The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 202: Performance


Kimura Kazuki knew that Miyamoto Rena was sent by Otake Ryo to a friend to play.

Actually, it’s not necessary, but Otake Ryo insists on such details, and she has no objection.

But at this moment, she would like to thank the other party for sending Rena Miyamoto. Looking at the shadow of the warrior behind him, she asked calmly, “Are you here to urge the draft?”

“Yes.” Miyamoto Rena answered honestly, “Mr. Qingqiu, your comics have not been updated for a month… According to the regulations, you must update one chapter a week during the serialization, otherwise readers will be lost. It’s very serious. If you don’t update, Qingji Society will probably cut off your comics…”

Youth Club? so coincidental?

Kimura Kazuki was slightly surprised, but Otake Ryo was looking for the editor of Qingji Club…

Thinking, she smiled slightly, “Do your editors usually go to the cartoonist’s house to urge drafts?”

Chiba Shiori couldn’t stand Kimura Kazuki’s smile, let alone Miyamoto Rena, she was stunned for a while, and after reacting, she couldn’t help stammering, “It’s not… it’s not… usually. After all, the person who urged the manuscript by phone must be published in a manga magazine. Generally, only well-known teachers in the industry will have an editor to urge the manuscript.” Speaking of which, Miyamoto Rena was also very curious.

The cartoons drawn by the elf girl named Kimura Kazuko are not very popular. But why did the editor-in-chief ask her to come over to urge the manuscript? Is it just because the other party lives in the Weir apartment and the family background is very powerful, so can’t they cut the other party’s comics in half?

If she had hated the wealthy in her heart before, but facing Kimura Kazuko, she didn’t have such a mind at all.

Kimura Kazuki nodded, and then she looked behind Miyamoto Rena, the samurai phantom was standing by the side, not moving.

This thing… is very weak, and doesn’t even have the first level of foundation building, but it is similar to a ghost, which is why she is attracted to it.

Thinking, she said, “Next week, I will serialize it normally.” After that, she said with a smile, “It’s the first time I’ve been called by an editor, and it’s a good experience. If you have anything, you can call me, I can still help with some small things.”

Miyamoto Rena won’t hide her emotions at all, Kimura Kazuki can see through it at a glance. So she played the role of a young lady. She knew that she had a deep impression on the other party. If the other party encountered something in the future, the other party would definitely think of her at the first time.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki gave her his contact information. Instead of giving the way of ‘Kimura Kazuko’ to each other.

“Okay!” Miyamoto Rena added Kimura and Shu’s contact information a little excitedly. She doesn’t have An Neng’s brows and waists in her heart, which makes me unhappy. . And this contact information is obviously different from the one on the note, I am afraid it is the personal contact information of the young lady in front of me.

This trip has made a lot of money.

Being able to get acquainted with the lady in front of her eyes may have exhausted her luck for half her life.

After that, Kimura Kazuki and Miyamoto Rena had a pleasant conversation, and the two got to know each other a lot. Under the leadership of Kimura Kazuki, Miyamoto Rena gradually talked about her family affairs.

Rena Miyamoto grew up in a single-parent family, her father raised her, and she has a younger brother. However, from Miyamoto Rena’s words, she was quite helpless towards her younger brother. According to Miyamoto Rena, her younger brother is a dead house in the family. If it wasn’t for her younger brother, she probably wouldn’t be able to communicate with him.

But I also learned from Miyamoto Rena that Miyamoto Yuta is her younger brother recently, and there seems to be a tendency to change…

Hearing Miyamoto Rena’s words, Kimura Kazuki was thoughtful. If her expectations are not bad, the key situation lies in the other party’s brother.

In the case of a good conversation, the time passed quickly. When going to the bathroom, Miyamoto Rena looked at her phone and found that it was almost five o’clock in the afternoon. She couldn’t help but be surprised that the company had to report, so she quickly said goodbye to Kimura Kazuki.

Kimura Kazuki also did not leave each other behind, saying that he would start a manga series next week. After saying goodbye to each other, she sat on the sofa, picked up her mobile phone and a notepad, and started sending messages to her seven ‘boyfriends’ according to the love words on the notepad.

After receiving the news from Kimura Kazuki, Otake Ryo also instructed seven police officers to conduct a love talk session.

This link is very important. According to Kimura Kazuki’s conjecture, Yamanaka Xanai is probably screened through data messages. Otherwise, it is impossible for the other party to directly kill the three women within two or three days. After all, it’s very troublesome to find someone, not to mention that all the scumbags Yamanaka is looking for are such weird scumbags, and every woman has dated so many boyfriends.

In reality, it is very rare that the other party can find so many.

Finally, Kimura and Shu sent a message, and after making a dinner appointment with one of their ‘boyfriends’, they stopped sending messages. Of course, she didn’t go out to eat either, the news was just for Shannaka Xanai to read.

At night, he stood in the floor-to-ceiling window of his and looked at the Tokyo Tower from a distance, sighing in his heart, the rich people are indeed happy… Suddenly, she saw a blue-black grimace from the window. flashed by.

She turned her head suddenly, with a look of panic and fear, and said in shock, “Who?”

Sweeping her eyes, she was calm, didn’t expect the other party to come to her so quickly? It seems that Yamanaka Xanai really has a lot of hatred for beautiful women. She had been sending selfies on her mobile phone just now to show those ‘boyfriends’, in fact, it was also for Shannaka Shana to see.

Sure enough…not even an hour later, the other party came directly to the door.

Although she felt pity for Shannaka’s suffering, since she was already dead, she shouldn’t turn into an evil ghost to harm others.

Thinking, she swept her gaze to the computer in the bedroom. The black screen had already turned on, and it had become as gray as an old TV, sending out noisy noises, which looked a little weird in this spacious bedroom. The next moment, the computer lights up, and in the black and white picture, there is a big tree and a house. This house makes Kimura and Shu slightly cold. This is the home of Sato in Lingxian District, and it is also the place where Yamanaka Xana died…

As time goes by, he can see the soil under the tree move slightly.

Kimura Kazuki was quite speechless, Yamanaka Xana was obviously trying to learn the classic scene of “Midnight Bell”, trying to scare her out of the computer.

And she must not show fear and cooperate with each other.

But I have to say that if ordinary people were present in this scene, I would be scared to death. After all, “Midnight Bell” is just a movie. It is said that it scares people to death. If this happens in reality, ordinary people will probably collapse.

Watching a movie is completely different from what happens in reality.

Therefore, Kimura and Shu have to cooperate with each other’s performance. But she had to confirm one thing in her heart.


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