The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 221: Sometimes happiness is that simple


Soon, everyone arrived at the reserved hotel in Duolun. Although it is not a five-star hotel, Doron Hotel is relatively well-known in Fukuoka City, and it is only one street away from Fukuoka Budokan.

“Forgot to tell you, the reason why we were able to make an appointment at the Duolun Hotel was that the Duolun Hotel contacted our school.” Mr. Matsunura walked and shared science with everyone. He proudly said, “More The owner of Lun Hotel is from Tokyo, so after knowing that Sakurajiu High School is the champion of the prefectural qualifiers in Tokyo, I took the initiative to contact the school and hope that we can come and stay.”

Seeing everyone’s expressions of surprise, Mr. Songmura continued to laugh, “So our accommodation fee is half price, and the owner of Duolun Hotel also said that if we can win the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition, we will also send You are a gift. And the accommodation fee will be returned to us. The principal also said that if you can win the championship, all these funds can be used to buy things you like!”

Of course, Mr. Matsumura also knows that last year’s county qualifier champion in the Yulong Banner of Tokyo was also contacted by the Duolun Hotel. This is no secret in the eyes of some.

But the students of the Kendo Club obviously don’t know this kind of thing. When they heard this, their eyes widened. Just as Kitajima Ka was about to speak, he followed Ito Shi’s exaggerated opening. He looked at him resentfully. Following the teacher of Qingjiang High School, “Mr. Xiaogong, why don’t we have this kind of treatment at Qingjiang High School!?”

Mr. Komiya is the leading teacher of Qingjiang High School, and they also made an appointment at the Duolun Hotel. In addition, Ito Shi got off the train and ran to Sakurajiu High School. Those who didn’t know it thought that Ito Shi was Sakurajiu’s student.

This made her resentful. Teacher Xiaogong snorted softly, “When you were in the county qualifiers, you boasted that you wanted to win the championship. If you can win the championship, we can also be defeated by the owner of the Duolun Hotel. Get in touch.” Teacher Xiaogong is not very old, in her twenties, so she usually gets along with the Kendo club of Qingjiang High School and speaks like a friend.

Ito sighed, “I’m just a mere human, unless I’m not a human. How can I defeat Sakurajiu’s monsters!”

Kimura Kazuki glanced at each other, but didn’t speak, but Ito Shi’s body shrank in fright, and everyone watching this scene laughed.

After entering the hotel, he was quickly received by the front desk. After assigning the room card, Kimura and Shu got a separate room card and couldn’t help but startled.

Matsumura teacher saw Kimura Kazuki curious and couldn’t help laughing, “This is the opinion of everyone in the Kendo club, Kitajima and the others think you brought them here if they could come to Fukuoka. So the members suggest you one One room for you, so you can rest well during the game!”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shu nodded lightly. He did not refuse, but wrote lightly, “Don’t worry, the champion of the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition will only be Sakura Jiu.”

The strong self-confidence infected everyone and made the blood of the kendo club members of Sakurajiu High School excited. When other people say this, they must scoff at it, thinking that the other person is arrogant and conceited. But Kimura Kazuki’s strength was recognized by everyone, and no one refuted it when he said this. Ito Shi still wanted to destroy the atmosphere, but he thought about it and didn’t speak, and the KY monster would be beaten.

“I don’t agree with that!”

However, Ito Se did not speak, but heard a familiar voice from behind. He turned his head to look, his face darkened, “Miss strange, you even live here?”

Tsukahara Ruizhi heard this nickname, and his face darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “You defeated general, believe it or not, when I go back to Tokyo, I will come to your Ito’s house to challenge you?”

Ito sighed in his heart, but looking at Kimura Kazuki next to him, he came to him and said dismissively to Tsukahara Ruizhi, “You should defeat the Great Demon King first.”

Although the Ito family is not welcome in the major families, it is a family matter, and the younger generation does not have much grudges. Although Ito Shi lost to Tsukahara Tsukahara in the youth group of the Asahi Competition, the relationship between the two was considered a bad friend. When I have nothing to do, I will spray each other on Line. Those who don’t know it think that the two are mortal enemies.

