The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 216: Blue bird and red bird



When he heard this, Arima Wenren’s face couldn’t help twitching. He stood up and stared at Kimura Kazushu, “Kimura-sama, just one sentence can kill people, it’s really bullying. Too many people.” As Arima Yousuke’s father, although he didn’t like this son, he was his son after all, how could he just watch Arima Yousuke die.

“Sit down!” However, Arima Taiwu, who was sitting in the first place, looked at Arima Wenren, and said coldly, “Do you have the right to speak here?” After saying that, he looked at Kimura Kazuki with a smile. “Your Excellency Kimura, please spare Yousuke’s life. In the next hundred years, I can promise you that Yousuke will never take a step into Arima Shrine.”

Even if Ma Youjie was a genius, he probably wouldn’t live to be more than 100 years old after training. It is also helpless for Matthew to make this decision. But he knew that if he didn’t give Kimura and Shu an explanation, he really couldn’t save his grandson’s life.

No one can tell what will happen in the future, if Kimura Kazuki has always been so strong and still alive. Then he naturally wouldn’t let his grandson step out of Arima Shrine. Of course, Arima Yousuke can also practice as usual, just stay at home and protect Arima Shrine.

He Maosheng just came in and left. You really don’t want to disturb the Arima family to entertain guests? Obviously not. He Maosheng obviously knew Kimura Kazuki and knew that the other party was strong, so he didn’t even give them a chance to stay and speak to the Arima family.

Looking at the leopard in the tube, you can know the power of Kimura Kazuki. Coupled with the Reiatsu of Kimura Kazuki just now, it was really tricky.

However, Kazuki Kimura, who heard this, sighed softly. The next moment, the people in the reception room saw a thin blue line, which turned into a brilliant color, and went straight across Arima Yousuke’s throat!

It’s just that the speed is so fast that everyone can’t see clearly, but even if they can’t see clearly, this scene makes Taigo Arima stand up, his face that was smiling just now, and now with anger, “Kimura Kazuki! You!!”


A powerful spiritual pressure descended, causing Ma Taiwu to hold back the words he wanted to say. He was nearly old and could not help but let out a ‘wow’, spit out blood, and his face was as pale as paper. Behind the looming phantom, a pair of cyan eyes looked at Kimura Kazuki in fear, and disappeared in an instant.

“Father!” Arima Wenren couldn’t help exclaiming. He looked at Kimura Kazuki with horror on his face. Although he thought Kimura Kazuki was incomparable before, it was only from his point of view. In his opinion, his father’s strength can be ranked in the whole of Tokyo, and even the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace. As a result, he vomited blood without even seeing his father make a move.

“The next decision will be so frustrating.” Kimura Kazuki said in a cold tone, “The history of Arima Shrine is more than two hundred years old. Even if Ma Yousuke dies, with the strength of your bloodline, Can’t he save his soul? Since you don’t kill him, then I will do it myself, but if I do it, Ma Yousuke will be destroyed, whether it is body or soul.”

In the early days of the aura recovery from the previous life, Kimura Kazuki was used to seeing life and death, and even for a period of time, he was extremely indifferent to life. And after learning that he had no talent for cultivation, he didn’t care much about his own life and death, and only changed a little later.

He doesn’t care if Yousuke Ma’s words offend him. But since the other party despised him in public, he naturally had to pay a price, which was the rule. And this price is life, but the death of the body does not mean the death of the soul, which is also the reason why he let the Arima family deal with it himself, as long as he sees Arima Yousuke dying to apologize. In the end, there was Matthew, but he was dawdling, exhausting all his patience. In the end, he wanted to plead for his grandson, which made him annoyed.

Since you have made progress, you will naturally have to pay a price.

Thinking about it, the Sun Moon Sword slid through Arima Yousuke and killed him. The next moment, the sword body vibrated, directly causing Arima Yousuke’s soul to fly away.

Seeing this, Arima Wenren’s eyes were splitting, but the fear of his body and the powerful Reiatsu made him only open his mouth, but he couldn’t even open his mouth. Yuma Taiwu was sitting on the ground and saw this scene at this time, the fire of anger seemed to burn with reason, and the cyan pupils appeared from behind again, and then a huge figure appeared with the cyan pupils.

The figure is about three meters tall, and the whole body exudes blue flames. The burning sensation instantly fills the reception room, causing Arima Wenren to sweat like rain.

“Qing Qi. Go, kill him!” You Matthew wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, he stood up slowly, took out a stack of talismans from the table in front of him, and muttered words. He naturally knew that Kimura Kazuki was strong and that Reiatsu alone could hurt him, but he was not ready to fight alone.

The Arima Shrine has been operating for more than 200 years and has a profound heritage. And the entire shrine is shrouded in a huge enchantment, starting from the torii, and wrapping the entire Arima Shrine. In addition to the barrier, the Arima family can also form a formation outside, even if someone stronger than him enters the Arima Shrine, he has to stay.

Seeing this, Kazuki Kimura He thought he would be calmer at his age. It turned out that the older you are, the more extreme your personality is?

Just when Kimura and Shu were about to take action to solve each other directly, a bird chirping suddenly sounded outside the reception room, and a slightly shrill voice came, “Your Excellency Kimura, be merciful.”

Qing Qi, who was about to receive an order from Matthew, stopped when he heard the voice, no matter what Matthew ordered, he would never move again.

Then the door to the reception room opened with a bang. Two petite, unknown birds flew in, one green and one red.

The blue bird flew to the first place and looked at Ma Taiwu indifferently. Seeing Arima Taiwu looking at him with joy, he snorted coldly, disgusted in his heart, then looked at Qing Qi and said ruthlessly, “Qing Qi, execute the method of burning the soul with fire.”

“Yes.” Qing Qi opened his mouth in anger, and in the next instant, a blue flame emerged from Qing Qi’s body, and then fell gently, falling directly on him under the unbelievable eyes of Arima Taiwu. .

A piercing and painful voice sounded, and before you even had time to ask, the body and soul were burned to death.

Kimura and Shu watched this scene with interest, guessing something in their hearts. He stretched out his hand slightly, and the red bird fell into his palm.

The red bird saluted slightly, made a sweet voice, and said in awe, “Sir Kimura, your power is terrifying. The Arima family does not intend to offend you, and there is no cure for Arima Yousuke, so he will kill himself. Yes. Matthew is too selfish to be the head of the Arima family, and as a weak one offends the strong, I have ordered the second generation of the head of the family to enforce the family law, and Yuma Taiwu has now lost his soul. The Arima family is also willing to compensate you tenfold for your losses. Lord Kimura, please forgive the Arima family!”

“Who are you?”

“I am the first-generation head of the Youma family, and I have Ma Lingxiang.”


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