The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 231: ummmmmmm


The Shindang-ryu swordsmanship of the Tsukahara family is actually on par with the swordsmanship of other families.

But the Tsukahara family is the strongest of the eight major families. In addition to the Tsukahara family Ding Xingwang, who has family connections in the business and political circles, it is because the Tsukahara family has a family tradition of footwork.

It is said that Tsukahara Buchuan never suffered a defeat in his life. Except for arrow wounds, he has never been hit by any sword, because of his footwork.

At the beginning of the competition, Tsukahara Kazuki took the lead in attacking, and with a slip of footsteps, the bamboo sword in his hand was like a sharp blade, with a wind blowing towards Kimura Kazuki.

It’s incredibly fast, and it’s unpredictable.

Of course, at the same level, Kimura Kazuki might have already lost. Tsukahara Kazuki’s speed and strength are undoubtedly the first among his contemporaries.

At this moment, Kimura Kazuki also knew why Tsukahara Mizuna said that Tsukahara Kazuki had mutated Shindang Streaming.

To know the footwork of Tsukahara’s family, it was created by Tsukahara Buchuan. And the footwork of Xindangliu belongs to the footwork of dodging and moving. The reason why Tsukahara Jiansheng created this footwork is to use it for dodge.

Jushi Tsukahara is not a bloodthirsty person, on the contrary, he is gentle by nature, as can be seen from a widely circulated story.

According to legend, once on the ferry, a warrior challenged Tsukahara Buchuan, and Tsukahara Buchuan agreed: “Then go to the small island in front of you and have a look.” When the boat reached the shore, the warrior jumped ashore first. But Tsukahara Buchuan propped the boat away with the pole, leaving the violent warrior behind.

Because of his strength, he is famous, and many people come to challenge him. However, in the Warring States period, there was no so-called competitive kendo. People regarded swordsmanship competition as a battle of life and death. All duels were based on life. As long as one mistake was a life withering. Therefore, Sword Saint Tsukahara created the “non-good step”.

After many competitions, Tsukahara Jiansheng was able to evade the swordsmanship of all kinds of challengers because of his ‘bad steps’, and then defeated the opponent instead of killing him.

As for why it’s called Feishenbu, it’s because Tsukahara Buchuan felt that he didn’t kill challengers, not because he was kind, but because he didn’t want these skilled challengers to die. It is also a warning to future generations and disciples that they should hide their compassion in the depths of their hearts before they have strong strength.

Tsukahara Bu Chuan is mild-mannered, but does not advocate kindness. In the Warring States Period, good people were basically very miserable.

Thoughts were flying in his head, and Kimura Kazuki did not use the bamboo sword to resist Tsukahara Kazuki’s bamboo sword. The footwork of the non-good step, which is mainly dodging, is followed by the figure of Kimura Kazuki with a fierce momentum under the display of Tsukahara Kazuki. At this moment, the non-good step is not a dodging footwork, but a chasing footwork. Tsukahara Kazuki clings tightly to Kimura Kazuki’s body, following him like a shadow, and when he comes down with a knife, he is dodged by Kimura Kazuki, as if he is a swordsman who has practiced bad steps.

While dodging, Kimura Kazuki was also secretly amazed. Tsukahara Kazuki obviously has a deep understanding of Shindang-ryu, and each sword is more tricky than the other.

The swordsmanship handed down by the Tsukahara family is called Kashima Shindō-ryu, which was created by Tsukahara Buden inspired by the Middle Ages and Katori Shinto-style.

Xindangliu is a swordsmanship that pays great attention to confrontation. Generally, offense and defense do not appear in one action. Attack, attack, and defend! Therefore, the skills of Xindangliu are relatively simple, and the moves are mostly open and close. To master Xindangliu, then the transformation of offense and defense must be practiced to the pinnacle of the realm.

Shindang-ryu is also a swordsman that focuses on one-hit kills, but it is different from other swordsmanship.

For example, Ono Ichiro, Ono Ichiro focuses on observing flaws, and then kills with one hit.

While Xindangliu is more mysterious, Xindangliu kills people by intuition. During the battle, there was a sudden flash of inspiration, and he used a sword like an antelope with horns to defeat the opponent.

The popular point to say is that when the two sides are fighting, the person who uses the new swordsmanship will suddenly realize ‘Oh, if I take this sword, you will definitely die’, and then follow the intuition and directly strike from the sword. Cut from a very tricky angle, often this sword will be very rough, but it is unexpected and hard to prevent.

This is why other families don’t like to fight with Tsukahara people, because Shindang-ryu is a swordsmanship that is played out of common sense, a swordsmanship that cannot be thoroughly studied.

It’s like now… Tsukahara Kazuki’s angle of each sword is unpredictable. It also made Kimura Kazuki speechless.

You know, it’s in the game now. According to the rules of the game, only if you hit a valid part, you can score. But now Tsukahara Kazuki is obviously addicted to the use of swordsmanship, and has completely forgotten to hit the effective part. Although each of the opponent’s swords is unexpected, even if the attacked part is hit by the opponent, the opponent does not win.

And Tsukahara Kazuki obviously only knows how to attack, not defense. Every sword is an injury-for-injury play! The fight is fierce.

But… After this time, Kimura Kazuki now knows why Tsukahara Kazuki is challenging Because the girl in front of me is obviously a sword idiot.

Tsukahara Kazuki obviously knew that it was impossible for him to defeat Kazuki Kimura, but he still wanted to challenge Kazuki Kimura because he wanted to fight against different kendo schools. As a lost swordsmanship, Liusheng Feijianliu was naturally given top priority by her.

One attack and one dodge, although the winner has not yet been determined, it is extremely exciting. When the audience saw this scene, they held their breaths and stared wide-eyed.

And Chun Yang, who was sitting in the rest area, looked closely at the arena. She knew that the reason why the senpai dodged was to let her observe Tsukahara Kazuki’s swordsmanship.

In Kimura Kazuki’s view, Xindangliu can’t study thoroughly, but people can study it. A person’s sword is always traceable, because swordsmanship is dead, and people are alive. Even if Xindangliu pays attention to surprises, people have rules to follow.

This is the reason why he asked Chunyang to pay attention… This idea came to Kimura Kazuki temporarily, and he doesn’t know if it will work, but as long as Chunyang’s winning percentage can be improved by a little, he will implement his own idea. .

And Ito Shi who was in the distance was stunned. He turned to Tsukahara Ruizao and couldn’t help saying, “How do I feel, your sister is much better than you.” Saito Tomo, who is next to him, is also serious. nodded.

Rui Tsukahara twitched the corners of his mouth, but did not refute.

Jia Yue’s swordsmanship is indeed better than him. The reason why he can kill each other in seconds every time he competes with Jia Yue is because his comprehensive strength completely surpasses the opponent.

To put it another way, Jiayue is still at the first stage of Sword Intent… and he is already in the second stage of Sword Intent.

Without swordsmanship skills, he can instantly kill Jiayue with strength alone.

But if it’s simply better than swordsmanship…



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