The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 219: Yunzi is a little dizzy!


Time passed quickly. Two mornings later, Kimura Kazuki arrived at the gate of Sakurajiu High School on time.

It was already around ten in the morning, and most of the students in the school were in class. The members of the Kendo Club gathered at the school gate.

Seeing Kimura Kazuki approaching, all the members of the Kendo Club greeted him with a smile. Now Kimura Kazuki’s reputation in the Kendo club has reached the ceiling. After all, Sakurajiu High School was able to participate in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition because Minister Kimura dragged them to win alone.

But Chunyang noticed that Yunzi, who was walking beside Kimura and Shu, asked curiously, “Senior, is this?”

“I’m Oni-chan’s younger sister Kimura Yunzi, hello brothers and sisters.” Saying that, Yunzi took out the cake from the small basket in her hand, which she made yesterday after a busy afternoon. In order to give a good impression to the students of Oni sauce.

Chun Yang was stunned. She had known Kimura and Shu for so long, why didn’t she know that the other party had a younger sister. But for the cakes that Yunzi handed over, she still took it solemnly.

Forget about anything else, from the point of view of the senior not denying it. Yun Zi was obviously the senior’s sister. So… as she wants to become the senior’s girlfriend, she naturally has to please Yunzi.

Kimura Kazuki has no emotions, and he didn’t stop what Yunzi did. In his heart, he has no feelings for Yunzi. Of course, maybe after getting along for a long time, there will be feelings, but that is also a matter of the future. So as long as Yunzi doesn’t do anything excessive, he won’t stop him.

And now it has also proved that Kimura Kazuki was right for not forcibly managing Yunzi. Yunzi is very high in personality, intelligence and emotional intelligence, and is also very lovable. In the past two days, Guqiao Yingjiu has been conquered by this cute little girl. To be honest, Kimura Kazuki’s stomach will also be conquered by the meals of these two days.

Well-behaved, gentle, cute, self-reliant, perfect in cooking, proficient in all housework… Even if Yunzi is allowed to survive alone in society, the other party can live more comfortably than most ordinary people.

Chun Yang took the cake. It was strawberry daifuku, wrapped in tissue paper and placed in her hands. It was cool and cool. She tasted it lightly. My eyes lit up, “It’s delicious.”

Other students sighed in praise after tasting it. In an instant, Yunzi conquered them. In addition, she is the younger sister of Minister Kimura, and everyone quickly became one with Yunzi.

Soon, under the leadership of Mr. Matsunura, everyone took action.

The Jade Dragon Flag National Competition has been held in Fukuoka since its inception, and this year is no exception.

Everyone soon came to Xingan Line, bought tickets and got on the tram.

Golden Eagle Banner is a judo competition sponsored by the West Japan Shimbun and the Kyushu Judo Association. The Jade Dragon Banner is a kendo competition hosted by the West Japan Shimbun and the Kyushu Kendo Federation. Both are held in Fukuoka every summer.

In recent years, due to the Internet public opinion of Heisei waste and Reiwa pseudo-girls, the Japanese government has a retro atmosphere. The number of people watching head-to-head competitions such as judo, taekwondo, and sumo has gradually increased, and it has been publicized by the Japanese government, which is naturally eye-catching.

The kendo competition is no exception. Because of the “super handsome” impression of the kendo competition, it is more and more popular with middle and high school students. Coupled with the influence of ACG, its influence is even higher. Especially the Jade Dragon Banner, as a national competition for high school students, has attracted the attention of the public. The Jade Dragon Banner and the Golden Eagle Banner are listed as one of the three major competitions, keeping pace with the IH competition.

A few years ago, the Jade Dragon Banner said that there were no regional trials. In the past, any school could participate, so there were also entrants from overseas. Hundreds of schools compete every year!

But Yulong Banner was reformed after consultation with Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology two years ago, and Yulong Banner began to become an orthodox kendo competition for high school students! Then came the regional trials, led by the Japan Kendo Federation. The reformed Yulong Banner is more influential and more popular.

There are many people on the train, but Kimura Kazuki and others stand out. Many people who went to Fukuoka to watch the game saw Sakura Jiu’s school uniform, their eyes lit up, and they ran over to say hello. Fortunately, although Mr. Matsunura is young, he has a knack for dealing with fans. On the grounds that the students need to keep their spirits up and go all out to participate in the competition, he refuses everyone’s interruption.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t speak, just closed his eyes and meditated, and no one came to harass him. At this time, Yunzi was sitting next to Chunyang. Under the circumstance that Chunyang made a special friendship, the two had already gotten to know each other well.

The first time Yunzi saw Chunyang, she was surprised. Because Chunyang and Guqiao Sakurajiu look so similar, they are the high school version of Guqiao Sakurajiu. However, he thought of the instructions before Ouni-chan came, so he did not reveal the existence of Guqiao Sakurajiu to Chunyang.

However, because she is very close to Furuhashi Sakurajiu at home, she naturally falls in love with Chunyang. Yunzi’s little mouth is very sweet, and one bite of Chunyang’s sister makes Chunyang happy. In Chun Yang’s opinion, as long as she has a good relationship with Yun Zi, then it might be more effective for Yun Zi to say a few good things to her next to the senior than her own initiative.

In the other carriage, Qiunao, Donghe and Xia Wei skipped class and followed. The three of them didn’t dare to speak to Chunyang, for fear of being driven back to the class, so they cut it first and then played it. As a result, the three of them did not expect that they would meet Chiba Shiori in the carriage.

Knowing that Chiba Shiori was here to cheer for the senior, Qiu Nao had no Donghe glanced at Chiba Shiori vigilantly. Although the two had a good relationship at Tachibana Budokan before, She also knew that Chiba Shiori was Teacher Kenji… But since she knew her own thoughts, she felt a sense of crisis when she saw Chiba Shiori again.

Chiba Shiori also sighed in her heart, which is too coincidental. She also sneaked out after beheading her. If she wanted to ask for leave, her mother would definitely refuse… So she secretly left a note at home and slipped out.

In Chiba Shiori’s view, if Kazuki participates in this competition, he will definitely win the championship. Then if she doesn’t watch by her side, she will definitely have regrets in the future.

Xia Wei doesn’t feel anything about Chiba Shiori. She is now chatting with the staff of [Kimura and Tree Support Department] on her mobile phone…

The national competition of Yulong Banner will be held for several days, and the people in the support department are high school girls after all. Without the consent of their parents, they can only study hard at school every day. Of course, I also hope that Xia Wei can take a few more pictures of Kimura and Shu’s heroic appearance, and they can also perform two-dimensional transformation at that time.

Soon, we arrived in Fukuoka.

As soon as Kimura Kazuki got out of the car, he heard a shout from behind and turned around to see that it was Ito Shi.

“Washu.” As a result, before Ito could speak, a laughing voice came from beside him. Kimura Kazuki turned his head slightly and saw that it was Shiori Chiba.

However, the sound of “Harmony Tree” made several people’s minds complicated.

In Japan, being able to call them by their first names means that the relationship between two people is very close, especially if they are called by men and women, in addition to childhood sweethearts and relatives, there is a high probability that it is a couple relationship.

Yunzi stood beside Ouni-chan, glanced at Shiori Chiba, then at Sister Chunyang, who had a stiff face, and then she saw three sisters who looked the same as Sister Chunyang… This is The dazzling scene made her a little dizzy.


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