Ruizhi Tsukahara snorted coldly, not bothering to pay attention to Ito Shi. Then he looked at Kimura Kazuki and stretched out his hand slightly, “Hello Kimura-kun, I’m Tsukahara Ruizao.”

“Hello.” Kimura and Shu reached out their hands, and the two shook hands, but there was no **** power competition.

“Kimura-kun, I’ve watched all your videos. You are powerful and terrifying.” Saying that, Tsukahara Ruizuo raised his head slightly and looked directly at Kimura Kazuki, “So, if we are in the team competition or individual competition If you meet me, I will defeat you with all my strength. The champion of the team competition will be Minghui High School. And the champion of the individual competition will be Mizuna Tsukahara!”

Kimura Kazuki didn’t say a word, and really didn’t know how to respond to this kind of Chuuni’s declaration. In the end, he didn’t speak, Yunzi stood up, she hummed softly and said, “The champion must be Ernie!”

“That’s right! Yunzi-chan, I support you!” As soon as Itoshi opened his mouth, Mr. Komiya pinched Itoshi’s ear and pulled him aside. Her face turned cold, and the corners of her mouth twitched. ” Ito-san, are you an undercover agent sent by Sakurajiu?”

Seeing this, Tsukahara Ruizuo scratched his head helplessly. The good atmosphere just now was ruined by these people.

Can’t you feel the fateful atmosphere slowly rising around him and Kimura Kazuki? Alas, what a bunch of mortals!

Tsukahara Ruinao didn’t stay, the atmosphere was destroyed, and he left directly.

It was only after Itoshi inquired that he found out that Tsukahara Mizuna did not live in the Doron Hotel, but saw Kimura Kazuki, secretly followed him, wanted to say hello, but couldn’t find a chance. He didn’t stand up until Kimura and Shu were talking nonsense, and even asked someone to secretly take pictures of them, in order to take a picture of this “fateful encounter”.

Knowing all this, Ito Shi can only scold that this MISS monster is really a coercion.

And after this episode passed, everyone went to the room and put their salutes away, while Chiba Shiori lived in the same room with Yunzi. Although Yunzi was not very familiar with Chiba Shiori, she did not refuse. . Chunyang looked at the three oil bottles behind her, and could only sigh helplessly. She still wanted to share a room with Yunzi and chat with Yunzi at night, but it seemed impossible now.

After everything was settled, it was four or five o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Matsunura took everyone to dinner, and Kazuki Kimura naturally brought Shiori Chiba.

Chiba Shiori came alone, without company. So as a friend, he feels that he has the responsibility to protect the safety of the other Now Fukuoka City is going to hold the Jade Dragon Flag National Competition, and the traffic is very large, and the surrounding hotels are basically full. Along the way, they saw that in addition to Japanese tourists, there were also many foreign tourists, and some people even came here specifically to watch the game.

In addition to the tourists, there are also many students in school uniforms, all in high spirits.

Being able to compete in Fukuoka City is the top three in the prefectures, and the strength should not be underestimated.

Of course, that was in the past. This year, because people from the ancient kendo world have intervened, some people know that they only need to pay attention to specific players.

Minister Kimura brought Shiori Chiba, and everyone naturally would not refuse. Obviously, this girl named Chiba Shiori is here for Minister Kimura. And the Kendo club can come to Fukuoka, but Minister Kimura led them to win the regional championship, so no one has any objection. In addition, Chiba Shiori is so beautiful, it is also good to look seductive.

Shiori Chiba didn’t refuse, since she had already followed her, she was naturally accommodating.

Although Chunyang didn’t speak, she was not feeling well. However, she could also see that there was no strange emotion in the eyes of Kimura Kazuki looking at Chiba Shiori, but the same eyes that looked at her before.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, she and Chiba Shiori were just friends in the heart of the senior. It makes her happy!

And Chiba Shiori is from another school, and she can see the senior every day at the school. She can have the current kendo strength, and it is still taught by the senior. She knows the secret of the senior’s strength, I’m afraid this Chiba-san doesn’t know it yet. Thinking of this, Chun Yang felt much better.

Sometimes happiness is that simple. If you think you know more than your rival, you will feel very happy.


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