The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 185: Special subjects


Otake Ryo has a deep memory of the events seven years ago.

This is the first time in his life that he has encountered extraordinary events. Of course, at first their police officers thought it was just a plague or a virus…or that the murderer deliberately made this kind of tragedy.

When I got to the back, I realized that it was a **** of death that was killing people.

That only pays the mourning god, uses the ability to make people feel full of strength, and makes everyone in the village work.

And the spirit of high emotions when people work is the food for the gods. In other words, it is only the life force of human beings that is absorbed by the gods.

Gao Sen Yangqing listened to the other party’s description of the appearance of the corpse, and then heard the low voice in Otake Ryo’s mouth. For some reason, he felt a creepy feeling. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is this matter resolved in the end?”

“It’s resolved…” Otake Ryo hesitated, “but I can’t tell you how it was resolved.”

“Special Section.” Kimura Kazuki’s voice was indifferent. He looked at Otake Ryoda and said, “Special Section is supposed to let you keep their department secret.”

Special Section is the abbreviation, and the full name is “Department of Defense Against Special Extraordinary Events”.

Similar departments exist in every country.

“Yes!” Ryo Otake said in surprise, “Are you from the Special Section?” After the case was over, the Special Section asked them to keep it a secret. This kind of extraordinary event is a state secret, so he would keep it from everyone. Not to mention, I have endured it for seven years.

“No.” Kimura Kazuki didn’t say much, “but I know them, so you don’t need to keep it secret from me.”

The people in the special department are actually some young onmyoji or witches selected by the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace to join the state agency to solve extraordinary events for the country. It can be said that this is a kind of experience, and if you really encounter something that cannot be solved, you can ask the ghost Fuming Palace for help.

“It’s fine if it’s not.” Otake Ryo sighed in relief, and in the eyes of everyone’s doubts, he looked at Kimura and Shudao solemnly, “Kimura-kun, can I hire you to help me solve this case? Thank you very much.”

Gao Sen Yangqing next to him is confused, obviously people with special subjects can ask for help, but Otake Hao doesn’t seem to want to report it? Thinking, he has a flash of inspiration, isn’t it?

Seeing Kimura Kazuki’s doubts, Otake Ryo said in a low voice, “Recently, the police department is about to retire. If I want to be promoted, my qualifications and background are not enough, because other people also have it, so if I can solve one If there is an extraordinary event, you will have a lot more confidence…” He is only the deputy police department now, and if he wants to be promoted, he will have to endure time.

Sure enough… Gao Senyang’s eyes are clear.

It turns out that, Kimura and Shu nodded secretly, it seems that this Otake Ryo is an official fan. Solving an extraordinary event as an ordinary person is enough to prove Otake Ryo’s outstanding ability. If the Special Section intervenes in this matter, it will completely become a case handled by the Special Section and has nothing to do with him, Otake Ryo.

However, Kimura Kazuki questioned, “Otake Police Department, how do you know this is an extraordinary event?”

“Because we didn’t find any suspicious points from the scene.” Otake Ryo said seriously, “Reality is not a novel or a movie, a crime will always leave something behind at the scene, and we investigated Miss Mikami’s colleagues and found that they all I have a good relationship with Miss Mikami, and there is no murderous hatred. And we did not see anyone entering Miss Mikami’s room from the corridor surveillance, and the surveillance outside is the same. And Miss Mikami’s room 1801 has no dead ends. Also That is to say, the prisoner must go from the elevator to the corridor to the door of Miss Mikami’s house before entering the room. Otherwise, **** Miss Mikami?”

“The prisoner can hide in Koto… Mikami’s room.” Ito Shi was also very interested in this case, after all, it was about Mikami Kotone.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other, looking at each other’s expressions, obviously already thinking about Mikami Kotone’s death.

“Yes, we have also thought about this. But the prisoner can’t enter Miss Mikami’s room out of thin air. If he wants to hide, he must pass the conditions I just said.”

From the elevator to the door of the room, there is surveillance. The surveillance in Shihu Community was not damaged. They investigated the surveillance and found that no one had ever entered Sanshang Qinyin’s room. Of course, just in case, they also carefully searched every part of the room, but did not find any secret room or the like.

After all, it is the eighteenth floor, and there are residents next to it. There are also residents on the upper and lower floors, and it is impossible to hide humans.

In addition to the extraordinary incident he encountered seven years ago, Otake Ryo faintly felt that this matter might not be easy. This is also the reason why he would invite Kimura Kazuki to the cafe.

Otake Ryo’s kendo skills are not weak, and he often watches videos of kendo competitions. Yesterday’s Yulong Banner Tokyo Prefectural Qualifiers, he naturally watched it too. While shocked by Itoise’s swordsmanship, he also looked at Kimura Kazuki’s strength.

After all, no matter how powerful Ito might be, he was not defeated by Kimura Kazuki. And it seems that Kimura Kazuki’s expression is still very obviously has spare power.

Seeing Otake Ryo looking at him expectantly, Kimura Kazuki didn’t hesitate, he nodded directly, “Yes.” He had no reason to refuse. In addition to washing away his own suspicions, it is also to absorb spiritual energy.

Hearing this, