The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 232: 【Juggernaut Concentration Camp】


“The hit is effective, and two copies are awarded. The winner, Kimura and Shu.”

When the referee announced the result of the match, Tsukahara Tsukahara and Saito Tomoya grimaced and handed over the money to the smug Ito Sei. After that, the two gave 100,000 to each other.

In less than a minute, after earning 400,000 yen in vain, Ito Shi smiled. Of course, none of the three of them are in need of money, the main reason is that the feeling of winning is really cool. And the feeling of losing money is naturally very uncomfortable.

Especially Ito Se, he was eliminated in the team competition, and was eliminated by Kimura Kazuki in the individual competition in the morning. He was very unhappy at first, but now he has won 400,000, and he is in a better mood. To be able to win in other areas is still very refreshing.

Rui Nao Tsukahara also reacted at this time, Kimura and trees dragged the game for a long time, obviously for the sake of the old bridge Chuno. The other party asked Furuhashi Chuno to observe his sister’s swordsmanship.

But don’t Kimura Kazuki know that Shindang-ryu is a difficult swordsmanship? In his view, this is obviously useless.

His sister’s bad moves are not for dodging, but for pursuit. And the innate divine power basically belongs to the invincible existence of the same realm! It can even defeat a person with a sword intent.

Even if Guqiao Chunyang’s realm is comparable to that of his younger sister, he will be killed in an instant. When there is no observation, you can win.

He really doesn’t understand what Kimura Kazuki is thinking. Thinking of Ito’s expression just now, Tsukahara Ruizao vomited blood in depression, giving away 200,000 yuan for nothing. Thinking about it, he couldn’t help sighing… Looking at Ito Se’s triumphant look, he suddenly smiled when he thought of the finals tomorrow.

“Thank you!” On the field, Kazuki Tsukahara took off his mask and bowed to Kimura Kazuki. At this time, Jiayue’s face was flushed, her hair was soaked with sweat, her whole body was trembling, and she felt a little out of strength. But even though she lost, her expression was not decadent, instead she had a high fighting spirit. It was obvious that the battle had benefited her a lot, and her eyes showed gratitude.

Kimura Kazuki was able to kill her instantly, but didn’t. Is the other party pointing at her, thinking, she showed a stiff smile. Having a straight face for a long time and acting as an iceberg at school caused her facial muscles to tighten.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t explain anything. After he came off, he came to Chunyang, looked at him, and asked, “How is it?”

Chun Yang scratched her head nervously, she smiled bitterly, “If I get into a fight with the opponent, I will definitely lose. And you also said, senior, that the opponent is born with divine power and has a non-good step support. If I get a blow from the opponent, I will definitely not be able to resist it, which means that unless I kill the opponent in seconds, my chance of winning against Kazuki Uezukahara is 19 to 19.”

Chunyang 1, plus month 9.

Kimura Kazuki nodded, he dragged on for so long, so that Chunyang knew the strength of Tsukahara Kazuki. But this number is not optimistic!

To be honest, Momoi Yayoi’s strength is stronger than Chunyang. If it weren’t for the restraint of swordsmanship, and if Momoi Yayoi didn’t show his domain, Chunyang guessed that it would not be so easy to win. And if it is against Uezukahara Kazuki, it is basically impossible to win a head-to-head duel.

But he also knows that Chunyang has only been practicing swordsmanship for less than a month. With such strength, the progress is very fast. And the other party has already begun to absorb the spiritual energy, although there are only a few, but it also has a certain increase in swordsmanship. However, even so, it is still not as good as Tsukahara Kazuki, but fortunately he is prepared.

“In this case, we can only decide the outcome with one sword.”

Chun Yang nodded. Although she will face Tsukahara Kazuki tomorrow, she is very nervous at this time. However, she also has her own confidence in her heart, and she also trusts the senior.

In the evening, Tsukahara Ruizao and Saito Tomiya directly grabbed Ito Shi and asked each other to treat him. Forced into desperation, Ito Se pulled everyone to an izakaya party.

Dozens of people spent more than 300,000 yen in one night, leaving Itoshi speechless. All the money won in the afternoon was posted back.

After the party, Ito Shi secretly went to Kimura Kazuki.

Kimura and Shu squinted at each other, “What’s the matter? I have to go to bed early tonight, there is a game tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Ito Shi thought that he had been eliminated, and he couldn’t help crying. This guy can’t open the pot, and whether it’s a team or individual competition, he was eliminated by Kimura Kazuki. Thinking, he showed a mysterious smile, “Join a group.”

? ? ?

Kimura Kazuki looked puzzled.

Ito Shi secretly said, “I opened a game in the group to bet on the outcome of tomorrow’s game… The upper limit for each person is 100,000 yen. Would you like to join the group and overwhelm?” It was actually Tsukahara Rui. Just reminded him.

After losing money in the afternoon, Tsukahara Ruizao was naturally not reconciled. He thought of the group that Itoshi had established before, there were many people in it, and there were many people in the group who joined the Jade Dragon Banner competition this time, but they were eliminated on the way. But even if he was eliminated, Tsukahara Ruizao knew that these people must be paying attention to Yulong Banner.

“Pull me.” Kimura and Shuma took out their and then the two added Line’s friends.

After Itosu invited him to join the group, Kimura and Shu looked at him, the group name was [Juggernaut Concentration Camp], and the group leader was Itoshi. , Seeing Ito’s heart fluttering.

“So many people?”

Hearing this, Ito said proudly, “I personally pulled these people into the group.”

In the younger generation, Ito Shi made many friends, which is related to the Ito family’s kendo. As family kendo is a copy stream, Ito naturally needs to learn more from other families, but those family elders do not welcome him, and the reputation of the Ito family speaks for itself. So Itoshi retreated and tried to befriend or compete with the younger generation… Anyway, after the final fight, no matter whether he wins or loses, he will earn it, so he will kindly pull these people into the group, which is considered to be Prepare for the future.

After all, these people in the group are very likely to become the heads of each family in the future.

Kimura Kazuki has no curiosity about this, he looked at the total of forty-two people, and he was forty-three. After looking at the list for a while, the notes are all real names, and he still has a vague impression of some people’s names. They are the people who met him in the team and individual competitions and were eliminated by him.

“Are these people going to press money?”

“Yes. These people are all members of the Kendo family, and they are the generation that is valued by the family, so they have a lot of spare money, and 100,000 yen is just a drizzle. And most of them are suppressed, and if the rest are not suppressed If you don’t, you’ll be too out of place.” Yi Dongshi didn’t gamble too much, just a small gamble on happiness. He was eliminated, he had nothing to do, he could only play this in the group.

Forty-two people, that’s 4.2 million yen.

Thinking of this, Kimura Kazuki’s eyes instantly sharpened.


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