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Hearing this, Mei nodded, then she took a deep breath and looked at Otome Sakagami who had her head on the ground in front of her, she no longer felt that horror.

After all, if you look at anything for a long time, you will get used to it.

During this period of time, Otome Sakagami didn’t have as much time to stand up as her head was on the ground.

It’s just that, looking at the villagers of Sakagami Village who were limp on the ground, they couldn’t help showing pity.

If what Sakagami Otome just said is true, then the other party has done nothing wrong and is still a victim. But the villagers of Sakagami Village of this generation are also victims. Sakagami Otome wants to seek revenge from the person who killed her in the first place. There’s no point in taking revenge on these people who don’t know the situation.

She just studied it later, and it is estimated that Otome Sakagami’s revenge is fake, but it is true that she wants to use the array to do things.

But no matter what she does, she doesn’t allow the killing of innocent people.

Thinking about it, Mei brought the bow and arrow bag that she had been carrying behind her to the front, and opened the zipper to reveal an iron-colored Japanese bow in front of Kazuki Kimura.

This is a standard Maru wood bow with a length of about 22 meters. The Maru wood bow absorbs the characteristics and curves of the Han bow. Because of its high shooting power, the person who hits the arrow is extremely painful, just like accepting the wood ball criminal law, so it is also called wood ball bow in some areas. When the arrows were shot, the enemy was approaching the archer, and the archer would remove the bowstring and insert the iron spear into one end of the bow to fight as a spearman.

The Demon Breaking Bow in front of me is the style of the Marugi bow. At first glance, I thought it was made of iron, but when I looked closely, it was made of an unknown wood. The whole body was like ink, without fancy lines. At night, if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t even know what Mei was holding in her hands.

As soon as the Demon Pouring Bow was taken out, Kimura Kazuki smelled a faint smell of blood. This **** smell is emanating from the bowstring.

Seeing that Kimura Kazuki was focusing on the bowstring, He Maosheng smiled slightly, “The bowstring of the Pomo Bow is made of dragon tendons. When it is made, it is poured with dragon blood, and its smell lasts for a long time, so it will be possessed. The ability to restrain any demons and ghosts is also the origin of the name of the Demon Breaker Bow.”

Kimura and the tree nodded, and Longjin just listened, if it was serious, he would be too stupid. It’s not that he hasn’t smelled dragon blood. When the spiritual energy of the previous life was revived, there were snakes who cultivated into dragons and finally became dragons. Then this dragon is estimated to have spent all his net worth when he cultivated and evolved, and when he has nothing to do, he will draw his own blood and sell it to the spiritual academy.

He has seen from a distance.

So he can naturally tell that the **** smell is not dragon blood, but probably the blood of monsters.

Mei was a little nervous at this time, but as soon as she was nervous, she felt a meditative force coming from the palm of her hand. After taking a breath, she held the Jade of Four Souls and felt the pure power within it. Then she looked at Otome Sakagami, who was curious in her eyes not far away, and looked at her beautiful and innocent face, revealing the expression on her face. Curious color. She felt a little unbearable in her heart, but soon seeing the villagers next to her, she dispelled the unbearable feeling.

She drew the bowstring slowly, very slowly.

The Demon Breaking Bow is very heavy, but she is used to carrying it on her back every day. This weight is easy for her, but it is very difficult to draw the Demon Breaking Bow. three times.

This pull takes half a minute. When the bowstring was gradually bent, the aura in Mei’s body gradually condensed from her hands, and within a moment, an arrow transformed by the aura was formed.

The Demon Breaker Bow has no special arrows. Only aura can form arrows.

And this time, the arrows on the Demon Breaker Bow are different. In the past, the arrows formed by the spiritual energy were golden, but this time the golden color was mixed with the power of the Four Soul Jade, which also made Mei feel different.

This difference is the fusion of the power of the Four Soul Jade, making it even more difficult for Yayi

And when this force was formed, Mei’s face turned pale and sweaty. She did not expect that the pure power of the Jade of Four Souls would make her work so hard.

The flying bird next to me was holding a towel to help my sister wipe off her sweat. He Maosheng also worried, “Yi, are you alright.”

Obviously, this is something that has never happened before and is worrying.

Mei gritted her teeth. She did not answer her grandfather’s words, but looked at Kimura and Shudao, “Kimura-kun, I can only shoot three arrows, and the bowstring cannot be fully drawn.”

I used to call him Kimura-sama before, but after getting acquainted with them, Asuka and Mei also changed their names, which made them closer. Kimura Kazuki naturally has no opinion, and he doesn’t care about the name.

“I see.” Kimura Kazuki nodded solemnly after seeing his appearance.

If Sanjian didn’t kill Sakagami Otome, then he would naturally handle it.

Otome Sakagami, who was not far away, was watching the scene in front of her with the air of watching a play, but for some reason, when the Demon Breaking Bow opened, her heart skipped a beat, and a strong sense of crisis came. She subconsciously wanted to run, but the Qi machine locked by the Demon Breaking Bow made her feel something.

As long as the arrow is fired, it will definitely hit her.

Sakagami Otome’s heart was beating wildly, she opened her mouth, but did not speak yet


A slight voice sounded, and a golden light mixed with moon-white came in an instant, hitting Otome Sakagami directly.


A mournful voice sounded from Otome Sakagami’s mouth. The next moment, her body exploded from the just resurrected body. However, it was surprising that the blasted body did not have any flesh and blood, but instead raised blood-colored clouds~

In an instant, Kimura and Shu sensed Sakagami Otome and found that the other person’s body had completely disappeared, and only the blood-colored cloud of smoke surrounded the air, turning into a cloud of smoke.

“Impossible why” Sakagami Otome lost her sweet voice at this time, but instead was hoarse and unpleasant. Without her body, she was just a cloud of smoke. And she found that she couldn’t bring her body back to life.

Although it has been transformed into a human form at this time, it is blurred and cannot be seen clearly at all. It is estimated that as soon as the wind blows, the other party will dissipate directly. Of course, this is impossible, after all, the body of Sakagami Otome is a cloud of blood.

Mei Yi didn’t speak, she could feel the fear of the other party, which made her feel inexplicably excited. Before, she always thought that she was just following her grandpa to meet the world, but now she has a feeling of being the center of the team.

Otome Sakagami saw this, her face changed drastically, if she still had one now.

“Don’t move or I won’t let these villagers go even if I die”

However, Mei was unmoved, but when she was pulling the string, as if to convince herself, she said a little tiredly, “Although I want to save the villagers of Sakagami Village, I also know that if I let you live, it is I am irresponsible for others. So, even if you threaten me with the villagers of Sakashang Village, even if the villagers of Sakashang Village are really killed by you, I will not keep my hands.”

After saying that, she stopped talking and fired an arrow, almost draining her energy.

He Maosheng next to him nodded in relief when he heard this.


Hearing this, Otome Sakagami turned around and wanted to run.

However, Mei wanted to tell the other party that it was useless. She was locked by the broken magic bow. She might be able to run, but she was hit once, leaving her breath behind.

If you want to run, you can’t run away.

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