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After the small team parted, Kimura and Shu were not idle either.

However, after finding a dilapidated pavilion, Kazuki Kimura cleaned up a little and sat down.

If there is Idongshi, they are looking for him on the golden mountain. It is not much to have more of him, and not more of one less of him.

He dealt with the affairs of Sakagami Village in the past few days. Although Mei killed Sakagami Otome in the end, he was tense every day and didn’t have much rest. After dealing with Sakagami Village, he was called by Ito Shi again. Although he was not physically tired, he was still a little tired mentally.

On the contrary, Chunyang is in high spirits, but Kimura Kazuki also knows that this is the first time in Chunyang’s life to deal with such an extraordinary event, although it does not help. But the mood must be high, after all, this is an event that ordinary people can’t see.

Now Chunyang happens to be in high spirits and full of interest, even if he stops the other party, it is estimated that Chunyang will have to sneak over.

Thinking about it, Kimura and Shu picked up their mobile phones. The signal on Jinshan was abundant, unlike Yundao Mountain, where there is basically no signal. The news of Kimura and Shu has been blocked these days.

He didn’t find Shiori Chiba in the group. If he posted a message in the group, wouldn’t he let others know that he was lazy here

Kimura Kazuki didn’t post, but told Shiori Chiba the information he got today.

Of course, he didn’t say what Saito Tomoya said before, and Chiba Shiori probably knew it better than he knew.

After speaking, he asked, “If there are monsters, where do you think the monsters are likely to hide?”

This question is very unreasonable, but Kimura Kazuki knows that Chiba Shiori has a flexible mind, and Saito Tomoya has taken a lot of photos and uploaded them to the group before. He believes that Chiba Shiori should be thinking about this issue. , In addition, photos about Jinshan should be found online, so although the other party rarely speaks in the group, he believes that Shiori should have some guesses.

There are very few people on Jinshan. If you want to kill people, it is very simple. But Daisuke Kojima has no enemies, so murder is basically impossible. The most important thing is that Saito Tomo also stated in the group that it is obvious that there is a soul body on Jinshan, and the other party is also bewitched by beautiful women, so the high probability is a resentful spirit or a monster released by the spirit pen at that time.

Although I didn’t smell any peculiar smell after going up the mountain, this is normal. After all, the Jinshan is so big, if the resentful spirit is only in one place, it is normal for him to not smell it.

In the end, although Shiori Chiba replied in seconds, she didn’t answer his question. Instead, she asked a little sour, “You went on a trip with Chunyang”

“No.” Kimura Kazuki explained, “I brought Chunyang to Kyoto to help her activate her bloodline.”

As for going to Sakagami Village, it was just a drop in, and it also served the purpose of opening Chunyang’s eyes.

“So it is.” After hearing Kazuki’s explanation, Chiba Shiori’s complicated emotions instantly became simpler, she flipped through the question Kimura Kazuki asked just now, and smiled confidently, “Do you think it is small? Must Daisuke Shima be killed by a monster or a ghost?”

“According to the information we have now, it should be so.” Kimura and Shu paused, “The most important thing is that Daisuke Kojima has been missing for two days. The police searched for half a day, but they couldn’t find him. Fu’s corpse, then it is very likely that it was harmed by a ghost or a monster.”

“It’s also possible what you said, but it’s also possible that Daisuke Kojima was murdered.” After Chiba Shiori typed and sent the message, she felt that Kimura Kazuki must not believe it, and then added, “There are people on Jinshan. Rare, do you think that an ordinary college student will go up the mountain recklessly to sketch, should he first find out if Jinshan is in danger?”

“If Daisuke Kojima asks, he still goes up to Jinshan, then it is sure that there is no danger on Jinshan. But you also said in the group that few people have climbed Jinshan for decades, and there are signs warning at the foot of the mountain. , then it proves that there is definitely a risk on Jinshan.”

“But Daisuke Kojima went up the mountain to sketch. Where do you think Daisuke Kojima would sketch?”

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki thought for a while, and then suddenly, he typed, “It should not go too deep into Jinshan, but on the periphery of Jinshan”

“b.” Chiba Shiori snapped her fingers and said with a smile, “You have all fallen into the misunderstanding of thinking, thinking that it must have been a ghost or a monster that killed Daisuke Kojima, there is a possibility of this , and it’s huge. But it can’t be ruled out that someone was murdered.”

“And we can rule out an attack by a beast. If a beast attacked Daisuke Kojima, there is no need for the police. People in Kobayashi Village should be able to find out.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded when he heard the words, the beasts attacked humans, but they would not clean up the traces.

But the people from Kobayashi Village and the police station searched Jinshan, but they didn’t find Daisuke Kojima, so beast attack was ruled out.

“If the attack by beasts is excluded, there is only the killing of spirits or monsters, and murder.”

Seeing this message, Kimura Kazuki can think of Shiori Chiba’s confident look on the other end of the phone. He couldn’t help but smile, and pulling Chiba Shiori into this group should be the most correct choice he made.

After a few seconds, Shiori Chiba’s information came again, “Actually, in my opinion, the probability of Daisuke Kojima being murdered is about the same as the probability of being killed by a monster.”

“As a normal person, if Daisuke Kojima knew that there was danger on Jinshan, he would either not go up the mountain, or he would choose a location with a high probability of being safe. This location should be very close to Kobayashi Village, or let him A place where he feels safe.”


Kimura Kazuki put down his phone and looked around, startled. Then he took a deep breath, picked up his mobile phone and typed, “After going up to Jinshan from the right road, there is a pavilion only 100 meters to the east.”

This place is where Kimura and the tree are sitting now. This pavilion should have been built by the people of Xiaolin Village decades ago. After all, after the people of Xiaolin Village went hunting in the mountains, if they wanted to rest, they would definitely not rest in dangerous places. The establishment of this pavilion should be set up by Xiaolin Village.

The pavilion is built here, which means that this is a place that the people of Xiaolin Village believe there must be no danger.

Then if Daisuke Kojima asked the people of Kobayashi Village about the safe place on the Golden Mountain, the people from Kobayashi Village would definitely tell Daisuke Kojima about the pavilion.

But during the day, when he saw the police questioning the head of Xiaolin Village, the head of the village did not reveal the information about the pavilion.

Is it the village chief, don’t you know?

Thinking of the village chief’s face, who looks over 60 years old, Kimura Kazuki knows that the village chief must know, or that the village chief told Daisuke Kojima the location of the pavilion. After the disappearance of Fu, Kobayashi Village did not find Daisuke Kojima here, so the village chief naturally concealed it, obviously not wanting to have anything to do with this disappearance case.

After all, if it is reported by the media, Xiaolin Village will be affected as a tourist attraction. As a person in the village, instead of preventing travelers from going up the mountain, it is a mistake to tell where the mountain is safer.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Kobayashi Village is the murderer of Daisuke Kojima.

But this chance is extremely low, almost impossible. After all, Daisuke Kojima is just a tourist Kobayashi Village has no reason to kill each other.

It’s possible that those of Kurosaki might.

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