The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 220: In the future… who will be the loser


Ito Segang wanted to say hello to Kazuki Kimura and talk. But seeing this scene, not only Yun Zi was dizzy, he was also a little dizzy.

How come there are four sisters-in-law? They look exactly the same, but if you look closely, the hairstyles are different.

Quadruplets? Itoze instantly thought of all kinds of dirty thoughts in his mind, and looked at Kimura Kazuki with envy in his eyes.

Alas… strong is strong. The Shura field in the animation has appeared.

Of course, now in the summit of Kimura-kun, it is the black, straight, and handsome girl who is making the fastest progress. They have exchanged names intimately, and it seems that Kimura and Shu don’t seem to be disgusted by the situation.

As a melon-eating audience, Ito Shi still supports Furuhashi Chuno. After all, he is both a classmate of the Kendo club and Kimura-kun’s schoolgirl. The most important thing is that he can feel that Guqiao Chunyang seems to be a little different from before, and the opponent’s strength seems to be completely different from before. This surprised him, did this girl understand the sword intent?

If this is the case, Ito will support Chuno even more. In the world of ordinary people, people pay attention to being in the right place. In the kendo circle, although there is no such rule, if the husband and wife are both cultivation geniuses who understand the sword intent, then the children born have a high probability of being able to cultivate. There are even super geniuses!

And Chiba Shiori is obviously just an ordinary person, nothing but pretty.

Of course, it all depends on what Kimura Kazuki decides.

However, Ito was clearly thinking about something different. Kimura Kazuki obviously won’t make any decisions, he doesn’t have any thoughts in that regard.

Seeing Chiba Shiori, he showed a strange look, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to cheer you on, don’t you feel moved?” Chiba Shiori said slightly playfully. After she finished speaking, she quietly observed her surroundings, and after she made up her mind, she smiled, “Because of the follow-up to the novel. In the plot, there is a section about kendo. It just happened that the Yulong Banner National Competition started, so I came to collect the wind. Of course, the main thing is to cheer you on.”

That’s it!

Chun Yang and others suddenly realized that they directly ignored the first and last sentences.

Especially Qiu Nao’s eyes lit up, “I’ve been chasing your book recently, and I feel that the male lead has become a bit annoying, and when he has the ability, he starts to expand and become anti-social. And I also look down on the famous detective Shiina Maishi who came back from abroad. , but I don’t know that my actions are all in the eyes of the famous detective. Even if you read the file, you can still detect the trend, is the protagonist going to be arrested?”

Chiba Shiori glanced at Qiu Nao and couldn’t help being surprised, but she didn’t expect Qiu Nao to guess.

Indeed…the protagonist of “Tokyo Reading”, Kitajima Maxia, because every time he reads the file, he will be tortured in various ways. Of course, this is also a plot she deliberately arranged. Now that it has 300,000 words, the protagonist has encountered enough perverts. These perverts are murderers, dismembered murderers, patients suffering from cannibalism, and framed by underworld intrigues. … After the protagonist uses his file reading ability to solve these murderers, he will eliminate the harm for the people, and he has to avoid the investigation of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Then as long as it is a normal person, I am afraid that the psychology will begin to distort. Therefore, in the recent plot, the character of the protagonist Beijima Maxia has begun to be anti-social, and he has begun to do things by unscrupulous means. It even killed several innocent citizens!

Most readers can understand the blackening of the protagonist, but many do not. They discussed it in the comment area, but of course they didn’t spray it… Up to now, “Reading File Tokyo” is already the number one light novel on the “Become a Light Novelist” website. Many publishing houses have contacted Shiori Chiba. It can be said that the popularity of “Reading Tokyo” has completely started.

So Chiba Shiori doesn’t need to worry, she just needs to write the end of the third volume and the beginning of the fourth volume, then this novel may not be called a classic, but it will definitely become the hottest crime in recent years light novel. And with her hand speed, she can completely advance the plot these days. But because the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition began, she asked readers to take a leave of absence.

And the plot happened to advance to Fukuoka, where the protagonist Beijima Maxia was chased to the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition.

In addition to the reality, the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition has also started, and many readers have a sense of it. I’m afraid that Teacher Yansi went to see the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition. This is to keep up with current events. Of course, because Chiba Shiori is just a tentacle monster, at least 10,000 words a day, making it enjoyable for readers to read. Therefore, readers have no opinion on Teacher Kouji’s request for leave. On the contrary, some people ask Chiba Shiori to stop writing so quickly. What if the novel collapses?

“I can’t spoil it.” Chiba Shiori didn’t answer Akino’s question. Qiu Nao is not dissatisfied, she is just curious, if Chiba Shiori wants to spoil things, she will probably gag the other party’s mouth.

“Since you’re here, let’s live with us.” Kimura Kazuki is still grateful to Chiba Shiori, after all, the other party is helping him fulfill Yuriko’s obsession, and the novel itself takes time to complete~IndoMTL. com~ and whether it can fire or not is still two things to say. Now the novels written by the other party can be hot in the light novel circle, and there is a faint trend of breaking out of the circle, which means that even people who didn’t read light novels before began to pay attention to this book.

This kind of entry for people who don’t read light novels is enough to prove the power of “Reading Tokyo”.

After Sakurajiu High School won the championship in the Yulong Banner Tokyo County Preliminary Tournament, the principal allocated a lot of funds to the Kendo club, so that the Kendo club could stay in a better hotel after arriving in Fukuoka.

“Okay.” In the past, Shiori Chiba would definitely have declined, but now, she will not refuse.

Although she hasn’t met Chunyang a few times, she can see Chunyang’s feelings for Heshu deepen every time, which makes her vigilant. In addition, Chunyang and Kazuki belong to the same school. Although there is a saying that rabbits don’t eat grass at the edge of the nest, there is also a saying that the building near the water gets the moon first.

At this time, Chunyang’s alarm bells were loud, of course, there was no emotion on the surface.

Because of being relatively short, Yunzi stood aside, almost taking everyone’s expressions into his eyes. Of course, what she observes the most is Ernie-chan. She found that Sister Chunyang and the newly-appeared Sister Shiori both had special feelings for Ouni-chan. Although the two laughed and talked to Yan Yan, the change in the atmosphere was still very obvious.

But… Yunzi found that Ernie-chan’s mood didn’t change.

She suddenly woke up, it turns out that Chunyang sister and Shiori sister, both of them are secretly in love with Oni-chan. However, from the perspective of relationship, she really can’t estimate who has the best relationship with Oni-chan.

Before, she thought that Sister Chunyang had no competitors, but she did not expect to appear so quickly.

But as a younger sister, she is naturally happy. If Ernie sauce is popular, it represents the excellence of Ernie sauce, which makes her proud.

Just…don’t know who will be the loser in the future.


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