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x, Kimura and Shu established simple rules just a few days after the group was established.

The rules are very simple. If you encounter a ghost, after finding out your obsession, you won’t be able to complete it yourself. You can ask people in the group to help, and the spiritual energy transformed by the ghost is naturally distributed according to work.

The same is true of grievances. If they can’t be solved, if people in the group are asked to help, they will be distributed according to their work. Of course, since you discovered the ghostly spirit, you will also share a little more spiritual energy in terms of love and labor.

And because of the touch of the spirit pen, many of the drawn monsters have been given a sense of thinking. After that, he fled in all directions, and only he and the people in the special class knew the news.

In the next few days, he found that the special class had not leaked the news, obviously knowing that those who escaped monsters could absorb the spiritual energy as long as they were killed. Although the monsters escaped, it was the fault of the people in the special class. But as long as you eliminate those monsters, you can also improve your own cultivation. Therefore, the people in the special class did not disclose this matter.

Kimura Kazuki directly told the group about this matter, and directly disclosed the news to everyone.

So during the summer vacation, people like Ito Shi directly planned to start looking for monsters all over the country, hoping to meet them. According to Kimura Kazuki, most of these monsters are between the first and second rank of sword intent, and there are few monsters with third rank of sword intent.

The second rank of Sword Intent is exactly the realm they can solve. Of course, according to Kimura Kazuki, although these monsters are comparable in strength to them, some monsters do not win by strength, but kill humans with their own strange abilities.

So be careful.

Kimura Kazuki also picked up the phone and saw the latest news. Then he flipped through the previous chat records and learned a little about the situation.

Because I have never seen a monster in my life, after all, the so-called monsters are all legendary creatures. So Ito Shi and others are very cautious, after all, life is only one. They were in a group of five, and they were at a well-known tourist attraction in Kyoto.

This scenic spot is in the countryside, called Xiaolin Village.

The reason why Kobayashi Village has become a famous scenic spot in Kyoto is because the vegetation coverage rate of the entire Kobayashi Village has reached nearly 100%.

In the entire Xiaolin Village, except for the road, all houses are tree houses. The people of Xiaolin Village are like modern elves. They live in tree houses, sit on wooden chairs, and use wooden bowls and chopsticks. Moreover, Xiaolin Village also intends to keep some wild animals in captivity. If there are tourists, they can also enjoy the thrill of hunting.

And Xiaolin Village is one of the most popular attractions in summer. The vegetation is widely covered, the air is fresh, and the sunlight is absorbed by the woods. It is extremely comfortable to live in a tree house in Xiaolin Village for a few days.

The reason why Ito Se and the others went back to Kobayashi Village was not for some monster. It’s a group tour.

Of course they want to meet monsters and absorb spiritual energy. But I didn’t specifically look for it.

After all, as geniuses valued by the family, although their resources cannot be said to be inexhaustible, they are generally given priority to them, so they have no sense of crisis.

Of course, if they can encounter monsters, they will naturally try their best to hunt and kill them. After all, there is not too much of such a thing as spiritual energy.

On the third day in Xiaolin Village, someone disappeared. The person who happened to be missing was the tree house hotel where Ito Se and the others lived. And this missing person is the one they talked to together. When I came to Kobayashi Village, people like Daisuke Kojima were already living in the hotel. Everyone was a tourist, and they were all young people. In addition, Daisuke Kojima was still an art student. I would sit outside and paint.

Ito Shi, a familiar person, naturally communicated with others.

According to Ito Shi and others, the missing person was a painter named Daisuke Kojima, who came to Kobayashi Village to sketch from life in addition to traveling. In addition to him, there are seven people together. These are students of the same university.

The person has been missing for almost 24 hours now, and the search and rescue team in Kobayashi Village has not found Daisuke Kojima at all, so the police are about to be called.

Seeing these messages, Kimura Kazuki sent a message.

“I see. Chunyang and I will come as soon as possible.”

Chiba Shiori suddenly felt bad when she saw this news.

Ito Shi “My God, Kimura-kun, you finally appeared. If you don’t come out, I will think you are dead. Saito Tomoya Tsukahara is about to die. Tell me about the situation you investigated before.”

Tomoya Saito “I went to the mountain to check the situation last night when I was bored.”

The place where Daisuke Kojima disappeared was on the mountainside. There are few people in that place, but you can see the whole picture of Xiaolin Village from the mountainside, which is a rare good place to overlook the scenery.

When Daisuke Kojima went to sketch, he also told his friends. It’s just that at that time his friends were busy and didn’t go with him, so there was only Daisuke Kojima alone.

At night, after dinner, or even after taking a shower, it’s time to go to bed. Everyone was surprised that Daisuke Kojima didn’t seem to be back.

After that, Kurosaki, the leader of their group, wanted to call the police as soon as possible, but was persuaded by the owner of the hotel. After that, the village chief organized a search and rescue team, but at the end of the day, there was no news of Daisuke Kojima.

After all, I am a little familiar with Kurosaki and others, and although they are here to travel, they are still here for the monsters. Saito Tomo also wondered if it might be a monster making trouble. Of course he didn’t go alone to and pulled Yuma Tsukahara to the halfway up the mountain together. At night, I checked blindly, Tsukahara Yuzhen didn’t find any clues, and wanted to go back. In the blink of an eye, Tomo Saito disappeared.

Tsukahara Yuma “It was in the middle of the night, and the whole mountainside was dark, which almost scared me to death. As a result, within half a minute, Tomo also appeared and pulled me straight away”

Tomoya Saito said, “I must have encountered a monster at that time.” At this time, he was a little stunned to send a message with his mobile phone.

According to Tomoya Saito’s statement, when he was searching, he suddenly saw someone running by, but when he chased after him, he suddenly felt a jolt. Feeling that there was someone suddenly in the middle of the night, it was very strange and creepy, so he wanted to take Tsukahara Yuma back, but the next moment, he saw a very beautiful girl.

Tomoya Saito “When I saw the girl, I seemed to lose my senses in an instant, and my desires surged, so I wanted to live with that girl. Missing.”

Momoi Yayoi “I just saw Kurosaki and they seem to have called the police.”

Ito Shi “For sure, they have been missing for 24 hours. Originally, Kurosaki and the others planned to call the police immediately. If the village chief Kobayashi told them to wait, the police would probably have come.”

Furuhashi Chunyang “Is there any legend in Xiaolin Village? Maybe it has something to do with the legend?”

Clearly, Chunyang was affected by the Sakagami incident.

While chatting in the group, Kimura and Shu didn’t think deeply. But obviously, according to Tomoya Saito’s description, there must be something at work.

Three hours later, Kimura Kazuki and Chunyang arrived at Xiaolin Village.

And Ito Shi and several people have long been looking forward to it.

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