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“How is that possible?” Sakagami Otome couldn’t help laughing when she heard this, “Don’t think I’m really evil, so I was suppressed by the jade of the four souls. I’m just a **** of death. That’s all.”

It is true that the Jade of Four Souls can purify evil, but she is not evil. The reason why she was sealed by the Jade of Four Souls was naturally because the Jade of Four Souls was full of pure energy. Of course, it would be false to say that it has no effect at all

After all, Otome Sakagami killed people before she was suppressed.

So, the Jade of the Four Souls has restraint for her, but if you want to kill her with the Jade of the Four Souls, that’s just a joke.

And at this time, Otome Sakagami was relieved, Kimura Kazuki obviously didn’t know the key to killing her, so even if she couldn’t beat these people, she could still run. It’s just that his strength can only be slowly improved in the future.

Resurrection from the dead does consume energy, but very little. She herself sometimes wonders if she can really not die if the energy in this world is abundant enough.

However, now. Kimura Kazuki has nothing to do with her. Of course, the other party can seal him, but if he can’t catch her, how can he seal it.

In the beginning, she was sealed because she had no means of escape. It’s been more than a thousand years, and it would be stupid if she was sealed because she had no means to escape. During the period of being sealed, she had already developed a means of escape.

Kimura Kazuki was noncommittal when he heard this.

He Maosheng in the past life should have his own way to solve this problem. It’s just that he didn’t think about it before, and now, he has a clue.

Thinking, he turned his gaze to Ya Yi who had retreated into the distance. In other words, on the bow that the opponent has been carrying.

The three of Chunyang followed, and their presence was always low, but it wasn’t that Kimura Kazuki and He Maosheng ignored them. But this kind of thing, these people can’t participate in it, the strength is too low.

After taking a look, Kimura Kazuki turned to look at He Maosheng, and said softly, “Your Excellency He Mao, whether you can kill this demon **** depends on Mei.”

He can naturally kill Sakagami Otome in front of him, but as Sakagami Otome thought, Kimura Kazuki didn’t know how many times he had to kill before Sakagami Otome could be completely killed. It’s too easy for this guy to come back from the dead, his demeanor is not fake, and it’s easy to seal the other party, but the other party will easily let him seal

And he came to Sakagami Village to solve the problem of Yundao Shrine, not for sealing. He came here for spiritual energy, so killing Sakagami Otome is the key.

He Maosheng was suddenly stunned when he heard his granddaughter being named, and he responded, “Breaking the magic bow”


The Demon-breaking Bow of the He Mao family is quite famous, but because the Demon-breaking Bow only recognizes the blood of the He Mao family, sometimes even the witches of the He Mao family are not recognized. If the Demon-breaking Bow is left idle, other families will be helpless even if they are jealous.

And the owner of this generation of Demon Breaking Bow is He Mao Mei.

Mei, who was far behind, saw Kimura Kazuki glance at her, a little inexplicable and a little flustered.

The first time I saw Kimura Kazuki was on the train, and I wasn’t too impressed. It was not until Feiyushan that she and her younger brother were deeply impressed by Kimura Kazuki, but that was only when they were attracted by Kimura Kazuki’s temperament. In addition, grandfather told them that Kimura Kazuki was stronger, so he should not come to Feiyu Mountain for apprenticeship.

Although they believed it, they still had doubts in their hearts. It was not until their grandfather came back from Arima’s house and sternly told them not to offend Kimura Kazuki that they knew about Kimura Kazuki’s strength.

Actually, I still don’t have a specific feeling, but I also know that they didn’t provoke it.

However, after getting along with each other during this trip, they also let their siblings know that although Kimura and Shu don’t get along well on the surface, they are superficial after all. After getting along for a long time, the other party is still very gentle.

It’s just that she’s a little direct, and she feels a little impersonal when she says anything on her mind.

Other than that, it’s actually fine.

As a result, Kimura and Shu are watching what she does in this tense time

She didn’t know what was going on until her grandpa let her go.

“Let me come,” said Ya Yi in surprise. To be honest, not only did her grandfather specifically instruct them to follow her, but she and her younger brother also had the will.

She and her younger brother will definitely inherit the He Mao family in the future, so as the descendants of the He Mao family, naturally they cannot retreat because of fear or fear of death.

After questioning, she suddenly got a little excited. Obviously, this gave her a sense of mission.

“How to”

Seeing this, Kimura and Shu smiled slightly. He asked Chunyang to come over and let the other party hand over the jade of the four souls to Yayi.

He did it in an upright manner, and he was not afraid that Otome Sakagami would see it.

Sakagami Otome doesn’t run, except for not giving up her body to practice formation, she is confident in her ability to escape. If she wants to run, she has to wait until the blood of Sakagami’s body has been And she is also very curious, wanting to see how Kimura Kazuki can behead him as he is.

Using the Four Soul Jade won’t work, it can only suppress and seal her. But Kimura Kazuki still wanted to kill her with the Jade of Four Souls, which made her feel funny.

Of course, at the most important time, Sakagami Otome was sealed for so long, and she was still very lonely in her heart. As a thoughtful Fu Sang-shen, she obviously also regards herself as a human being. If possible, she would also like to chat more with Kimura and Shu.

Just now she recalled that she felt good when Kimura and Shu quietly listened and acted as a listener. Even, if possible, she would like to befriend Kimura Kazuki.

If Kimura Kazuki knew what Sakagami Otome thought, he would definitely conclude that this guy lacks love and has psychological problems. But Otome Sakagami has been sealed for more than a thousand years. It would be fine if she was sleeping or unconscious, but she has been in a situation where she can wake up at any time, but cannot move. Naturally, she has serious psychological problems.

At this time, Yayi was holding the Jade of the Four Souls in her hand, and looked at Kimura Kazuki with a blank expression, not knowing what to do.

“There is a power inside the Jade of Four Souls. You can blend this pure power into your bow and arrow when you shoot an arrow.”

Since getting the Jade of the Four Souls, Kazuki Kimura did some research and didn’t care anymore.

The aura inside the Jade of Four Souls is not pure, but it has a pure power. This power, with an aura of grandeur, also let him know that the legend should not be fake.

And this power does have a powerful auxiliary role in dealing with crooked demons and evil ways.

Although you can’t kill Sakagami Otome with the pure power of the Jade of Four Souls, it may have a miraculous effect if used with the Demon Breaker Bow.

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