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A strange sound came. After Sakagami Otome’s head was slashed by the Sun and Moon Sword, it took several seconds before a strange sound came out, and the blood from her neck spurted like spring water. The next moment, the whole head fell to the ground.

This scene left the young man beside him stunned to the ground. The whole person was stunned. Fear spread all over his body.

The villagers of Sakagami Village didn’t react until a sharp and overly frightened cry rang out.

Grandma Sakagami on the periphery of “Otome” saw this, her liver and gallbladder were split, clutching her chest, her face was pale, and there was no more blood. Obviously, the sudden death of Otome Sakagami made everyone unable to react.

However, when everyone was about to take a step, they found themselves unable to move. In an instant, everyone’s expressions changed.

Sakagami Taro wanted to take a step, but his entire body was not obeying. The most important thing is that Taro Sakagami felt that the wrist wrapped in gauze suddenly began to bleed again. The blood flowed out of the body, as if there was an invisible hand that was pressing against his wrist, draining all the blood in the body. squeeze out.

In less than a few seconds, Taro Sakagami was paralyzed to the ground, his eyes darkened, and he would faint at any moment. Not only him, but other old people around the periphery.

Blood has already been shed from the old and debilitated body. Now the blood is forced out, leaving these old people on the ground. They may lose too much blood and die at any time. And some elderly people with poor health have already passed out of coma.

When Sakagami Otome’s head fell to the ground, He Maosheng couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this scene. He looked at Kimura Kazuki next to him, knowing that this was the other party’s means. He was about to say something, but he saw the scene. Suddenly strange, can’t help but look solemn, “Your Excellency Kimura, what’s going on”

“As you just asked, how can ordinary people control the flow of blood. And the array that Sakagami village uses is a human body training array. This kind of array itself is relatively evil and cannot be used by ordinary people, so There will definitely be a person in the formation who will act as the core. This core is the monk.” Kimura Kazuki said slowly, his eyes fixed on Sakagami Otome, motionless, he didn’t believe that Sakagami Otome died so easily.

He suddenly remembered the figure he met in the middle of the night last night, and he kept thinking about why he couldn’t feel the breath of that guy. But if the other party is just a puppet and has no popularity, then it is normal for him not to feel it.

That guy feeds on blood, and now this formation is guided by blood. He also thought that the method of Taro Sakagami’s ritual was found in Yundao Shrine.

And after the seal was broken at that time, the Demon God definitely did not go far, but parasitic on someone. Looking at it now, this person should be Otome Sakagami. And if the other party wants to make some small moves at Yundao Shrine, it is not impossible.

It is very likely that the ritual that Taro Sakagami got was the handwriting of the Demon God.

“Kimura-kun, I didn’t expect to be discovered by you.” His head, which rolled on the ground, suddenly showed a coquettish smile, and his body, which was limp next to him, suddenly stood up.

The headless body stood up, screaming in terror. Obviously, although the people of Sakagami Village were cursed, they still showed deep fear about the scene in front of them.

Sakagami Otome grabbed her head, pressed it casually towards her body, installed her head, and twisted it slightly.

Seeing this scene, He Maosheng obviously thought of something, and he also reacted.

The three of Chunyang’s faces were pale. Obviously, this scene broke their psychological bottom line.

“It’s really you” Kimura Kazuki said coldly, “You are that devil”



“Otome you”


The villagers of Sakagami Village were in disbelief when they heard the conversation between the two.

Sakagami Otome ignored these villagers. Now that the human body formation is in progress, these villagers are her rations. After refining these villagers into energy, her strength will be greatly improved.

Then she was sucking Kimura and Shu, maybe she could reach a higher level.

Sakagami Otome just opened her mouth to say something, when a blue light flashed across her head again, the next moment, with a plop, Sakagami Otome’s head fell to the ground again.

Looking at the upside-down gaze, Sakagami Otome grinned and said, “It’s useless, Kimura-kun, you can’t kill me. You should know the historical records of Sakagami Village, right? Sakagami Tamura Maro can’t kill me, I was sealed.”

Kimura and Shubing said coldly, “If you don’t kill it once, then kill it ten times; if you don’t kill it ten times, then kill it a hundred times. The so-called immortal body, whether it’s true or not, must be killed several times. Resurrection will definitely consume the energy in your body, and your means are ultimately limited. My strength crushes You are just a lamb to be slaughtered. Instead of talking to me here, you might as well think about it. How to escape from my hands.”

In terms of IQ, Kimura Kazuki knows that there are many smarter people in this world than him. But in terms of personal strength, let alone other things, it is basically impossible for Sakagami Otome to escape from him.

So, since their strength has grown, Kimura and Shu don’t like to use their brains very much. If you can be reckless in the past, just be reckless.

Originally, he thought that the incident in Sakagami Village had to be solved by IQ, and he wanted to talk to Shiori Chiba about it and hear the other party’s opinion. Unexpectedly, this ceremony of lifting the curse led to the so-called sealed demon god.

While speaking, Kimura Kazuki controlled the Sun Moon Sword and slashed towards Sakagami Otome’s head with each sword, except for the head and her body.

He doesn’t believe it. He kills dozens or hundreds of times, and this guy won’t be affected.

Sakagami Tamura Maro sealed the opponent, perhaps because of his lack of strength, he would use the jade of the four souls to seal him. If the strength is enough, maybe this guy will be eliminated directly.

Feeling that her body was like an ingredient, being cut by a sword, Otome Sakagami’s face changed slightly. She snorted coldly, “your enemy, not me.”

As soon as the voice fell, the entire Sakagami Village suddenly shook.


When everyone raised doubts, the Yundao Shrine on Yundao Mountain suddenly made a rumbling sound, and the next moment a huge figure descended from the sky, wearing sturdy armor, holding a long spear, carrying a bow and arrow, with eyes like an eagle, Beard and beard were like golden needles, he looked at Kimura and Shu, his eyes were full of anger, “Get out of Sakagami Village”

“Master Ancestor”

Seeing this person, Sakagami Taro, who was sitting on the ground and was about to pass out, couldn’t help but exclaimed.

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