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“Boss Kimura, you are finally here.”

Ito Shi had the look of looking forward to the stars and the moon. Seeing that Kimura Kazuki had arrived, he directly greeted him with excitement on his face.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other, knowing that this guy was afraid of death, but also wanted to know what the **** was going on in Kobayashi Village.

“Kimura-kun, Chunyang classmate.”

Seeing that Kimura Kazuki and Chunyang arrived, everyone said hello. Especially Saito Tomoya, this guy has the most complicated expression. He lost to the opponent in the Jade Dragon Banner competition. Now that he sees Tsukahara Kazuki, he doesn’t lick it much.

After all, he had already promised Kimura Kazuki and lost to the other party, so he naturally lost his qualification to pursue Tsukahara Kazuki.

It’s really hard to be a dog licker.

Obviously, Tomo Saito did not know that Kazuki Tsukahara and Yayoi Momoi were a pair of lilies.

Originally, Tsukahara Kazuki didn’t come to Kobayashi Village, and she also attended cram schools during the summer vacation. Because Momoi Yayoi’s grades are very good, if the two want to go to the same university, she must work hard. She didn’t want to let Yayoi Momoi, who should have been able to go to a famous school, come to an ordinary university to accompany her when it was time to fill in the volunteers.

However, Yayoi Momoi was more eager for cultivation. Knowing that Ito Shi and the others were looking for traces of monsters during the summer vacation, he took Tsukahara Kazuki over with him.

To be able to spend the summer vacation with the person I like, Tsukahara Kazuki agreed without a second word.

After saying hello, Kimura Kazuki asked Ito Shi and others to talk to him about the situation in detail again. The group only spoke a few words, and it was easy to ignore the details.

As for Chunyang, she was looking at the surrounding scenery. It was the first time she came to Xiaolin Village.

As expected on the Internet, this village is a good tourist attraction in summer and summer vacations.

And Kimura Kazuki soon came to the hotel where Ito Se and the others lived. The hotel was a tree house. The whole tree house hotel is built by four giant trees around it, which is very artistic and has a relatively spacious space. If you go up from the stairs, a tea pavilion is also built around the middle for passengers to take a rest in the shade. A little further away, there are wooden bridges in the sky connecting other treehouses, which is a novelty.

Kimura and Shu did not go up, because under the tree house, he saw police officers in uniform.

In addition to the hotel owner, the policeman was accompanied by the head of Xiaolin Village. In addition, there are several young people, who are obviously the companions of Daisuke Kojima.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t step forward to ask anything, but he still walked slowly, wanting to hear what these people were talking about.

“What did Daisuke Kojima say to you before he left the day before yesterday?”

“I didn’t say anything.” A slightly dark-skinned young man said worriedly, according to Ito Shi’s introduction, the other party should be the leader of the team, Kurosaki, “It was noon, and Daisuke wanted to come with us. I went to sketch with him, but we all had plans, so we didn’t go with each other.”

Honda paused for a moment. He took a notebook and jotted it down. Then he looked at Kurosaki, frowning slightly, “Don’t you know your game plan, Daisuke Kojima? According to what you just said, you should It’s the same dormitory with Daisuke Kojima, but I understand that you guys don’t seem to know each other very well”

Kurosaki said with a slight embarrassment, “It’s true that I don’t know very well. I got a girlfriend in the dormitory a month after I went to college. After that, some things were inconvenient, so I rented a house off campus. Daisuke Kojima Although I am also a friend in the dormitory, I only get to know Qiren very well. This summer vacation trip is actually a friendship between dormitories.”

With Kurosaki’s remarks, Honda has a general understanding of the situation.

This time I came to Kobayashi Village because Kurosaki and his girlfriend Hinako Hirai agreed. But both of them are people who like to be lively, so Kurosaki had an idea and invited the classmates in the dormitory to come with him, and Hirai Hinako also invited his roommate.

In this way, it becomes a travel friendship between bedrooms.

However, Daisuke Kojima is relatively withdrawn and doesn’t like to socialize. He did not agree to Kurosaki’s invitation, so he did not know that the first stop of Kurosaki and others’ travel was Kobayashi Village.

So when Kurosaki met Daisuke Kojima in Kobayashi Village, he was surprised.

Later I learned that Daisuke Kojima came to Kobayashi Village, not only came to play alone, but also the scenery here is very suitable for sketching. You must know that many college art students choose Xiaolin Village for their sketching spots.

While the two sides met in Kobayashi Village, Daisuke Kojima was also a little embarrassed. Kurosaki felt very fateful, so he went up to chat directly, and then dragged Daisuke Kojima to play together. This time Daisuke Kojima did not refuse. After all, if he refused again, it would be a bit inhumane.

Honda nodded slightly when he heard the words, so it was.

Daisuke Kojima and Kurosaki and others have different goals, and Kurosaki did not expect to meet Daisuke Kojima in Kobayashi Village, so it is reasonable to ignore each other in the game plan.

However, Honda did not only talk to After all, no one knows how Daisuke Kojima disappeared. In Honda’s view, if suicide and death are excluded, it is very likely to be a murder.

Of course, I asked all the way down. Murder can basically be ruled out, and the possibility of death is higher.

After all, the place where Daisuke Kojima went is Jinshan. The name of Jinshan was taken by the village chief of Xiaolin Village. Naturally, he took this name to hope that the development of Xiaolin Village would be prosperous.

Although Jinshan is named, people from Xiaolin Village generally don’t go to Jinshan.

Because according to legend, there are man-eating monsters on the Golden Mountain.

But Honda doesn’t really believe it. As for the man-eating monster, it may be some kind of ferocious beast.

And Jinshan itself is also forbidden to enter, and signs are also erected at the foot of the mountain. Daisuke Kojima also went up the mountain to sketch, which is obviously irresponsible for his own life.

When questioning, Honda Shin raised his head and saw Kimura Kazuki and others next to him. Seeing these people looking at them curiously, he couldn’t help but smile.

Seeing this, Kimura and Shu smiled back, and didn’t stay here any longer. He listened to the conversation between the two with his ears.

But apparently, there was no useful information in the conversation between the two.

But this is also a matter of course. According to Tomoya Saito, there is a high probability that there are monsters above the golden mountain.

As for what kind of monster it is, you need to investigate it at night.

He would like to go to Jinshan now, but the police are here, so he will definitely go to Jinshan to check the situation, at least he won’t go back to the village until it’s almost night.

After all, Xiaolin Village is also a famous tourist attraction. If this incident occurs, whether it is the police station or Xiaolin Village, it must be explained to other travelers. If it is not resolved, whether it is Xiaolin Village’s responsibility or not, it will stay Lower the black spot.

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