The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 236: Children with money


“Speaking of which, why did Kimura-kun push himself to win. Still within 0.5 seconds?”

Tsukahara Rui looked straight at the two on the field, very curious. He turned his head and asked Ito Se, in his eyes, Ito Se and Kimura Kazuki should be better friends. After all, no matter how you look at it, Ito Shi is Kimura Kazuki’s licking dog.

“Of course…” Itoshi was about to make a fool of himself when he saw Tsukahara Ruizuo’s eyes were straight, his eyes were dull, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

Ito Shi looked at the field, with a ‘grass’ in his heart.

It’s over, so soon! He talked to Tsukahara Ruizhi, and before he said a word, the game ended immediately.

However, something soon came to his mind. Picking up the phone, I just want to continue to open the next disk in the group. As a result, the group exploded directly.

“???Have you seen the speed of Kimura-kun’s sword attack?”

“Look, there’s not even an afterimage! I don’t know how Saito-kun’s bamboo sword flew out.”

“Is this too fast? It seems that Kimura-kun is really confident in pressing for 0.5 seconds!”

“How strong is Kimura-kun?”

“I think the two should be about the same, but Kimura-kun cultivates the flying sword style of Yagyu, and his speed restrains his strength. That’s why he can kill Saito-kun in seconds!”

“Fart! What if the speed is too fast. Saito-kun is a power player, and as a result Saito-kun can’t even hold his own bamboo sword. Obviously Kimura-kun is also better than Saito-kun in other aspects.”

“Maybe it was just a surprise, I guess Saito-kun didn’t expect to be killed in a second, right?”

Ito Shi looked at the news in the group, and was secretly happy. It seems that most of the people in the group thought that Kimura-kun was tricking, and obviously did not expect to be crushed by strength.

He thought about it, it was inevitable. After all, Kimura-kun is only seventeen years old, about the same age as them! Anyone who can cultivate to the second rank of Sword Intent is a very talented person. Otherwise, Tsukahara Ruizao, Saito Tomoya, and himself would not be able to convince everyone.

In the ancient kendo world, strength is still the most respected. The younger generation is still relatively weak in family power, and the comparison is all in terms of strength. Of course, although they are weak, no one will touch Tsukahara Ruizao and Saito Tomoya and their own bad heads. After all, the three of them are members of the eight major families.

Thinking about it, Ito Shi hurriedly sent a message.

“Alright alright, don’t discuss anymore. Kimura-kun and Saito-kun’s game is over. As for how many seconds, watch the video at night and settle it. The next game is Kimura Kazuki VS Tsukahara Rui Nao, let’s start pressing now. . Fifteen minutes, speed up.”

This year’s Jade Dragon Flag Competition, basically all the younger generations of the Kendo family participated. Therefore, the people in the group are basically watching, and now I listen to what Itoshi said. The group was silent for a while.

The next moment, the group news suddenly refreshed, making Itoshi’s phone a little stuck.

“I will beat Kimura-kun to win, within three seconds. Then I will beat Tsukahara-kun to win, within five seconds.”

“Kimura-kun, within ten seconds. Tsukahara-kun, within five seconds.”

“Kimura-kun, within eight seconds. Tsukahara-kun, within eight seconds.”

“Kimura-kun, within 0.5 seconds. Tsukahara-kun, within 30 seconds.”

A bunch of news swiped on the screen, Ito set his eyes and saw that someone pressed Kimura Kazuki to kill Tsukahara Ruizuo within 0.5 seconds, and then defeated Kimura Kazuki within 30 seconds of pressing Tsukahara Ruizuo. Isn’t this humiliating Tsukahara Tsukahara? Looking at the nickname again, it was Tsukahara Kazuki, and for a moment, he was speechless.

And next to Tsukahara Ruizuo’s face turned black, obviously he was also watching the news in the group, his sister actually pressed others to kill his brother in seconds. Is this my sister! ?

Ito Shi patted Tsukahara Tsukahara’s shoulder and sighed, “It’s hard work to have a Tsundere sister.”

