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When one sharp knife after another slashed from the wrist, blood flowed from the wrists of the villagers in Sakagami Village, and the entire ground was covered with blood in an instant.

Kimura Kazuki looked a little ugly when he saw this scene.

Body training

These four words came to his mind.

Generally speaking, the formation method needs to be inspired by aura, and in the era when the aura was thin, it relied on good quality jade. But there is a formation that does not require jade and spirit stones.

This formation is the human body practice formation.

And this formation, generally speaking, is the formation used by cults. Because the human body practice array, rely on the essence of people. The essence of human beings is blood and soul.

The practice of human body formation is nothing more than using this blood or soul as a guide to motivate the formation to achieve the purpose of launching the formation, and these formations are relatively dark and evil formations, which are more demanding on materials.

Kimura Kazuki thought that Sakagami Village had some real solution, but it turned out to be a way of using a cult.

The people from Sakagami Village must be stopped

But as soon as the idea came to mind, Kimura Kazuki paused. How to stop

He had only heard about the human body practice formation, but had never seen it. And he is a member of Fu Luke, not a researcher of the formation division. He usually does not study formations, so he is not clear about ordinary formations. This kind of human body practice formation, he does not understand even more. It’s just that the human body practice formation is too famous, he doesn’t want to know it, after all, this kind of evil formation method is widely circulated on the Internet.

Some ordinary people make emojis and post them when they have nothing to do.

The most important thing is that he has heard human body practice formations, and has a little understanding of this formation, which is indeed useful for cursing such things.

Because that’s what’s called fighting fire with fire.

At this moment, Kimura Kazuki’s face was gloomy and uncertain. He a little regretted that he didn’t know much about the formation technique in his previous life. Now he doesn’t know if Sakagami’s body training is really useful.

Thinking, he looked at the villagers in Banshang Village ahead with a cautious expression.

He Maosheng, who was next to him, also changed his color when he saw this scene, “This formation is so evil”

Using the human body itself as the material for the formation, and then using blood as the guide, it is full of the smell of evil. But like Kimura Kazuki, he didn’t step forward to stop him. After all, it was Sakagami Village who found a way to lift the curse. If he stopped it rashly, he would definitely be resented by the villagers in Sakagami Village. If he is driven away by that time, the incident in Sakagami Village will not be easy to solve.

After all, two people died yesterday, and this matter has not yet been investigated.

While Chunyang and others were a little shocked, the faces of the elderly villagers in Sakashang Village in the periphery had gradually turned pale, but what was terrifying was that in the process of blood loss, these people showed smile. This scene made Chun Yang shudder, and she always felt like she was in the scene of a horror movie.

“It’s useful, useful, really useful” At this time, the villagers in Banshang Village ignored Kimura and Shu and others at all. Some people felt the loss of blood, but when the blood was on the ground, they felt relieved. Although There is a feeling of powerlessness in the body as the blood drains, but that feeling of relief is not an illusion.

But at this time, the people of Sakagami Village obviously did not realize that when their blood flowed into the ground, it did not soak into the ground, but slowly converged like a tributary of a river, and the mixed blood became extremely viscous. .

This blood is very strange, like a living thing, flowing slowly along the old people standing on the periphery, the speed is not rushed, as if it is depicting something.

At this time, the elderly in Sakagami Village were gradually unable to hold on. Some people have taken the initiative to wrap their arms with prepared gauze to prevent the blood from flowing again. Sakagami Taro saw this scene, opened his mouth, and hesitated, according to his idea, let the blood flow for a while. But after thinking about it, this formation itself is used to lift the curse. If someone has an accident, it will put the cart before the horse.

When the people on the outside were wrapped in gauze, the young people surrounded by the inside also began to take out knives, one by one, clenching their teeth and slashing at their wrists. You can ask your neighbors to help.

After more than ten minutes of work, the 100-meter radius was filled with the smell of blood.

Kimura and Shu looked at this scene coldly, and the more they watched, the more they felt that something was wrong. But he couldn’t tell what was wrong. He knew that it was because he didn’t know much about human body training, otherwise, he could easily see it.

In addition, Kimura Kazuki also observes the surroundings from time to time. Judging from yesterday’s incident, the Demon God probably didn’t want the villagers of Sakagami Village to lift the curse. This is also the reason why Sakagami Taro informed Kimura and Shu and others about Sakagami Village. He hopes that when the curse is lifted, Kimura and Shu and others can also ensure the safety of Sakagami Village and the integrity of the ceremony.

After the teenagers and young people inside the formation had cut their wrists and bleed, the blood on the outside was like a living thing, and it had already drawn half a circle around the entire village, and it continued to flow.

The young blood inside began to gradually spread outward. If you look at it from the sky, where the villagers of Banshang Village are now, the blood flowing on the ground seems to be controlled by an invisible hand, and they are using this blood to paint the earth and cast formations.

He Maosheng couldn’t help frowning when he saw this scene, “These blood are surging like living creatures, but no one in Sakagami Village can cultivate, how can they control these blood”

He Maosheng’s voice was very low, just muttering doubts, obviously asking himself.

At this moment, Kimura Kazuki suddenly came to a realization. The next moment, he looked extremely ugly

Obviously, he missed a crucial point. Although the human body does not need spiritual stones and jade stones, it needs a cultivator to control the formation, and as long as it is a cultivator, there must be spiritual energy in the body.

But now the villagers of Banshang Village have no monks at all, which is very abnormal.

Without the monks, how would the blood flow regularly.

Who is

Kimura Kazuki’s eyes were like lightning, and he swept over all the villagers in Sakagami Village in front of him. He looked at the pale faces, most people with anticipation and excitement in their eyes, and some timid people with fear and panic.

The next moment, Kimura Kazuki’s eyes stopped suddenly.

Although this person wanted to integrate his emotions into the villagers, the calm and smiling look in his eyes deeply betrayed her.

Looking at Otome Sakagami standing in the center, although he couldn’t believe it, he made a decision in an instant after thinking of something.

This body training can’t be continued

The next moment, the Sun Moon Sword moved without wind, and swept towards Otome Sakagami with extreme speed.

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