The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 218: Sakura 9 is very satisfied


Although Kimura Kazuki wanted to set up a stall in the park inside the Weir Apartments, it’s been impossible recently.

The day after tomorrow, I will represent Sakurajiu High School in Fukuoka to participate in the Jade Dragon Flag National Competition. And if you set up a food stall, the source of the ingredients is also a problem. Because he had never set up a stall before, he was still quite confused about this aspect. The most important thing is that he can’t make snacks at all, such as oden, octopus balls, etc., he can only eat… However, he can’t cook, he can learn.

Of course, Yunzi patted her chest and said that she would just leave it all to her. Because before buying ingredients, she was the one who handled them. As for the snacks, the car has always been the help. After all, the car has lived in Natsume’s house for so long, and as a snack car, this only Fu Shangshen will make snacks by himself.

This makes Kimura and Shu secretly amazed. Obviously, although Natsume Sanjiang loves Yunzi, he has trained Yunzi in some things. Thinking of the other party’s tampering with Yunzi’s memory, it is obvious that the other party has already thought about the result after he was discovered.

And at night, Yunzi is busy in the kitchen.

Eating dinner, feeling the deliciousness of the food explode on the taste buds…Kimura Kazuki is suddenly speechless. After a year, this was the first time he ate at home except for takeout. No matter how it tastes, it feels different.

Looking at Yunzi who was sitting happily opposite, Kimura and Shu suddenly said, “Yunzi, I’m going to Fukuoka to participate in the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition in two days. Would you like to go with me?”

Leaving Yunzi at home, he is not at ease. In his opinion, although Yunzi is half human and half ghost, in his eyes he is just an ordinary person. Yunzi didn’t know anything, and was even a victim. Although he was actually eighteen years old, he was no different from a thirteen- or fourteen-year-old girl. Naturally, he would not face Yunzi with the attitude towards those monks.

So, his attitude is milder.

Hearing this, Yunzi felt a little depressed and said, “But Yunzi is afraid of the sun, Ernie, didn’t you say that Yunzi’s skin can’t stay in the sun for a long time? And… Yunzi secretly tried it before. If it goes under, the skin will be very painful.”

Natsume Sanjiang told him before that Yunzi didn’t know he was dead. Natsume Sanjiang has deceived Yunzi for more than ten years in this regard. But Kimura Kazuki also knew that this was a white lie. So Natsume Sanjiang told him before that Yunzi always thought that because of his special physique, he couldn’t stay in the sun too much.

Yunzi regards this situation as a disease of the body.

Thinking about it, Kimura Kazuki smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I have researched a way to allow you to move safely in the sun.”

“Really Oni-chan?” Yunzi looked at Kimura Kazuki in surprise, so surprised that even her voice changed. Obviously, not being able to go shopping during the day is a pity for Yunzi’s life. Only the extremely decadent dead fat house likes to stay at home all day and night. During the day, the curtains are drawn, and the sun is afraid of the sun like a scorpion, as if the sun’s light can kill him.

“Of course!”

Actually, the solution is very simple. Although Yunzi is half-human and half-ghost, he is still a soul in essence. By letting the other party stay on Sun Moon Sword, he can move normally during the day, but if he wants to go out during the day, he can only follow him.

Speaking of the method, of course Yunzi has no opinion. On the contrary, his emotions are very high, and he is elated and very excited. This physical problem has plagued her for ten years. Ever since she was sensible, Yunzi knew that she could not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it would be very painful. But this kind of life, Yunzi is also used to it.

And now there is a solution, Yunzi jumped up excitedly, “Oni-chan, daisuki!”

Gently pushing Yunzi away, Kimura and Shu rubbed Yunzi’s little head. This habit, or Yagyu Shizui helped him develop. At the end of every training session with Shizui Yagyu, the opponent would bow his head and let him rub.

After eating, Kimura Kazuki wakes up Furuhashi Sakurajiu from the Sun Moon Sword.

As soon as Sakura Furuhashi came out, she was about to complain that Kimura and Shu disturbed her sleep, but she was instantly stunned, “This is… you moved?” Before Kimura and Shu could answer, she looked at Yunzi and couldn’t help but Surprised, but she had no doubts, apparently she thought Yunzi, like her, was a ghost.

“Hello, elder sister.” Yun Zi was not surprised when he looked at Guqiao Yingjiu who suddenly appeared. She has seen ghosts and resentful spirits, so she is not surprised by the sudden appearance of Guqiao Yingjiu.

I have to say, Yunzi is really well-behaved and lovable. Although Guqiao Yingjiu looks very young, her actual age is over forty. Suddenly she heard a sister, she was so happy that she couldn’t find Bei! She picked up Yunzi and looked at Yunzi’s cute appearance, and couldn’t help but love her even more.

To be honest, Furuhashi Sakurajiu has always wanted to meet her daughter not in a dream, but in reality to meet her daughter in an open and honest way. She had asked Kimura Kazuki before if she could meet her daughter.

Although Kimura Kazuki hesitated, he did not refuse, but he just said a word.

“After seeing you? You’re leaving after all.”

These words made Guqiao Sakurajiu think clearly.

Yeah… I’m going to ascend to heaven after all. It has been ten years since she died, and her daughters have also emerged from the shadow of her death. It can be seen in life now that the four daughters are very happy and are chasing their dreams. If you suddenly appear…the wish is fulfilled, so you still want to leave? At that time, Chunyang and the others are afraid that they will be sad again.

It would be better to chat with Chunyang and the others more often in dreams. And even if she met her daughters, she didn’t know what to say. What should be said, in the dream has already been said.

At this time, Yunzi had already put her hand on the Sun Moon Sword, feeling the cool touch, she touched it curiously. The next moment, Yunzi felt the scene changed and came to an all-white room. There was no one there. She was a little scared and called out, “Oni-chan?”

In an instant, Yunzi appeared in the room. She looked at Kimura Kazuki and Furuhashi Sakurajiu with a sigh of relief. She asked curiously, “So… can I be safe in the sun?”


But it’s already night, so Yunzi will have to wait until tomorrow morning if he wants to experiment.

That night, Guqiao Sakurajiu didn’t go to bed with Riyuejian either. The reason why she had been staying in Sun Moon Sword before was that she disliked Kimura Kazuki’s home so small that it was simply not a place to stay. Now that I know that this is the Weir Apartment, I can’t help giving a thumbs up to Kimura Kazuki.

Obviously, Furuhashi Sakurajiu is very satisfied with this room.


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