What arrogance? Where is his sister so arrogant? But Tsukahara Tsukahara also knew that it was Ito Shi who stepped down for him, so he couldn’t help laughing hard, “Yeah… Actually, at home, my sister is very attached to me.”

Ito Shi laughed after hearing this, but did not respond. He looked at Tsukahara Kazuki within 0.5, and sighed inwardly, what happened to Tsukahara Kazuki? So confident in Kimura Kazuki? The thought of adding monthly money to Tsukahara made him unhappy.

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration, looked at Tsukahara Ruizao next to him, and said in a light tone, “Actually, Kimura-kun can win so easily, he should have used the flash. As far as I know, Liu Shengfei After the instant flash of Jian Liu is used, there will be a very serious negative state. Don’t look at Kimura-kun’s face as usual, but his aura has been exhausted. How about you, do you want to add a time to kill the opponent within 0.1 seconds? Duan? I believe that you can defeat Kimura-kun. Shindang-ryu can easily deal with the speed of Yagyu Feijian-ryu.”

“Do you think I’m a fool?” Tsukahara squinted at the other party, suddenly thought of something, and looked at the other party suspiciously, “You’re not working with Kimura-kun, are you?”

“How come?” Ito Shi smirked.

Seeing this, Tsukahara Ruizuo snorted coldly, ignoring Ito Shi.

At this time, Tsukahara Ruizao was a little uneasy in his heart… You have a self-knowledge, and he happens to be very strong, and he knows how much he weighs. Although he is usually a middle schooler, he likes to be in the limelight. But every time he pretended to force, he knew in advance that he would definitely be able to pretend to be successful.

Yesterday, Kimura and Shuya were able to give Tomo Saito a second by 0.5 seconds, and he felt something was wrong.

From his observations, Kimura Kazuki doesn’t seem like a conceited person. And the battle just now, let him know that Kimura and Shu are definitely not as simple as the second paragraph of Sword Intent.

Thinking about this, he felt a little bitter in his heart.

This…he still wants to win the championship and bring the Jade Dragon Banner Contest to a successful conclusion. Moreover, the team can’t beat the opponent, and the champion of the individual competition is definitely not For a moment, Tsukahara Ruizao sighed and became depressed.

Soon, fifteen minutes passed.

Minghui High School VS Sakurajiu High School.

The audience went numb when Kimura Kazuki took out Minghui High’s lieutenant again.

Kimura Kazuki is indeed a man known as One-Sword Superman. Basically, people who go to Kimura Kazuki are killed in seconds. Even Tomo Saito of Yutoku High School is no exception.

I don’t even know how to speak…

Seckill, it’s really hard to explain.

And when Tsukahara Ruizhi came on the court, after the referee announced the start of the game, this much-anticipated game started like that.

No matter who wins, the winner is the champion!

Just when the audience didn’t blink, Tsukahara Ruizhi said softly when he was squatting, “Kimura-kun… The group opened, my sister pressed you to beat me within 0.5 seconds, Ito-kun That’s right. And I’m pressing you to beat me within 29 seconds! No one presses during this time period within 29 seconds. How about, if you beat me within 29 seconds, I’ll give you all the winnings!”

Tsukahara Ruizao’s voice was so soft that only Kimura Kazuki could hear it. He already knew that he could never win, but he still wanted face. He thought it was worth it for a few million to buy face. Anyway, these millions are contributed by others.

Kimura Kazuki looked at Tsukahara Ruizao in surprise, but didn’t say a word.

After the salute, Kazuki Kimura instantly uses his sword. Tsukahara Ruizhi didn’t even have the ability to react, and in an instant, he only felt his arm soften, and the bamboo sword in his hand was involuntarily knocked into the air.

Second kill.

When Tsukahara Ruizao’s bamboo sword fell to the ground, the audience fell silent.

None of the audience thought that even if they faced Kimura Kazuki of the ‘Void Swordsman’, they would kill the opponent in seconds.


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