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“As for the curse of Sakagami Village, I did it.” Sakagami Otto was indifferent, and the ancestors of Sakagami Village treated her like that. If she didn’t take revenge, would she still be mortified?

She could have lived freely and happily in this world. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing, even if I signed a contract, it was also studied. Finally, Sakagami Tamura Maro was boiled to death, but this guy became a ghost and continued to study her with the onmyoji. When the other party’s thinking was distorted and she was about to become a resentful spirit, the other party wanted to become a shikigami and continued to study her.

This time, the other party did not succeed.

However, at that time, she hoped that Sakagami Tamura Maro would succeed, because becoming a shikigami would be considered immortal. If it does happen, maybe Sakagami Tamura Maro will let her go. After staying with the other party for a long time, Sakagami Otome’s feelings for this general are very complicated. That is, he hates the other party for not keeping his promises, but also admires the other party’s research spirit for a hundred years.

So it is.

Kimura Kazuki nodded, but he didn’t expect the whole thing to be like this.

But after thinking about it, there is no need for Sakagami Otome to lie to him. The eyes of Sakagami Tamura Maro in front of him were full of ill will, obviously when he became a shikigami, he made a mistake and lost his mind. Now his eyes are dull, which means that the other party is controlled by Sakagami Otome.

Although Sakagami Otome has been suppressed by the Jade of the Four Souls, it is not that she has not done anything.

“I can spare your life if you just grab it now.” Thinking, Kimura Kazuki looked at Otome Sakagami with a cold expression and didn’t bother to talk nonsense. Any complicated things will become extremely simple in his hands, unless the opponent is stronger than him, then he will reason with the enemy and talk about life.

Hearing this, Otome Sakagami was stunned for a moment. She should have said this to Kimura Kazuki. She couldn’t help laughing, but before she could laugh a few times, her face changed, and she was born sharply, “What are you doing?”

Lian, who was holding a dagger, appeared from the shadows at this time. As soon as he appeared, the blood flowing in the entire flat was partially destroyed by him.

The blood on the ground now is part of the human body’s training formation. Only this blood flows, and finally it becomes a whole, forming a whole. Then the human body practice formation is considered a real success.

Sakagami Otome didn’t know about the formation method. But she is not a pig. Over the past thousand years, her knowledge accumulation is terrifying enough.

Seeing Lian destroying the formation now, Otome Sakagami snorted coldly, and the next moment the blood flowing around turned into blood arrows and shot towards Lian’s position.

The accumulation of blood is very unexpected. In addition, these bloods are all part of the formation. According to the thinking of normal people, these blood should make them complete the formation and should not be easily touched.

After all, part of Lian’s destruction just now, Sakagami Otome’s face changed. In the blink of an eye, Sakagami Otome manipulated the blood to attack.

Isn’t the opponent afraid that the formation will be destroyed?

Lian was only stunned for a moment before being hit by several blood arrows. He groaned and quickly disappeared.

The next moment, those blood arrows returned to their original state, continued to fall on the ground, and then flowed slowly.

Otome Sakagami snorted softly, “I just wanted to chat with you guys, but you guys are still doing sneak attacks.” Saying that, Otome Sakagami’s body, which was cut by Kimura and Shu, began to bleed slowly. Part of it is added.

Seeing Kimura Kazuki frowning slightly, Otome Sakagami smiled lightly, “Kimura-kun, if you can’t kill me, you might as well let go. I promise you, if you surrender, I can spare your life. I intend to drain the energy from your body and replenish myself. But now if you can give up, I can make you my subordinate.”

As for what happens next, Otome Sakagami has no plans.

She has been sealed for so long, and all she wants to do now is to destroy Sakagami Village. And now she is also doing it. She wants to drain the blood of the villagers in Banshang Village, and turn the essence contained in the blood into a formation to supplement herself. The reason why it is so cumbersome is mainly because the villagers of Banshang Village were cursed by her, and there are too many blood impurities in their bodies that need to be removed.

Actually, this formation is indeed a ritual to lift the curse. But the price is not as simple as bloodletting, but the lives of the villagers in Sakagami Village.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other. Since Otome Sakagami said so, there is no room for negotiation. He said slowly, “How much spiritual energy can you have to support your resurrection and even if I really can’t kill you, I can seal you just like Yundao Shrine.”

Otome Sakagami’s mood changed when she heard the word seal. She has been sealed for more than a thousand years, and now when she hears that Kimura Kazuki wants to do the same, hatred fills her eyes.

The next moment, Sakagami Otome did not speak, but Sakagami Tamura Maro suddenly moved.

When a three-story building moves, the ground shakes.

But Maro Sakagami Tamura, who looked like a giant, was very agile. The spear in his hand moved slightly, and the next moment, a huge cold light came towards Kimura and Shudian.

From beginning to end, Maro Sakagami Tamura did not move. He really doesn’t need to move. With a height of seven or eight meters and a spear of more than twenty meters in his hand, he doesn’t need to move at all.

Seeing the huge spear head nodding, Kimura Kazuki couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. Of course, he didn’t have any reason to go head-to-head. The opponent’s strength is very huge at first glance, but as soon as he dodges the spear is like a shadow, and the eyelids of He Maosheng are jumping. Instant collapse.

However, at this moment, Kazuki Kimura, who has already established the sixth level of foundation, has been very different from before, whether it is physical strength or the level of spiritual fire of his body.

He didn’t retreat, but one jumped directly onto the spear, raised his head slightly to look at Sakagami Tamura Maro, and calmly shouted, “Chun Yang”

Chun Yang subconsciously sighed, and the next moment she knew the senior’s consciousness, she threw the dagger in her hand in the direction of the senior. Now her strength has risen, her eyesight is enough, and the direction of her throw is accurate enough.

Kimura Kazuki took the tachi, instantly turned into a light, and slashed towards Sakagami Tamura Maro’s head.

Sun Moon Sword is still beheading Sakagami Otome, so she won’t be able to revive her, so naturally she can’t take time out.

However, for Kimura Kazuki, it is as simple as drinking water.

The next moment, a piercing sound of Jin Ge sounded. The sword in Kimura Kazuki’s hand slashed at Sakagami Tamura Maro’s neck, and it broke inch by inch.

Seeing this, Otome Sakagami breathed a sigh of relief from her nervousness. Her head that had been on the ground couldn’t help but grinned, “Useless Sakagami’s body is extremely hard, and although it is huge, its body is dexterous, even if you It is powerful, but without a powerful weapon, it will definitely not be able to break the defense.”

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki smiled slightly, and when he stretched out his hand, the Sun Moon Sword instantly fell into his hand. The next moment, before Sakagami Tamura Maro made a move, he waved lightly, and a brilliance flashed.


The huge head fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

In just one encounter, Maro Sakagami Tamura died.

It’s so weak

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