The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 234: 1 Sword Superman VS Destruction Dragon


Alas, love is mentally retarded.

As a boy, Saito Tomo also has self-esteem, and the girl he likes can only win against Kimura and Shu, and he also presses the other party to kill him in seconds.

Tomo Saito is also very unhappy!

Although he knew that he definitely couldn’t beat Kimura Kazuki in 0.5 seconds, he couldn’t lose his momentum.

This one hundred thousand pressure is the momentum!

And knowing about this, Kimura Kazuki couldn’t say anything, and Saito Tomomi would be happy too.

When Ito Shi and Kimura Kazuki were talking, there was a lot of discussion in the group. You must know that this group has not had new people for a long time. After all, they are the most famous people in the younger generation, and they have basically been wiped out by Ito Shi. Why did a newcomer suddenly come in now, but since it was invited by Ito Shi, everyone knew that this newcomer should be someone of the same identity or strength as them.

After Ito Se and Kimura Kazuki finished talking, he watched the discussion in the group. He said directly in the group, “It’s Kimura Kazuki who just joined the group. Welcome everyone.”

Actually, most people have already guessed it, and now that Ito said it, everyone is typing and welcoming.

As a result, when everyone was welcoming, Kimura Kazuki changed his nickname in the group to his own, and then typed slowly, “Tomorrow’s game, I will beat myself to win within 0.5 seconds. “

After these words were sent out, the group suddenly became silent.

Tomo Saito pushes himself to win within 0.5 seconds, that’s for self-esteem…no one thinks Tomo Saito can do it. As a result, as soon as Kimura Kazuki came in, he showed his self-confidence and what everyone thought was arrogant.

After sending the information, Kimura Kazuki didn’t speak again.

Ito didn’t press him. If he presses, he will offend Saito Tomiya. Although he didn’t care, the group still had to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

And Kimura Kazuki also agreed to him, and the money won was half and half.

Tomoya Saito, who was already lying on the bed at this time, watched silently, and naturally found the information of Kimura and Shufa. He and Kimura Kazuki naturally have no grudges, but… Tsukahara Kazuki beat 100,000 Kimura Kazuki to win, but didn’t press him to win, then this is a rival in love.

What else is there to say about being a rival in love. Saito Tomo also made up his mind that he must win tomorrow, let Kayue take a good look, he is the strongest, not even Tsukahara Ruizao, let alone Kimura Kazuki.

The next day, the sky was clear. At nine o’clock in the morning, the Fukuoka Budokan was full of people, and the audience in the auditorium was full of excitement.

Without him, the men’s, women’s and individual champions will be decided today.

Three champions, divided today. Even if you don’t know kendo, the first time you watch the game, you can feel the boiling atmosphere on the scene. This atmosphere will affect everyone, and they all look at the stadium with bright eyes…

Now, Kazuki Kimura, Tomoya Saito and Mizuna Tsukahara, the three men’s team members, are the most popular kendo players online.

This year’s Jade Dragon Banner is very special to everyone. In previous years, everyone cheered for the school, but this year’s individual players were all too prominent. One by one, their strength crushes other people. In the past, their personal strength was relatively average. This year, it is all about personal strength.

So, it’s not just Kimura Kazuki who has the nickname “One Sword Superman”. There are also two other people, like Saito Tomoya, this guy is called “destroying dragon” by netizens, and even has a hexagonal data on the Internet. Because Saito Tomoya has a strong sense of power, every time he kills an opponent in seconds, he reveals a kind of aura of contempt. The Saito family’s Shinto no-mind-flow is itself a kendo that emphasizes momentum and power.

On the Internet, Tomoya Saito’s hexagonal data, strength is full.

In addition, Saito Tomoya is a burly stature, taller than Kimura and Shu, roughly 1.88 meters, which is very rare in Japan. Therefore, when the people in the [Juggernaut Concentration Camp] learned that the other party liked Tsukahara Kazuki, they all looked strange.

Saito Tomoya is 1.88 meters, Tsukahara Kazuki is 1.45 meters… This height difference is also incredible.

Kimura Kazuki of the men’s team is now the center of the scene.

However, the first game in the morning is Minghui High School VS Yeyuan High School. The audience did not feel rushed, they regarded the first game as a warm-up for today’s game. Of course, there are also many people who pity Yiyuan High School. After all, Yiyuan High School entered the semi-finals entirely by luck. You must know that there are many teams that are stronger than Yiyuan High School.

Don’t say far, just say near. Qingjiang High School and Xuening High School in Tokyo.

Qingjiang High School and Xuening High School, although these two schools were not the official seed teams before the game, they were both seed teams in the hearts of the audience.

As a result, the strong teams were eliminated, Qingjiang High School was eliminated by Sakurajiu High Xuening High School met Minghui High School with bad luck on the first day, and was eliminated by Tsukahara Ruizhi.

As for Yiyuan High School, the strength is average. There is no “king” in the team, so naturally it is not favored by everyone.

Reality didn’t turn around, so when the game started, Yiyuan High School was knocked out by Minghui High School as expected… Even Tsukahara Mizuna didn’t play.

Rui Zhi Tsukahara, who was sitting in the rest area, looked disappointed, and he still wanted to show his hands. But thinking that he has the title of “Void Swordsman” on the Internet, he is already satisfied. The next step is to defeat Kimura Kazuki and win the men’s championship and the individual championship in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition. Then this trip to Fukuoka will be complete.

At the end of the year, if he defeats people from other families and wins the inheritance of Sword Saint Takeda, then he is estimated to be invincible in his generation.

Thinking about it, Tsukahara Ruizao felt happy.

In his opinion, Kimura Kazuki’s strength should be stronger than Saito Tomiya… This is not what he observed, but because Kimura Kazuki killed Ito Shi in a second… You know that Ito Shi may Just entered the second rank of Sword Intent, but it was also the second rank of Sword Intent. It was really surprising that Kimura Kazuki could take Ito Shi directly away. However, thinking that Kimura Kazuki had won Itoshi once in the Tokyo prefectural qualifier, he must be familiar with Itoshi’s plagiarism flow, and he is not surprised.

In the previous game, he and Saito Tomoya and Kimura Kazuki killed their opponents in seconds, but Kimura Kazuki looked more relaxed, so he won the title of ‘One Sword Superman’, otherwise It’s not necessarily who this title belongs to.

“Have a fifteen-minute break, please prepare for Yingjiu High School and Yude High School.”

Today’s game is exciting, but it’s less crowded and less crowded than the previous days, so both spectators and players have time to prepare.


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