The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 302: Don’t go up the mountain


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Chapter 300 Yuma Tsukahara has been changed to Tsukahara Mizuna. Tsukahara Yuzhen is from the youth group, Tsukahara Rui Nao is from the youth group, and the writing is wrong

In the afternoon, Daisuke Kojima’s father, Masamune Kojima, arrived.

Kojima Masamune looks very decadent, a man in his late 50s with gray hair and looks like he is in his 60s or 70s. His eyes were full of exhaustion and his expression was numb. After hearing the news of his son’s disappearance, his body couldn’t help shaking. There was no light in his eyes for a moment, but the two words missing still gave him a glimmer of hope. But this glimmer of hope is very slim.

After all, she has been missing for two days. If she is in a safe state, she will definitely call to report safety or return to Xiaolin Village.

But no news right now

Kimura and Shu were sitting on the chairs in the tree house, listening to the conversation between Kojima Masamune and Honda Masayoshi, and knew that Kojima Daisuke had no mother since he was a child, and was raised by Kojima Masamune. However, in high school, Daisuke Kojima started working part-time to support himself. After arriving at the university, Daisuke Kojima was able to pay most of the tuition by himself after taking a part-time job.

This time I was able to travel to Kobayashi Village because of Daisuke Kojima’s own money. I just didn’t expect that just a few days after my son came to Xiaolin Village, Kojima Zhengzong received a call from the police.

Police Officer Makoto Kojima consoled Masamune Kojima while asking about Daisuke Kojima. I want to ask if Daisuke Kojima has provoked anyone, or if Masamune Kojima has provoked anyone in society.

It’s just that Kojima Masamune, as a fisherman who goes out to sea with a boat, rarely takes care of Kojima Daisuke during normal time. The pressure of making money to support the family is on Kojima Masamune, so there is little communication between the two fathers and sons. In addition, after college, Daisuke Kojima lived on campus, and Masamune Kojima often went to sea, and the contact between father and son was even less.

As for who was provoked, Kojima Masamune directly shook his head.

He knew his son very well and was often bullied as a child, so he developed a withdrawn character, did not play with his peers very much, and was immersed in his own world. In the opinion of Masamune Kojima, it is impossible for his son’s character to provoke any enemies at all.

Honda sighed slightly after hearing this.

It seems that Daisuke Kojima is very likely to be killed, and he can only comfort Kojima Masamune, promising that the other party will search and rescue as soon as possible.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t hear any useful news, but he wasn’t disappointed either, he had to wait for him to investigate at night.

And the evening came soon, Xiaolin Village did not quiet down at night, but became more lively. Simply Kimura and Shu waited for a few more hours until it was midnight.

When darkness spreads all over the Xiaolin Village, the entire Xiaolin Village fell into silence. Of course, there would be laughter from time to time in the tree house. There is also a 24-hour supermarket still lit up.

In the middle of the night, when Kimura and Shu quietly got out of the tree house, he looked at the shadows behind him. He had a headache and said in a low voice, “What are you doing here?”

“Of course it’s with Kimura-kun, you go to see the monsters.”

“Yes, I’ve never seen a real monster since I’ve grown up.”

“Go up the mountain to slay demons and demons, try my sword and see if it will be beneficial”

The last sentence was said by Ito Shi. When they heard this, everyone looked at each other with contempt, especially Saito Tomoya, who said with naked disgust, “I asked you to go with us last night, why didn’t you go? “

“Haha” Ito Shi dismissed the explanation.

Everyone ignored each other lazily, but Kimura Kazuki looked at the six people who followed and said speechlessly, “With so many people going up the mountain together, the goal is too big. Don’t forget that the police are still paying attention to this matter. See, how will we explain it then.”

Including him, there are seven people in total, and seven people go up the mountain, which is easy to be discovered by others.

At that time, he was found and questioned by the police, but he didn’t care. A phone call to Otake Ryo, let the other party help to excuse himself. But for others, it’s hard to say.

“Relax, if the police find out, I’ll call my dad and let him explain.”

“It’s the same. Although our Ito family’s business is in entertainment, it doesn’t involve much politics. But my dad still knows a lot of people. When we meet the police, we just say we’re curious and go up the mountain to explore.”

“Me too.”

Momoi Yayoi stood aside, smiling slightly, very quiet. After all, she was a girl and didn’t get much attention in the family. Moreover, the members of the Momoi family are all subterranean practitioners, and they have nothing to do with business or politics, but with Tsukahara Ruizao, Saito Tomoya, and Ito Shi, she felt that even if they were discovered, it would be harmless. Time to explain a little bit.

Kazuki Tsukahara didn’t speak either, she had to go anyway. And she is also very interested in the so-called monsters. Last night, Saito Tomo also invited her to go up the mountain with Yayoi, but she was with Yayoi at the time, so she refused.

But according to Tomoya Saito’s account, the other party did see a beautiful girl.

Seeing beautiful women on the Golden Mountain is very abnormal in And Saito Tomo is not so attractive. If there are family things to protect, maybe Saito Tomo also disappeared.

Now that there is Kimura Kazuki, the most powerful person, they are naturally curious. And there are many people, even if you encounter a monster, when a group of people fights, maybe the monster will be solved directly.

Kimura and Shu were silent, but in the end they did not refuse.

If you want to follow these people, just follow them. The most important thing is that these people have never seen a monster before, so I am afraid they will be suspicious. Even Saito Tomo was a little skeptical, after all, the one he met yesterday was a beautiful woman, not a monster. In Saito Tomoya’s heart, it might be a ghost or a ghost.

Although Saito Tomo also has contact with the ghost Fuming Palace, he has never seen a monster. He acted as a guard for Onmyoji, and he dealt with some remnant spirits, the so-called monsters, I had only heard of them, but had never seen them.

The same is true for Tsukahara Mizuna and Ito Shi, not to mention the less powerful Kazuki and Yayoi. It is also Chunyang who has experienced the incident in Sakagami Village, and has already come to a conclusion in his heart as to whether there are monsters in this world. Although she has never actually seen a monster in Sakagami Village, whether it is Sakagami Tamura Maro who became Shikigami, or Sakagami Otome, the devil, she left a deep impression on her.

With these things, isn’t it a matter of course that so-called monsters exist?

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Kimura and Shu and the others spent a few minutes and soon came to the foot of the Golden Mountain.

Before entering the mountain, I saw a sign erected in front of me. The sign was dilapidated and slanted into the ground. The wooden sign may have been worn by wind and rain, and the words on the sign are vague. But if you look closely, you can see it clearly.

Warning about wild beasts and never going up the mountain.

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