The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 235: Beauty is only for the strong


Fifteen minutes later, the second game of the day begins.

Sakurajiu High School VS Yude High School.

Before the game started, the audience started to cheer. Each one cheers for Kimura Kazuki and Saito Tomiya.

As for the other people in the two schools, they are too passers-by and have no sense of existence at all. But everyone didn’t say anything. After all, it was mainly Kimura and Shu and others who were too brilliant.

A few minutes later, after Kimura Kazuki knocked out the lieutenant of Yude High School with a single sword, the warm atmosphere at the scene suddenly quieted down.

“Tomoya Saito, the general of Yutoku High School, please come on stage!”

Tomo Saito is also neatly dressed, wearing a kendo uniform on his body, with an extraordinary temperament, like an ancient samurai, brave and good at fighting.

People rely on clothes, and Kimura Kazuki really loses when it comes to dressing up. Saito Tomo also has a very good figure. He is just a clothes hanger. No matter what he wears, he has a very outstanding temperament. So Tomo Saito also has a lot of female fans online!

When Tomoya Saito came on stage, through the mask, he stared at Kimura Kazuki coldly, and a majestic aura came over him.

It is rumored that the Saito family’s Shinto has no thoughts, cultivated to the extreme, and can kill people only with momentum.

At this moment, Kimura Kazuki suddenly realized. It’s no wonder that the players who faced Tomoya Saito before were all killed by the opponent. This cold momentum is like a substance, and those who can suppress it can’t breathe. The referee has not yet announced the start of the game, and the two have not saluted, and Saito Tomo has already shot first.

Although it has no effect on Kimura Kazuki, for others, this breath can make many people lose their combat power directly before the game starts.

“The game starts!” The referee gave an order, and the audience of more than 20,000 people held their breaths and did not dare to blink, for fear of missing the wonderful scene. ‘One Sword Superman’ vs ‘Destruction Dragon’, who can win? If you can’t see it completely, you can only make up the video at that time, but there is a big difference between the scene and the video.

So the audience, at this moment, under the judgment of the referee, silently. No one spoke, no one blinked, and even breathing was much lighter.

This scene is undoubtedly shocking, but Tomo Saito didn’t get distracted at this time, and his mind was all on Kimura Kazuki. His breathing was steady and long, and during the process of the two salutes, many images flashed in his mind quickly. . It’s all the pictures of him observing Kimura and the tree…

Liusheng Feijianliu pays attention to the ultimate speed, while Shinto Wunianliu pays attention to the coercion of breath and its own strong power. His fans are really not wrong in terms of title. Saito Tomoya’s breath is like a dragon’s power, and the invisible pressure is suffocating. But Tomo Saito also knew that in the face of people of the same realm, his coercive effect was not great. And Kimura Kazuki is obviously also the strength of the second rank of Sword Intent.

Many people think that speed restrains power, and I am afraid Kimura Kazuki thinks so too. That’s why he pressed himself for 0.5 seconds to defeat himself. After all, people with comparable strength can decide the winner in almost a second at such a close distance. Because fighting is an instant decision. Kimura Kazuki is obviously determined to restrain his speed, so he has the confidence to kill him by 0.5 seconds.

But many people don’t know that speed and power go hand in hand. When the speed reaches a certain point, the strength is strong! The power is so strong that in the process of swinging the sword, its speed will not be weak, and it will even cause AOE damage!

Saito Tomo also exhaled slowly. He knew that the moment he finished the salute, he had to exert his full strength to kill the opponent in seconds. Don’t let the other party have any reaction time, after all, he also suppressed himself to be able to kill the other party. For the money…cough…for the extra month, and then for the money! This battle must be won.

So when doing the squatting ceremony, Saito Tomo also mobilized the spiritual energy of his whole body, spreading all over his body. Especially the arms holding the bamboo sword, the muscles are slightly bulging. Although the kendo suit was wrapped around the whole body, the strangeness was still discovered by Kimura Kazuki.

Because during the preliminaries of the Tokyo Metropolitan Election, Ito Shi resorted to the “Swallow Return · Sword Drawing Technique”, which prevented the Kendo Alliance from stepping down. Therefore, some families’ swordsmanship is more gorgeous, and it is easy to expose the extraordinary players, which is more disadvantageous. Because they are not allowed to use Reiki. If you violate this rule, you will be severely punished by the family.

And like Tomoya Saito, it doesn’t hurt, after all, wearing a kendo uniform, the audience can’t see the changes in his body at all. Therefore, Saito Tomomi can also show his full strength to participate in the competition.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki smiled slightly, holding a bamboo sword. It seems that this victory or defeat will be decided in an instant.

But for 8.4 million, he must end the battle in 0.5 seconds. Then it must be simple and clear… Although Ito Shi also said that they will watch the video to determine the time of the game, but Kimura Kazuki felt that it was too troublesome.

At the moment when the two people finished their salute, the audience suddenly felt that Tomoya Saito from Yude High School was completely different. Bang Bang, I only felt blood rushing up, and my whole body was a little uncomfortable.

Not to mention Kimura Kazuki, who is closer, this momentum is more than several times stronger than just It seems that the other party did not use all his strength when saluting, just to catch him off guard ?


Saito Tomoya slashed down with a sword, with unrivaled power, slashing the air into a whimpering sound.

“Winner, Sakurajiu High School General, Kimura Kazuki!”


? ? ?

Tomoya Saito was still in a sword-wielding posture, and the referee’s voice came from his ear, making his whole body stiff.

He looked at the three referees next to him, all holding red flags, representing Kazuki Kimura’s victory.


The next moment, he knew why.

The bamboo knife in his hand… has disappeared. When he reacted, he heard the sound of the bamboo knife falling to the ground.

When? Saito Tomoya looked at Kimura Kazuki opposite him blankly… He didn’t even see the other party’s shot, so he lost.

In a kendo competition, a contestant loses the bamboo sword by letting go. After all, you can’t even protect your own bamboo sword, and you can’t hold it tightly. If the weapon is thrown away in actual combat, it will only result in death.

Therefore, many kendo teachers teach students repeatedly that the bamboo sword must not let go during the competition, and even if they lose, they must hold the bamboo sword tightly.

Saito Tomoya’s tense body slowly relaxed as the bamboo sword fell.


Even, he felt that he was likely to be killed within 0.5 seconds. Thinking about it, his face under the mask was a bit ugly… But soon, he figured out what to do, took off the mask directly, came to Kimura Kazuki, stretched out his hand, and sighed deeply, “It’s me who lost. , Jiayue will be handed over to you. Beauty is only for the strong, I hope you can treat her well.”

? ? ?

This time, it was Kimura and Shuhei’s turn to ask questions.


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