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The incident in Sakagami Village has finally come to an end.

On the second day, the group also left Sakagami Village.

Of course, if Sakagami Village wanted to call the police about what happened yesterday, they wouldn’t stop it. But obviously, although a few people died, Sakagami Village’s face was beaming on the second day.

Because the villagers can feel the pressure of the curse gone.

The people in Sakagami Village didn’t go to sleep until morning. They were waiting for the rising sun, and they wanted to see if the curse was really lifted.

And at this time, Kimura and Shuji have not left.

He Maosheng didn’t leave, naturally he wanted to see what happened to the curse. After all, he was asked by the ghost Fuming Palace to investigate the Yundao Shrine. And Sakagami Village is closely related to Yundao Shrine, so naturally he can’t just kill Sakagami Otome and leave. At least, to see if the curse is really lifted.

Kimura Kazuki saw this and did not leave. Although the next thing was none of his business, he also wanted to see the situation. If he can help, he will not refuse.

When the sun rose and the bright and scorching sun shone on the earth, some young people in Sakagami Village cautiously walked from under the eaves to the sun.

Looking up, it’s dazzling.

The golden sun shone on them, gradually making them sweat.

Other than heat, there are no negative effects.

In an instant, the people of Sakagami Village burst into tears of joy. The cheers were endless, and He Maosheng was relieved to see this scene.

Happy emotions are contagious. Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki also showed a smile.

He was about to say something when suddenly the phone in his pocket rang. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Chiba Shiori calling.

“Hello” Kimura Kazuki said, when he heard Chiba Shiori’s intermittent voice, “Kawamura watching the group.”

After speaking, there is no sound.

Kimura Kazuki was helpless, he knew that this was the reason for the bad signal in Sakagami Village. Fortunately, Chiba Shiori also knew that Kazuki went to a remote place in Kyoto after the holiday, and the signal was poor, so he quickly finished talking about the keywords.

Hang up the phone, Kimura Kazuki picked up the phone and entered the group named x. Although the name has been complained by the people in the group, Kimura Kazuki has no intention of changing it.

x stands for the unknown, but also for goals and hopes.

Since he arrived at Sakashang Village, he has not logged into the group to read news. First, the signal is poor, and many news cannot be displayed at all. You can only see it when you leave Sakagami Village. Second, he was also dealing with the affairs of Sakagami Village. Even if there was something in the group, he couldn’t get away from it. Therefore, he did not read the news in the group.

Now that the group is open, the message is still loading.

Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki looked at He Maosheng, “Your Excellency He Mao, since the matter of Sakagami Village has been dealt with, then I will leave first. If there is anything else in Sakagami Village, you can contact me, I can help. I will do my best.”

“Okay” He Maosheng nodded with a smile, “Your Excellency Kimura has worked hard for the past few days. If you have time, you can come to He Mao’s house and sit down.”

“Yes.” After Kimura Kazuki finished speaking, he laughed, then looked at Asuka and Mei, his tone changed, “I formed a small group, I don’t know if you two are willing to join” /

As soon as Asuka and Yayi heard the words, they were stunned for a moment, but they didn’t speak. He heard grandpa directly say, “It is an honor for Asuka and Mei to join the small team formed by Your Excellency Kimura.”

Although the He Mao family has always been neutral in Japan and does not interfere in any disputes between powers, this is also the reason why the Arima family wanted to invite He Mao Sheng to come forward, and he resolutely left.

But Asuka and Meiyi are still young and can’t fully represent the He Mao family, so joining the small team formed by Kimura and Shu is beneficial and harmless to them, and He Maosheng will naturally not let Asuka and Meiyi refuse.

And Kimura Kazuki didn’t invite him, so there is a high probability that this small team is all young people. The young people who can be invited by Kimura Kazuki are probably some outstanding young talents. Let Asuka and Yayi join in, you can expand the personal network that belongs to them alone.

Asuka and Yayi naturally didn’t refuse, even if Grandpa didn’t say it, they wouldn’t shirk.

Asuka has always been envious of the talismans in the hands of Kimura and Shu, and wanted to discuss with him about the talismans. And Mei also covets the Four Soul Jade in the hands of Kimura and Shu, hoping that one day she can get something of the same value as the Four Soul Jade and exchange it with the other party.

Neither of them wanted to lose contact with Kimura and Kazuki, obviously they nodded their heads and agreed to join the organization x.

However, the signal is so poor right now that Kimura and Shu can’t invite the two of them. They promised to wait two days before contacting them.

Afterwards, Kimura Kazuki didn’t stay in Sakagami Village, and left with Chunyang.

At the entrance of the village, I got on the bus that only came twice a day. Sitting in the seat, Chunyang breathed a sigh of relief, “I can finally relax.” Although she didn’t help much, the past few days in Sakagami Village Everything almost recast her three views.

The immortal demon god, the curse that has been entangled for thousands of origin of Yundao Shrine, the so-called Maru Sakagami Tamura Maro lived hundreds of years after his death, and still wants to live forever.

Everything makes Chunyang feel like a dream. It is a pity for Chunyang that her mother did not see all this. On the day she became a shikigami, my mother was still alive and kicking, but it didn’t take long before she fell into a deep sleep. But according to what Grandpa He Mao said, this is normal.

After activating the bloodline and becoming a shikigami, it also takes a certain amount of time to get used to the new way of living and to receive information about the ability. It will be fine when Guqiao Sakurajiu falls asleep.

As soon as Kimura Kazuki heard it, he looked at his mobile phone. There was already a signal at this time. When he saw the chat records in the group, he shook his head and smiled, “It’s not time to relax yet.” Jian Chunyang looked at it suspiciously. Himself, he smiled, “You can log in to e to see x’s group chat history.”

Hearing this, Chunyang also looked curious.

At this point, the signal has been restored. Chunyang picked up the phone and saw a bunch of information about Xia Wei and the others before she entered the x group. After all, she was running away from home, but fortunately she left a message in the small group of four, saying that she was going with the senior. traveled. In the past few days, because of the signal, she has basically been isolated from the outside world.

Now seeing a lot of information, she didn’t reply. Instead, enter the x group first.

At this moment, she saw the information posted by Ito Se and Tsukahara Yuma in the group.

“Boss Kimura, ask for help, I’m in Kyoto now. When did you come over and send you hundreds of messages, why didn’t you reply to me, did something happen?”

“Kimura-kun, if you don’t come here, the people here will call the police. At that time, this monster will not belong to us, and the special class will definitely intervene.”

“I can only delay for another day and reply when I see the message.”

“Come on”

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