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While following, Kazuki Kimura looked around and found that Arima Shrine was full of incense. It was indeed a big family, as Kenichiro Yagyu said.

He also remembers something from the back of his memory about the Japanese Onmyoji in the end of the law. Generally speaking, the Onmyoji family in Japan builds a shrine belonging to their own family.

The size of the shrine does not equal strength, but generally speaking, the more famous the shrine is in the local area and the more incense, the stronger the family itself will be. The cultivation system of Japanese Onmyoji in the age of the end of the law is the same as that in the era of Reiki recovery, but there are also differences.

The onmyojis of the end of the law, if they do not have the protection of their families, it will be difficult to cultivate, mainly because of the shrine problem.

Onmyoji’s methods are only two in the Age of Dharma Apocalypse. One method is mainly based on talismans, and the other is to find good ghosts, sign contracts with them, and then enshrine them. After that, the power of good ghosts is activated with incense, and the good ghosts or ghosts of these contracts are called shikigami.

And if Shikigami wants to improve his strength, he can only rely on the incense of the shrine.

This is the cultivation path that the Japanese Onmyoji in the end of the Dharma era have explored from generation to generation, and the Onmyoji himself mainly fights with talismans.

The Arima Shrine is very big. After passing the main hall, they walked for another five or six minutes before arriving at the back of the shrine, where the Arima people lived. Along the way, he saw a lot of people wearing hunting clothes and witch clothes. These people stopped to salute when they saw the middle-aged man, Arima Wenren. Obviously, Arima Wenren has a high status in Arima Shrine and Arima family.

And these people, he sensed, most of them are ordinary people. Only a very few have spiritual energy surging in their bodies, and the spiritual energy is relatively meager.

Arriving at the reception room at the back of the shrine, Arima Wenren also calmed down at this time, but he was still quite shocked when he looked at Kimura Kazuki’s young face. At such an age, his strength is unfathomable, and in his heart, he must not be offended. Of course, he was also guessing who the other party was.

So young, so powerful. How can it be unknown

“Sir Kimura, please take a seat first, and I will invite the owner of the house.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded slightly.

As for Arima Wenren, he came to the door, called a servant, and asked him to go and receive him for a while.

When Ma Wenren brings the head of the family, that is, when Ma Taiwu comes over. Kimura and Shu lightly sipped their tea, and didn’t get up. They just sat in their seats and looked at the old man who came in, the current owner of the Youma family, You Matthew.

Although Arima Taiwu is already in his old age, he is full of energy and has a ruddy complexion. Although most of his hair is gray, there are still a few black hair that are strong.

He’s a very energetic old man.

As soon as I came in, Yuma Taiwu looked at Kimura Kazuki who was sitting in the seat, and there was a hint of doubt in his eyes

Just now he sensed a strong spiritual pressure in the room, so he let his son go out to receive him. Come and take a look now, as Wen Ren said, he is really too young. Thinking about it, he barely held a smile on his face. It was obvious that Kimura and Shu were sitting still, which made him unhappy.

Soon, Arima Taiwu came to the main seat and sat down. He showed a rather enthusiastic smile, “Hi Kimura-sama, I don’t know what is the important thing for you to come to Arima Shrine”

Arima Wenren, who was sitting at the bottom, was curious, but he didn’t speak. He just lowered his head slightly and waited for orders.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t even greet Taigo Arima, he said bluntly, “There is indeed something. This has something to do with Yousuke Arima from the Arima family.”

Hearing the name, Wen Ren raised his head, Arima Yousuke was his son. He couldn’t help but let out a thump in his heart, what kind of character Youjie is, he is very clear about being a father, or in other words, his son’s character is what his father is used to with Matthew.

Because of Arima Yousuke’s fast training since childhood, he has always been doted on by Arima Taigo. Every time he tried to reprimand his son, he was stopped by his father before he could speak.

In the Arima family, Arima Yousuke is a favorite.

However, after joining the special department last year, he also kept his own feet and did not cause trouble for the Arima family. He thought that his son’s personality had begun to change, and he couldn’t help but said, “Your Excellency Kimura, Yousuke has only been practicing for a few years, and his strength is low. If there is any offense, don’t blame him. If it causes you any loss. , the Arima family is willing to compensate.” After speaking, he glanced at the father in the first place.

After being silent for a while, Arima Taiwu smiled apologetically at Kimura Kazuki, “Your Excellency Kimura, I’ll call you back and ask him to apologize to you.” He then gestured to Wen Ren. Seeing this, Wen Ren smiled kindly at Kimura and Shu, and then went out to find a priest to ask the other party to inform Arima Yousuke and call the other party back.

As for why he didn’t call to inform him, it was because Yuma Wenren didn’t have a harmonious relationship with his He was afraid that he would call and Yujie Ma would not come back.

“That’s good.” Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki smiled and didn’t shirk. It seems that Ma Taiwu is more fond of his grandson.

In the Japanese onmyoji circle, it is also important to respect the strong. The weak who offend the strong are punished severely. But in Kimura Kazuki’s heart, as long as he compensates for his losses, he doesn’t bother to punish Arima Yousuke.

He doesn’t know about Arima Yousuke either, but from what Sangu Section Chief said on the phone, Arima Yousuke probably didn’t do it on purpose. Since it wasn’t intentional, he naturally wouldn’t hold onto it.

Thinking, he talks a little bit about things.

After listening to this, Arima Wenren heaved a sigh of relief. It turned out that he had sucked the other party’s resentment. Although the Arima family has no resentment, after all resentment is not something that can be preserved for a long time. Currency, after the general onmyoji or witch kills the resentful spirit, it basically directly removes the impurities, and then absorbs it.

Although there are no resentful spirits in the Arima family, as long as they are given time, it is not difficult to catch a resentful spirit. In the worst case, you can ask the people from Fuming Palace to help.

While the three of them were chatting, Arima Yousuke returned to Arima Shrine with a puzzled look on his face. He directly pulled the person who picked him up at the door, “Uncle Yuza, what’s the matter with me?” There are too many rules to abide by at Arima Shrine, and people in the special department dare not because he belongs to the Arima family. mess with him. He naturally liked to stay in the special department and didn’t want to come back to see his father’s stinky face.

Although grandpa spoiled him, he couldn’t look at him all the time.

As the two walked, Yuya Arima learned something from Wenren Arima. From the nervousness of the other party, he thought it was a big deal. After learning about it, he felt that Wen Ren made a big fuss.

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