The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 291: The obsession with immortality


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Lord Ancestor

Kimura Kazuki frowned as he looked at Sakagami Tamura Maro, who was three stories tall in front of him.


If Kimura Kazuki was relatively calm, He Maosheng was a little shocked.

You must know that Shikigami, a method of improving combat power, was only developed nine hundred years ago. And Sakagami Tamura Maro is more than a thousand years ago

How can Sakagami Tamura Maro become a shikigami?

Of course, although He Maosheng was surprised, his reaction was also very fast. Before Sakagami Tamura Maro appeared, he chanted words and summoned Shikigami.

He Maosheng’s shikigami is an assassin holding a dagger. He is about 1.8 meters tall and exudes a faint blue light, but it quickly disappears. As soon as he appeared, he frowned when he saw Sakagami Tamura Maro, “Is this the goal this time?”


“It’s a little tricky.” After Lian finished speaking, he disappeared, and then Lian’s voice sounded in He Maosheng’s ear, “I need help.”

He Maosheng said softly, “The helper is the boy next to me, he will help you.”

Hearing this, the invisible Lian looked at Kimura Kazuki and felt something. Seeing the other party glanced in the direction where he was hiding, he looked cautious, “I see.” After speaking, he didn’t say anything. one sound.

Kimura Kazuki obviously couldn’t think of Kazuo-san’s shikigami, who was an assassin. However, thinking that before the other party came to Banshang Village, he went to Feiyu Mountain to find Takeda Kuan, and if he wanted the other party to help, he would be able to know the other party’s shikigami. Obviously, he was not good at frontal combat.

But at this time, Kimura Kazuki didn’t act rashly. He looked at Sakagami Tamura Maro, and instead of attacking immediately, he said slowly, “As the ancestor of Sakagami Village, all of your descendants are here. But you help Zhou to abuse and help the devil to slaughter the descendants, don’t you waste your own hard work.”

You know, Yundao Shrine was built by this Sakagami Tamura Maro. And looking at the current situation, the other party has obviously become a shikigami, so according to the facts, the other party should now be the inheritance shikigami of Yundao Shrine

After his death, he made himself a shikigami, protected Yundao Shrine, and suppressed the demon gods. Sakagami Tamura Maro has done his best.

He thinks that something must have happened to make Sakagami Tamura Maro into the current state of confusion and ill-will. If possible, instigating the opposite side is the best outcome. At that time, Yundao Shrine may be rebuilt, and perhaps Yundao Shrine will be able to shelter one side.

However, Otome Sakagami seemed to have heard some kind of joke, she couldn’t help laughing wildly, she couldn’t stand up straight, and tears came out of her laughter, “You don’t want to talk to this guy, do you? It’s useless, even if you really say that he is sober, he will destroy you as soon as possible.” As if remembering something extremely interesting, Otome Sakagami wiped away her tears, and she said with a sneer at the corner of her mouth, “This guy Sakagami was able to kill me directly at the time, but he didn’t do that. Do you know why”

Seeing everyone’s opinion, Otome Sakagami said in a sarcastic tone, “This person is crazy about immortality. And I’m his only hope.”

More than a thousand years ago, when she was caught by the other party, she could be completely eliminated. But Sakagami Tamura Maro wanted to find out the secret of longevity from her. Because she is Fu Sang God, and she is also a very special Fu Sang God. Her body is a strand of blood. As for whose blood she herself did not know, she had been sticking to a piece of blood jade since she had a vague consciousness.

When consciousness was completely born, she turned into a wisp of blood-colored cloud, and now she is free in the world. It’s just that people are sinister, and she’s not invincible. When a general saw her, he imprisoned her directly with a bottle, and the dark days began.

In the end, she can only sign a contract with the other party to help the other party expand their territory. Until she met Sakagami Tamura Maro, who killed the general, she thought she could be free again. However, during the war, her ability was discovered long ago, and her existence could not be concealed, so after being captured again, she signed a contract with Sakagami Tamura Maro.

Sakagami Tamura Maro joined the famous onmyoji and witch at that time and used her for research. What research, Sakagami Tamura Maro did not hide, is to study how to live forever.

Sakagami Otome’s abilities were rare at the time, but they were coveted. She had the ability to revive. As long as the blood of the human body did not lose more than half of it in an instant, she could regain consciousness in an instant and then be resurrected. In addition, any disease related to blood can be cured directly in her hands. Of course, there is a price to pay for using these abilities, but it is not her who pays the price, but the beneficiary who pays the price.

The price is one year of And these abilities were her abilities more than a thousand years ago, and now her abilities have improved. For example, she can now control the blood in any living creature, and she wants to kill someone in an instant. This is her strongest attack method. This is also the reason why she is very calm and even jokes with Kimura Kazuki.

She believes that with this ability, she can let whoever she wants to die in the world.

However, this ability is still limited. Otherwise, she would have done it when she met Kimura and Shu and others before, how could she have been chatting with each other for so long.

Immortal Kimura Kazuki looked at Sakagami Tamura Maro in front of him. He roared angrily, but stopped moving at all. Obviously, without Sakagami Otome’s order, he had no plans to take action. It seems that this shikigami has also become a the opponent’s puppet.

And Kimura Kazuki knew that Otome Sakagami was obviously dragging time by talking to him now.

He looked at the villagers of Banshang Village who were still in the formation. These villagers were all pale at this time, obviously due to excessive bleeding. And many old people have fainted, and they don’t know if they are alive or dead. The blood on the ground is like a long snake, and it is still flowing slowly. Obviously, the formation of this human body has not yet been fully formed. So Otome Sakagami was dragging her time here.

However, Kimura Kazuki also knew that once the human body practice started, it couldn’t stop.

The easiest way now is to drag these immobile villagers out of the formation. However, Kimura Kazuki also knew that if he did this, as long as the villagers came out of the formation, they would definitely die instantly.

This is where the human body becomes insane. At that time, the blood of these villagers will still be controlled by Otome Sakagami.

But it’s not without a solution.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki sent a voice transmission towards Kamo-san.

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