”

“Go away.” Yi Dongshi said in a sullen voice, “You have the protective jade of the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace, and none of us have brought them. When we meet the beauty you mentioned, maybe we will directly disappeared.”

“That’s right.”

Others wanted to speak, but Kimura Kazuki interrupted directly, “Don’t worry, I also know that there are unknown dangers on the Golden Mountain, so don’t worry.” He took out a small stack of talismans from his pocket. .

The higher the realm, the faster he can draw talismans, plus practice makes perfect. Now the success rate of drawing talismans is above 80%. This is the reason for the thinness of spiritual energy. Otherwise, this kind of talisman in the foundation-building stage is basically above 95% in the era of spiritual energy recovery. Success rate.

“Chunyang, Kayue, Yayoi, you are a group of three.” Saying that, Kimura Kazuki took out nine talismans, three exorcism talismans, three spirit talismans, and three fuze talismans.” You can use the ghost exorcism talisman directly. Although this talisman is the most effective against resentful spirits, if you use it on yourself, it can also make resentful spirits unable to get close to you for a while. Even if you meet the beautiful women mentioned by your friends, you should not Immediately bewildered. If you see anything, you crush the fuze and I’ll come right over.”

“What about this talisman?” Momoi Yayoi took the three talismans, her eyes full of curiosity. Momoi’s house is a small village. Although there are sometimes onmyoji who come to visit, she doesn’t know any onmyoji. , Naturally, she has never really seen Fu Lu, this is her first contact.

The others are similar. Of course, the family of Ito Shi, Ruizao and Tomoya is often in contact with the **** and ghost Fuming especially the Ito family, which is not welcomed by the ancient kendo world, and the **** and ghost Fuming Palace the deepest contact.

But even so, the talisman is rare.

It would be too difficult to draw without him. On top of that, they heard that the success rate of drawing talismans was extremely low. It turned out that Kimura and Shu picked up a small stack at will, and the three of them directly doubted life.

“This is a spirit-suppressing talisman. If you encounter a resentful spirit, use it directly to make the resentful spirit unable to move for a while. Even if it is a monster, it has some effect.”

Suppressing Spirit Talisman, it is the soul that is suppressed. Of course, if there is a physical body, the effect of the talisman will be greatly reduced, but it is also effective.

And Chunyang also took the talisman, and couldn’t help but stunned for a while. She had four talismans in her hand. Looking closely, it was different from the other three talismans. The lines on the yellow talisman were not complicated, but after looking at it for a long time, she felt in her heart. But a palpitating feeling arose.

Because the visibility was very low in the middle of the night, other people didn’t pay much attention, and they didn’t know that Chunyang had four talismans in his hands.

“This is a lightning talisman. It’s powerful. Use it carefully.”

It is difficult to draw the Lightning Talisman, and it consumes red aura, so he didn’t save a few.

Kayue and Yayoi are the weakest in the small team. Although they have already built the foundation, they are still a little short. On the contrary, Chunyang came from behind, and after activating the bloodline and signing the Shikigami contract with Guqiao Yingjiu, he was the strongest. Letting a group of three also let Chunyang protect the two of them.

As for the others, you can’t hold a group.

Ito Shi and Ruizao are both in the second stage of foundation building. After taking the three talismans, they looked at Kimura Kazuki with resentment.

On the contrary, the friend looked excited and looked at the talisman in his hand, intending to save it and study it when he returned home.

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