The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 233: Zero.five seconds


To be honest, Kimura Kazuki hates gambling.

But what Itoshi did… It’s not gambling at all in his opinion, it’s here to give him money. So he looked at Ito Se and said in a gentle tone, “How do you play this?” Kimura Kazuki’s temper was naturally much better for the person who gave him money.

With Ito’s explanation, Kimura Kazuki understood.

The kendo competition itself can end very quickly…so the rules of Ito Sejong are also very simple.

Take one second and two seconds as examples.

If the game is over within a second, then as long as it is within one second…you win. And if someone presses to end the game within two seconds, then the end time of the game is 1.01-2 seconds, then it counts as within two seconds. And if it is 0.999 seconds to end the game, then it counts within one second, not two seconds.

That’s it!

The rules are simple and not complicated.

And as long as one person wins, all the money belongs to the person who wins. Although Itoshi is the initiator, he is not the dealer. He is also one of the participants. There is no dealer in this event.

And if there are two people who press in the same time period, and the pressure is in, then the two people who are in the pressure will equally share all the money of the others.

“What time period are you pressing?” Kimura Kazuki asked curiously.

“I haven’t pressed it yet.” The corner of Ito’s mouth lifted, and others thought that Kimura Kazuki was the second dan of the sword, but only he knew, and it must be more than that. The other party had told him before that Natsume Sanjiang was dead. Although it was not killed by Kimura and Shu, Natsume Sanjiang didn’t even have the desire to fight the opponent, which was enough to witness the strength of the opponent.

At least the fourth paragraph of Sword Intent.

When I guessed this strength before, Itoshi couldn’t believe it himself. But once all the impossible facts are excluded, what remains, no matter how incredible, is the truth of the facts. He is someone who is familiar with the Sherlock Holmes episodes, and he has watched TV series too.

Therefore, when the fourth dan of Sword Intent and the second dan of Sword Intent face each other, the answer is too obvious, it must be an instant kill. But it’s not an instant kill, it depends on Kimura Kazuki’s own wishes.

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki pondered for a while.

Seeing this, Ito Shi said curiously, “Kimura-kun, you don’t want to delay the time like the afternoon. If the battle takes more than 30 seconds to end, it will be considered a game.” He pulled the other party into the group, Just want to negotiate with the other party, want to cheat. Of course, it’s not cheating, he just knows more information than everyone else.

Kimura Kazuki said softly, “How many people are pressing down now.”

Ito Shi looked at the phone, and then said, “Basically all of them were beaten. The one who beat you to win, there were forty people, and I and Tomo didn’t beat. And the one who beat Saito Tomo also won, also forty people. I Kazuki and Tsukahara have no pressure.” Tomorrow’s men’s quarterfinal match, the first match is Minghui High School in Osaka Prefecture VS Art Garden High School in Kumamoto Prefecture.

This game did not open.

Because they don’t know the people from Yiyuan High School, it is obvious that ordinary people are lucky enough to avoid strong schools, so they can advance to the semi-finals. Then the ending must be self-evident, it was Tsukahara Ruizao of Minghui High School who led the school to win.

The second game is Yudoku High School in Osaka Prefecture vs Sakurajiu High School in Tokyo.

That is Saito Tomiya VS Kimura Kazuki.

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki looked stunned, and he thought about it just now. Because of the rules, everyone bets on both sides. After all, as long as you win, the money will go to the person under pressure. If you bet 200,000 to several million, the odds are not high, but for this group with few activities, everyone is very interested. According to the rules, each person on each side can only play the next time… That is to say, if everyone in this [Juggernaut Concentration Camp] group is pressed, it will be 8.4 million yen.

8.4 million yen, thinking about this, Kimura Kazuki’s calm heart suddenly jumped.

It’s just that Kimura Kazuki was surprised, but he didn’t expect that the number of people who beat him to win was the same as Saito Tomoya.

You know, he doesn’t know the people in the group at all. I am afraid that these people in the group are also unfamiliar with him.

These people come together in a group and naturally know a lot about each other. People in the group naturally know Saito Tomoya, and they all know about his strength.

Tomoya Saito, the second rank of Sword Intent, is probably considered a man of influence in the group, so are these people so unconfident in Tomo Saito? In other words, are you not afraid to provoke Tomo Saito?

Kimura Kazuki guessed well, Tsukahara Ruizao, Saito Tomoya, and Ito Shi are the most popular figures in the group.

For girls, it’s Tsukahara Kazuki and Momoi Yayoi. It’s not that the other eight big families have no one, but this group only accepts people from the younger generation. Most of the people in the group are around 15-20 years old. Some of the older and more powerful people were not invited by Ito Shi. After all, circles and circles are different.

Ito Shi whispered, “Though Tsukahara Mizuna is sometimes stupid, but this activity was proposed by the other So if he asked the group to participate, both sides should suppress it.”

With Tsukahara Ruizao speaking, everyone is not afraid to offend Saito Tomiya.

Kimura Kazuki nodded, and then he said lightly, “Then let’s press it for a second.”

Ito Shi hesitated for a moment, “Someone pressed him within a second.”

Kimura Kazuki wonders, who is so confident in him? He didn’t know anyone in the group, could he be that kind of big-hearted gambler?

“It’s Tsukahara Kazuki.” Ito Shi was also very puzzled, and Tsukahara Kazuki only pressed the 100,000, and did not put eggs in two baskets like others. Knowing this situation, everyone in the group was boiling, especially Saito Tomoya, his face was very ugly… He even went to chat privately with Ito Shi and Tsukahara Ruizao, and asked if he had told what happened in the afternoon. Add month.

In the afternoon individual match, when Kimura Kazuki VS Tsukahara Kazuki, Saito Tomoya beat Tsukahara Kazuki by 1,000 yen to win… Kimura Kazuki wins by 100,000 yen.

If Kazuki Tsukahara knew about this, he would chase a fart girl.

But Ito Se and Tsukahara Mizuna didn’t talk at all… Although Tsukahara Mizuna was not happy with Saito Tomiya, but the other party was good enough, he thought it would be a good thing if Saito Tomiya got along with his sister. In this way, the Tsukahara family and the Saito family may be able to marry.

It’s just that Tsukahara Kazuki doesn’t seem to have any interest in Saito Tomo.

“Just in a second.” Although he had to give Tsukahara a portion of the moon, Kimura and Shu observed it, and there were people who pressed him at other times.

“Actually, we can do it within 0.5 seconds.” Ito said in a low voice, he showed a strange smile, “That guy Tomoya, because Tsukahara Kazuki pushed you to win within a second, he let us Added a time period of 0.5 seconds, and then the guy beats himself in 0.5 seconds to defeat you.”



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