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Seeing this, Otome Sakagami couldn’t help but be surprised. She was shocked that although Sakagami Tamura Maro became a shikigami, his strength was many times higher than when he was still a general.

In other words, the two are not comparable. After all, Sakagami Tamura Maro was just an ordinary person before his death, and he can practice after death, and his strength has long been incomparable.

In the end, I didn’t expect that in just one round, Sakagami Tamura Maro was beheaded. This made her face dignified, and it seemed that she had to get the blood of Kimura Kazuki, otherwise, she might not be able to get through tonight.

Although Sakagami Otome can control the blood of living creatures, she must taste the blood of the person she wants to control in order to control it easily. This is the limit of her ability.

The next moment, however, her complexion changed dramatically. “How could it be possible?” She suddenly found that she could no longer control Maro Sakagami Tamura

She can come back from the dead again and again, so Sakagami Tamura Maro, who is her puppet, is naturally given the ability to come back from the dead, but Sakagami Tamura Maro is too huge. If you want to be resurrected, you need to consume a lot of energy. With her current strength, she can only revive Sakagami Tamura Maro forty or fifty times.

Forty or fifty times, I should be able to get the blood of Kimura Kazuki. I don’t need much, just a little bit.

But now, her abilities don’t work.

Kimura Kazuki couldn’t help showing a smile when he saw this, “It seems that your control ability is only the same.”

He just slashed the head of Sakagami Tamura Maro with a sword, and in order to prevent the opponent from reviving, he threw a separator directly. And this isolation symbol he still painted with red aura.

Since the strength has continued to improve, Kimura Kazuki knows that basically anything he encounters, he can use his strength to resolve it. But sometimes some things, the functions of talismans that can be solved without strength, are always useful.

So every night before going to bed, he would meditately draw talismans. There are many kinds of talismans he draws, not many of each, but only one or two. Isolation talismans are one of them.

There are too many people who can manipulate avatars or puppets in the era of aura recovery, and the isolation talisman is an effective talisman to deal with this kind of cultivator.

In this world, strength is sometimes not unique. And different countries have different systems of cultivation.

Such as Chinese cultivators, Japanese onmyoji, British magicians, etc., are actually the use of spiritual energy.

Different cultivation systems also result in different abilities. As for who is stronger, it is natural that the realm is raised, and the power of casting spells will increase, which is obvious.

But some strange methods are hard to guard against.

Like the Otome Sakagami in front of him, he still doesn’t know what the other party is capable of. So he was very cautious in dealing with it. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to rescue the people from Sakagami Village, but Sakagami Otome’s relaxed expression, which didn’t seem to be fake, so he knew that the other party must have other means.

Seeing the drastic change in the appearance of the goddess Sakagami Otome, he couldn’t help but wonder if Sakagami Tamura Maro was Sakagami Otome’s trump card

It should be that if there is no separator, Maro Sakagami Tamura can be resurrected again and again, then it will definitely become a huge hidden danger. As long as Maro Sakagami Tamura consumes his physical strength and aura with death, he must fail in the end undoubtedly. And he couldn’t kill Otome Sakagami in a short time, and if he dragged it to the end, he would definitely lose.

So now the role of the talisman is also revealed.

“What are you doing?” Otome Sakagami was full of anger at this moment, and her expression was frightened. She wanted to calm down, but since she was born consciousness, she was caught and signed a contract to serve her, and finally arrived at Sakagami Tamura Ma In Lu’s hands, he was studied day and night.

The people who studied her didn’t see her as a thinking creature at all, and she was finally sealed for more than a thousand years. Until she broke the seal and escaped, Sakagami Otome’s thoughts were always relatively simple.

If you look at her actual mental age, Sakagami Otome is estimated to be seventeen or eighteen years old, which is why she chose Sakagami Otome to possess her body.

Hearing that, Kimura and Shu didn’t speak. He used the talisman, but the other party didn’t see it. However, He Maosheng and the others behind him could see clearly.

Asuka saw the fluorescent talisman just now, and at this moment it turned into a transparent light curtain, covering the entire body of Sakagami Tamura Maro, and her eyes could not help sparkling.

It’s not that he doesn’t like cultivation, but since he knew that his sister’s cultivation aptitude was better than his, he didn’t pay much attention to cultivation, but loved Fu Lu more.

As long as some powerful talismans are drawn, they can even kill people more powerful than him.

This kind of thing really achieves the pleasure of killing the strong in seconds as long as you have aura in your body, and then you have money and This kind of feeling, we call it krypton gold Guy’s pleasure.

Asuka’s greatest wish is to develop a powerful attacking talisman, so that the onmyoji in the circle will worship him. It’s a pity that he hasn’t done it so far, the paper crane talisman is a semi-finished product. And he has never seen the separator in the hands of Kimura and Shu.

Not only the flying bird has not seen it, He Maosheng has lived for so many years, and he has not seen the isolation character. It is terrifying enough that the master of the puppet can lose control, because if you think about it carefully, will this talisman make the Onmyoji lose control of the shikigami?

Thinking about this, He Maosheng felt a sense of anxiety in his heart for some reason.

If Kimura Kazuki knew what Kamo was thinking, he would probably laugh. Because the isolation talisman was developed by the Japanese, this talisman was developed to deal with the onmyoji with Shikigami, so that the onmyoji loses control over the shikigami.

However, the isolation charm has a disadvantage, that is, it cannot isolate the blood shikigami like Guqiao Yingjiu, and it can only have a slight impact, but the higher the quality of the isolation charm, the greater the influence.

Otome Sakagami was a little flustered when she saw that Kimura and Shu were not talking, but in the end she calmed down and looked at the surrounding Sakagami villagers, she suddenly smiled and said in a coquettish tone, “Kimura-kun, please don’t move around. Oh, otherwise, I don’t know if I will shake my hand and kill all the people in Sakagami Village.”

As soon as the words fell, the Sun Moon Sword turned into a blue light and cut off Sakagami Otome’s head again.

This scene shocked everyone.

“I hate others threatening me the most.” Kimura Kazuki sneered, “Also, I suddenly thought of one thing, since the Four Soul Jade can seal you, then if the Four Soul Jade is used as a means, then I can’t kill you”

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