The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 203: Soul Token


Kimura and Shu’s room did not turn on the lights. He just wanted to see the night view from the window and enjoy the life of a rich man. Unexpectedly, Yamanaka Shanai came directly to the door.

The computer was like a TV set with white snowflakes, and the scene that followed was like a classic scene from “Midnight Bell”.

The black soil under the tree moved slightly, and a pale arm suddenly sprang out.

Kimura Kazuki sat on the ground in fright, his face pale and his voice trembling, “Ghost…”

She was slightly stunned. The other party could obviously kill her directly, but she had to do it. Obviously, she had a good guess in her heart. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Yamanaka’s psychopath likes to torture people, watching the fear that people show, and the psychological sense of pleasure arises.

But after a real person dies, they turn into evil spirits. Although their personalities will change greatly, they are basically dominated by resentment. Generally speaking, people like to kill people, but they don’t like to torture people. Like Junji Ito of Qiuzhi High School, after the other party dies, he still retains consciousness. But for those who went to Qiuzhi High School, they mainly avoided it, although the other party didn’t want to expose themselves.

But it can also be seen that even if you turn into a demon, unless you have a psychopath before your death. Otherwise, after turning into evil spirits, basically they would not choose to torture humans, but would kill them directly. Unless… there’s something to gain from torturing people.

Horror movies, in order to create fear in the audience, will naturally add to the atmosphere. But reality is not a movie. In the past life, according to the combat department, the evil ghosts they encountered were basically extremely decisive, basically killing people when they met them, and would not torture humans. In a situation like Yamanaka Shanai, unless there are special circumstances, the evil spirits are basically killing people.

At this time, on the computer screen, the small theater starring Xana Yamanaka has reached its climax.

A pair of terrifying and disgusting faces were firmly attached to the screen. From the front, the other party seemed to be squeezed out of the screen. Those dark eyes stared at her. The next moment, Yamanaka Xanai slammed directly into the computer screen.

Bang! ——

With a loud bang, the entire computer desk shook.

At this time, Kimura Kazuki has hurriedly retreated to the balcony because of ‘fear’… and screamed.

She used Jingshan Qi Confluence for this scream, which only Yamanaka Xana could hear. At this time, Shannaka Shannai has been squeezed out of the computer screen…

Kimura Kazuki watched this scene without stopping his performance.

And Yamanaka Shanai was on all fours. She didn’t come over, but crawled over slowly. Every step made a very strange sound. It was a broken sound of a heavy weapon hitting a bone.

“Don’t…don’t come here…don’t come here!” Kimura Kazuki had no way to retreat, his voice was sharp.

When Shannaka Shanai slowly climbed over, Kimura Kazuki looked at each other’s blue-black arm, like a machete… The fingers had already disappeared, she was slightly stunned, it seemed that this was the weapon the other party used to cut the waist .

Chanai Yamanaka obviously didn’t know what Kimura Kazuki was thinking. Her dark eyes stared at Kimura Kazuki, her mouth opened, revealing a twisted smile, and a clockwork writhing laughter came out of her mouth. Obviously, Kimura Kazuki’s elf-like face showed a twisted and fearful emotion, which made her quite happy.

Thinking about it, Yamanaka Shana’s face is going to be directly attached, so that the other party will face the fear of death.

However, in the next moment, Yamanaka Xana’s perspective changed… Although she was still looking up, she saw the beautiful night view outside the balcony after she was startled. In an instant, she reacted, she was picked up by the neck?

Chanai Yamanaka’s terrified and distorted face appeared confused for the first time.

“Caught you.” Kimura Kazuki smiled.

Seeing Kimura Kazuki’s smile, Yamanaka Xana was slightly absent-minded, with such a beautiful smile. But she quickly reacted, the other party was not afraid of her… Then the other party was so afraid just now? Although Yamanaka Xana’s thoughts turned slowly, she knew that it was not good at this time.

“If the person you want to kill is not afraid of you, then you should run quickly, without any hesitation, enter the Internet dormant, and wait for my instructions for a new step!”

Thinking of the man’s words, Shannaka Xana didn’t hesitate. Her whole body suddenly turned into a cloud of black smoke, swept towards the computer screen.


The next moment, Yamanaka Chana, who was floating in the air, couldn’t move. Black smoke paused, turned into the terrifying evil ghost just now, and fell on the bed. At this moment, Yamanaka Xanai couldn’t move, she couldn’t even struggle, and for a moment, Yamanaka Xanai showed a horrified expression.

Seeing this, Kimura and Shu looked at each other lightly, “Don’t use such a terrifying face to show a terrified expression, it’s even more terrifying.”

Just now she used a soul-fixing talisman.

There are two versions of the soul-fixing talisman in the previous life.

The first version of the soul-fixing talisman was developed by Fu Luke’s mentor. As the name implies, it has the effect of fixing the soul, but if the evil ghost has special means, there is still a chance to escape. And the second-generation fixed soul talisman is also the final version. It was developed by him, and it was also the first talisman he developed.

When he joined the spiritual house for the third year, evil spirits appeared frequently across the country. The monks in the combat department are fighting against evil spirits from all over the world every, but there are often news that the evil spirits have escaped. So it took him a year to finally develop the second-generation Soul-fixing Talisman.

At that time, he often observed the captured evil ghosts and found that good ghosts are born with consciousness, while the evil ghosts are not conscious in the early stage, and their thinking is in a state of chaos. This made him strange. After experiments, he found that the good ghosts are conscious because the obsessions in their hearts are harmless, and they have no harmful thoughts, they just want to achieve the wishes in their hearts.

So after turning into a ghost, it can maintain the purity of the soul.

And evil spirits grow resentment before they die, and this strong negative emotion will repel the good thoughts in their hearts. And she found that this kindness was actually a remnant of the soul.

This remnant will remain attached to the corpse for a long time.

So she was whimsical, found the corpse in front of the evil ghost, took the remnant of the soul, and reshaped the soul-fixing talisman with aura as the mainstay and talisman as the guide. It was discovered that the specially-made soul-fixing talisman could completely immobilize the evil spirits, and no matter what means the evil spirits used, they could not escape, just like the immortal rope.

Of course, the second-generation soul-fixing talisman also has its shortcomings, that is, the soul-fixing talisman specially made for the remnant soul is only valid for the main evil ghost of the remnant soul. However, this shortcoming is completely innocuous. After all, the combat department is divided into many teams, and each team is to capture a specific evil spirit… After the soul-fixing charm, the efficiency has skyrocketed.

So after the second generation of soul-fixing talisman was developed by her, after getting a lot of practice, her contribution value reached the top and became the most popular person in the spiritual house. After that, she has more friends, and no one will give her a nickname in private.

Every time she goes to other departments, she is greeted warmly and flattered. Her lone wolf-like character is also known by others as having a personality.

This situation made her feel the reality of this world.


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