The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 201: Grimace Warrior Phantom


“Editor-in-chief, do you have anything to do with me?” Miyamoto Reina came to the office with a look of anxiety. She was just a new editor in charge, and she was not familiar with the editor-in-chief.

When she came over, Miyamoto Reina couldn’t help but have a mess of thoughts in her mind. If the editor-in-chief wants to unspoken rules later, should she scream or call the police? When I was in college, I often heard people say that there are many idiots in society, not only trams, but also more companies.

However, the editor-in-chief seems to be gentle, and he is in his 40s. He has a wife and children, so it shouldn’t be!

No no no no! Maybe the other party is enjoying the body of a young and beautiful girl? Miyamoto Rena is still very confident about her own face.

The editor-in-chief obviously didn’t know that Rena Miyamoto was in a tornado in these dozens of seconds. He said lightly, “Don’t you have an author yet? I have a cartoonist here, whose pen name is Qing. Qiu, you often delay drafts, so please remind me.”


Rena Miyamoto breathed a sigh of relief. She was excited and straightened, “I promise to complete the task.”

Seeing the high-spirited look of the other party, the editor-in-chief couldn’t help laughing, “Don’t be too happy, this cartoonist is only temporarily assigned to you.”

“That’s no problem!” Although Miyamoto Rena is the editor in charge, she has just joined the job for less than three months and is still in the internship. Although she has the title of editor in charge, she is only the second editor in charge, helping other editors in charge. The existence of chores, and now there are tasks, naturally very happy.

“Here’s the address, take it.” Looking at his watch, the editor-in-chief waved, “Go now.”

Taking the note on the table, Miyamoto Rena responded and went out happily.

Arriving outside the door, Miyamoto Reina opened the note, glanced at it, and let out a hiss, she said in shock, “My God, Weir Apartment!?”

As the first product of Tomson in Japan, the Weir Apartment is a holy place in the hearts of Japanese people. Rena Miyamoto did not expect that the author who the editor-in-chief asked her to urge her to write is actually a cartoonist living in the Weir Apartment… This is too mysterious Come on.

Is this the legendary person who doesn’t want to rely on his parents, just wants to fight for himself, and now he has become a cartoonist, and in a few years, he has no choice but to go home and inherit billions of property?

She actually met her!

Miyamoto Reina’s heart was excited again. If you can get such a golden tortoise-in-law, wouldn’t you be able to fight less for a lifetime?

Thinking like this, she left the company with a sense of smugness.

Soon, she took the tram to Vail Road…

Vill Apartment is located on Vail Road. This street serves the residents of Vail Apartment. There are supermarkets, cafes, amusement parks, schools… everything outside, so Vail Road is very lively every day. Affluent places always attract all kinds of people to come and take chances.

But Rena Miyamoto knows her job, and she’s here to urge the draft. Speaking of reminders, Miyamoto Rena had already figured it out on the way. I am afraid that the editor-in-chief also knows that it is not good to urge cartoonists who live in such a place… After all, living in Vail Road, he must be a big man. Entrust this task to her. It is good to complete it, but it is also harmless to complete it.

Thinking about this, Rena Miyamoto looks sad! Sure enough, she was a chorus, and I am afraid that she came here to be a nanny, and she did not dare to violently urge the draft.

Soon, Rena Miyamoto came to the door of Weir’s apartment. Although the Weir Apartment is called an apartment by the public, it is a villa area at the south entrance, while the east, west and north entrances are normal apartment areas. When she came to the east entrance, Miyamoto Rena was quickly stopped by the security guard.

She showed her work permit and identification to the security guard, and then gave the security guard the mobile phone number named Kimura Kazuko on the note…

Speaking of Kimura Kazuko, Miyamoto Reina always felt that the name was a bit familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere. She guessed that maybe she heard the name on the news, but she forgot?

After the security called, he quickly handed her the temporary ID card, and asked her to return it to the security guard after she came out.

Then Miyamoto Rena quickly came to Kimura Kazuko’s house, but after ringing the doorbell, no one came to open the door at all, apparently no one was there. She looked at the note’s cell phone number, hesitated for a moment, and didn’t dare to call… But there was a bench outside the door, and when she sat there, Miyamoto Rena was uneasy and humbled.

When Kimura Kazuki came to Weir’s apartment, he saw a young Miyamoto Rena sitting on a bench at the door…and after seeing him, she couldn’t help but look…in the palace On the side behind Ben Reina, there is a phantom.

The phantom, wearing a grimace mask and an ancient samurai uniform, stood loyally beside Rena Miyamoto.

Shikigami? Kimura Kazuki raised the idea, but quickly denied it. She didn’t think much, came to Miyamoto Rena, and said softly, “Are you… Miyamoto’s editor?”

“Ah… yes yes yes!” Miyamoto Rena roared in her heart, how could there be such a beautiful person who looks like an elf, and when the other party opened her mouth, her whole body became numb. At this moment, she felt that she was a woman and liked women. She is no longer the woman of the previous gender, and she loves men.

Bending in a split second.

Kimura and Shu nodded lightly. In less than half a day, she was used to people looking at her like this, “Come in with me.” After saying she didn’t care about each other, but she still glanced at each other. The grimace warrior man beside him. At this moment, the grimace warrior man, his eyes glowing red, stared at her closely. Obviously as long as she acts rashly, the other party will fight back.

And this scene let Kimura Kazuki know that this ghost-faced warrior phantom has no self-consciousness at all. She has just released the pressure of aura, but the other party has no sense of fear. Obviously, I don’t know who put it next to Miyamoto Rena to protect each other.

Rena Miyamoto stared straight at Kimura Kazuki with shining eyes. Although it was impolite, she couldn’t restrain herself. At this moment, she thanked the editor-in-chief in her heart, thanked the editor-in-chief for giving herself this opportunity to meet such a beautiful person, and modern star idols are not worthy of Kimura and Zi’s shoes in terms of appearance.

After entering the room, the decoration of the house made Miyamoto Rena divert her attention a little.

The room provided by the Ito family is about 140 square meters, and it is medium to large in the Weir Apartment. The interior is naturally luxuriously decorated, with furniture and home appliances readily available, so there is no need for Kimura and Shu to purchase.

Miyamoto Rena followed, and her anxiety returned to her heart. The decoration around let her know that she and the other party are people from two worlds.

“Sit down.” Kimura Kazuki was not surprised. Although she was here for the first time, she had seen many luxurious houses in her previous life, so naturally she would not feel anything. It’s just that the mansions in the previous life belonged to others, and now she has a suite in the Weir apartment, which still makes her quite sigh. At the beginning, it was still a fantasy at the home of the Guqiao sisters, but now it has become a reality.

And next to Miyamoto Rena sat on the sofa, sighed at the softness of the sofa, looked at Kimura Kazuki, and couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Also urging a fart draft… In the atmosphere of the mansion, she didn’t dare to speak any more, so she could only look around, looking at Kimura and Shu’s face from time to time to keep her eyes looking good.


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