The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 184: The extraordinary event


Kimura Kazuki took the photo and watched it carefully.

Different from the coded cartoons, the photos in hand are high-definition and uncensored, very detailed. But it was **** enough. No wonder Officer Matsushita said that when he first came to the scene, his throat rolled and he was obviously very uncomfortable.

From Mikami Kotone’s terrified eyes in the photo, it can be seen that the other party must have seen something terrifying before he died. This also let Kimura Kazuki know that the ‘Kotone Mikami’ who answered the phone should not be Kotone Mikami himself.

After all, Sanshang Koyin described recent strange things in her own experience of the help post, which means that the other party is sincere in posting the help post. When he calls, the other party will definitely tell him the latest experience in detail. . Even if he is too scared, he will let him come over as soon as possible.

But Kotone Mikami didn’t do that, instead admitting in an apologetic tone that she was a boring prank.

However, one thing that surprised Kimura Kazuki was that he entered the house and didn’t smell any odors.

There is no odor, which means that no evil spirits have entered this place. But looking at Mikami Kotone’s terrified eyes, he clearly saw something terrifying. From this point of view, it is not ruled out that this evil ghost enters the mortal transformation, but the probability is too small.

And if this evil spirit is mortal, it shouldn’t be a waste of time.

The other party deleted the traces of Chulingwang online, but did not delete the call records between him and Mikami Qinyin. Let the police come to the door, obviously to put the blame on him.

This is a waste of time. If the evil ghost is a mortal, you should directly find his location along the Internet, and then kill him. This is the best way to solve your worries, and it can also turn this case into a mystery.

Thinking, he enters the bedroom. Before entering, and looking out of the door, you can see the white outline of the lower body on the ground.

Kotone Mikami saw something terrifying and wanted to run away, but was cut off in the middle, and then crawled to the corridor outside the bedroom…and wrote three words?

After a little brainstorming, Kimura Kazuki turned his gaze to the blood-red writing.


No matter who wrote these three words, they must contain certain information.

“Apart from these, is there any other information?” Kazuki Kimura looked at Police Officer Matsushita who was following him.

“No. Except for Miss Mikami’s body, we didn’t find any clues in the room.” Police officer Matsushita is easier to get along with than Police officer Iida. He answered truthfully to Kimura Kazuki’s questions, he said distressedly. , “So…the phone call between you and Miss Mikami last night will make us the only clue.”

To be honest, without this call log. Their Baitian District Police Station was stunned.

Judging from Mikami Kotone’s fearful eyes, it was definitely not suicide. But it’s not like entering a house to kill, the door is not opened. And the door is still locked from the inside, as for flipping the window… This is the eighteenth floor. And the windows are locked from the inside. Of course, the police station also adjusted the surveillance, and did not find anyone climbing the window last night.

The entire room was intact, but Mikami Qinyin was cut in half.

Kimura Kazuki happens to be the descendant of Yagyu Feijian-ryu, and he talked to Mikami Kotone last night. It can be said that he is completely the first suspect. If the Baitian District Police Station is ruthless, and directly defines Kimura Kazuki as a murderer, it is estimated that no one will object.

Of course, people in Baitian District aren’t that stupid. The current popularity of Kimura Kazuki on the Internet can be regarded as half a public figure, and they must be treated with caution.

Kimura and Shu walked around for a while, and then came to the door. Seeing the questioning gaze of Gao Sen Yangqing, he shook his head slightly. At this time, Otake Ryo smiled slightly, “Let’s go outside for a drink.”

Gao Sen Yangqing heard the words, glanced suspiciously at the other party, and nodded slightly. And Kimura Kazuki did not refuse.

Obviously, Otake Ryo has a confident face. But Kimura and Shu could see deep doubts from the depths of each other’s eyes.

I’m afraid the same is true of Gao Sen Yangqing… so he didn’t refuse. Anyway, the murder that happened in Baitian District would not be under his jurisdiction if there was no order from above.

Soon, Otake Ryo changed into casual clothes.

Then the four of them came to a cafe called.

In addition to Kimura Kazuki, Takamori Yangqing, and Otake Ryo, Ito Shi said, “Maybe I can help you” and followed him bluntly.

After all, he is the licking dog of Sanshang Qinyin. Now that Sanshang Qinyin is dead, he also grieves for the other party. Although his psychological feelings faded after learning the truth, after all, after licking for so long, he almost became an idol and started a new life.

Now his heart for being an idol is not as strong as before. After all, he wanted to be an idol before because of Mikami Kotoyin. The reason why Otake Ryo let the other party come over was because Itoshi made him a little doubtful about the strength of this young man in yesterday’s game.

In the cafe, Gao Sen Yangqing sat aside, stirring the coffee with his head down, obviously not wanting to interfere in this He was just called over by Kimura Kazuki to protect the other party.

Takamori Yangqing trusts Kimura Kazuki very much. The other party risked his life to clear the ghost of Qiuzhi High School, maybe the other party would benefit, but in his opinion, Kimura Kazuki should belong to the kind of righteous people who subdue demons and exorcise demons.

With the strength of the opponent, there are too many opportunities to seek benefits. But still living in that small dilapidated house is enough to see the character of Kimura Kazuki.

He also observed the scene just now and didn’t see anything. And he remembered the supernatural case that Kimura and Shu said on the phone, and now he believes it directly. But he believed it, and he didn’t want to get involved. After all, this was a supernatural event, and he had never dealt with this kind of thing, so he didn’t plan to intervene at all. Ghosts know if they will die inexplicably.

After all, Japan is a country where supernatural culture has developed to its peak. With a strong atmosphere of terror, Takamori Yangqing will naturally have many dangerous thoughts in his mind.

As a middle-aged man, he just wants to retire when he has done enough. I don’t want to be involved in such a paranormal event.

After sitting down, Otake Ryo glanced at Takamori Yangqing, and then at Kimura Kazuki, but he did not swallow slowly, but spoke directly, with a low voice, “Kimura-kun… Is this matter? Extraordinary event?”

Kimura Kazuki is surprised, he hasn’t opened his mouth yet. Gao Sen Yangqing was surprised, “You know that too?”

“It seems so.” Otake Ryo heard Gao Sen Yangqing’s tone in a complicated tone, “When I was a police officer seven years ago, I dealt with an extraordinary incident.” He hesitated. After a while, he said in a low voice, “At that time, I met Fu Sang Shen, who was similar to a rooster. The rooster has the ability to absorb the essence of human beings. Every time it croaks, the people in the village feel refreshed when they hear it. Abundant, but as long as seven days pass, it will die in labor like a mummified corpse.”


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