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After Arima Yuya told the matter, Arima Yusuke was stunned.

He didn’t expect that Kimura Kazuki would come to sue the parents directly. Thinking about it, his heart caught fire, and he said with anger, “Uncle Youzai was the one who asked you to call me back”

“Yes. You wait and apologize to the other party. I think your father is quite respectful to the person named Kimura.”

Hearing this, Arima Yousuke sneered. His father is timid and cautious, and he will not offend anyone, but he is very strict with him. He has already investigated Kazuki Kimura, just a poor man. He has the inheritance of Yagyu Feijian, and he really thinks he is a character and came to Arima Shrine. Complaint

On the way, Ma Youjie was on fire. When he was very close to the door of the reception room, he snorted coldly and deliberately opened his mouth in a slightly louder voice, “Uncle Youzai, do whatever my father says you do, that resentful spirit. Originally, that Kimura Kazuki, who was my trophy, was just messing around. Why do you still accept such people and ask me to tell me? If the opponent is dissatisfied, they will be beaten and thrown out, and the opponent will not dare to retaliate. Really. If you want revenge, you can kill him. There is no family named Kimura in Japan, so what are you afraid of?”

In his heart, if Kimura Kazuki is really capable, he should go directly to the special department to find him. Instead of running to Arima Shrine to complain to his father, Arima Yousuke had to admire the other’s cheekiness, and ran to complain to his parents when he had no strength, which was disgusting.

Of course, that also lets him know. This guy named Kimura Kazuki obviously has no strength. So he is unscrupulous. Anyway, in Arima’s house with his grandfather, even if he is arrogant, the other party has to hold him back.

Hearing this, the three people who were still chatting in the reception room suddenly fell silent.

When Arima Yousuke pushed the door open, he felt the atmosphere of silence. Before he could speak, he saw Kimura Kazuki sitting on the left, looking down at the teacup, and spoke softly.

“I’m sorry, Patriarch Arima, but I changed my mind. If you apologize, you don’t need to say any more. Let Arima Yousuke die.”

Ma Taiwu sits in the first place, just about to reprimand his grandson. As a result, before he could speak, he heard Kimura Kazuki’s words.

These words are clear and light, and there is no smoke and fire. Even he didn’t hear the angry mood from Kimura and Shukou. However, it made him shudder.

Arima Yousuke just came in and didn’t understand the situation, but when he heard Kimura Kazuki say so, he sneered, “What are you?”


Arima Wenren slaps the table and interrupts Arima Yousuke. He glared at this disappointed son, resisted his anger, and said in a low voice, “Yousuke, kneel down and apologize to Kimura-sama”

Arima Yousuke ignored his father’s words and looked up at his grandfather, who was sitting in the first place. As time passed by, Arima Yousuke finally felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, he couldn’t help but say, “Grandpa”

“Kneel down and apologize to Your Excellency Kimura.” Taigo Arima finally spoke up. He stared blankly at his grandson with a look of disappointment in his eyes.

A nameless fire in Arima Youjie’s heart suddenly ignited, but even his doting grandfather made him kneel. He clenched his teeth, as if he was about to clench his teeth. He glanced at Kimura Kazuki resentfully, but the guy didn’t even look at him from beginning to end.

Arima Yousuke was about to kneel towards Kimura Kazuki, but found that his entire body could not move.

“You haven’t knelt down yet.” Seeing this, Arima Wenren gritted his teeth and said, “If you did something wrong, you can be considered a person like you if you don’t take care of yourself.”

“I can’t kneel down” Arima Yousuke ignored his father’s anger, he said in surprise, “I can’t move my body.”

Hearing this, everyone in the reception room looked at Kimura Kazuki subconsciously.

Kimura Kazuki drank the tea in one go. He finally glanced at Arima Yousuke. It seemed that Section Chief Mitani was also photographed at Arima’s house. Ma Youjie really just accidentally did something wrong, and now it seems that it should be intentional.

Thinking about it, he smiled slightly, “Have the Ma family, didn’t I say that? I don’t need to kneel down and apologize.”

Apologize to death

Those in the room couldn’t help but suffocate at the thought of what the other person said just now.

A Ma Youjie opened his mouth, but found himself unable to speak. This terrifying situation made him finally look terrified.

Arima Wenren found this strange, he said in a difficult tone, “My son, Mr. Kimura”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a simple use of aura.” Kimura Kazuki sighed, “Your son’s quality is too poor, I just don’t want to hear him again.”

“Your Excellency Kimura, can you forgive Yousuke?” Taiwu Arima couldn’t sit still, he said solemnly, “What Yousuke just said did offend you, but it was unintentional after all, the Arima family is willing to double down. Compensate for His Excellency Kimura’s losses.”

“I wonder if the owner of the Ma family has heard such a sentence?” Kazuki Kimura glanced at Taigo He said lightly, “Dignity cannot be trampled on”

“Your Excellency Kimura, what Yousuke said just now is indeed disrespectful to you. But it’s just a verbal offense, and it didn’t cause you any substantial harm.” Arima Taiwu and Shi Ni said, “Just one sentence, let me My grandson died. Is this too domineering”

Kimura and Shu heard the words and glanced at each other. He took out his mobile phone and checked the time. It was past five o’clock, and Yunzi was still at home waiting for him to buy food and go home. He laughed, “In terms of domineering, your grandson is even more domineering.” He didn’t bother to waste his saliva with the other party, he said indifferently, “Give you ten seconds, should you execute Ma Youjie now. Or save the other party. , and go to war with me.”

Choose one of two, this is Kimura Kazuki’s choice for the Arima family. After finishing speaking, Kimura and Shu sat in their seats and kept their mouths shut.

The atmosphere is extremely depressed at this moment.

At this moment, there was a light knock on the door, followed by a voice, “Sir, Lord He Mao is here.”

Arima Taiwu and Arima Wenren looked at each other with joy in their eyes.


When He Maosheng entered the room, he found that the atmosphere in the room was very wrong. He saw Kimura Kazuki at a glance, and just as he was about to say hello, he heard Arima Wenren enthusiastically say, “Sir He Mao, please take a seat”

However, before He Maosheng could speak, he sensed something. He looked at Kimura Kazuki subconsciously, and saw a cold expression. His heart froze, his face remained calm, his footsteps retreated slightly, and he said with a smile, “It seems that the Ma family is entertaining a distinguished guest. In that case, I will not disturb you.” After speaking, he gave a salute, “Farewell.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Everyone was stunned.

“Ten seconds is up, choose.”

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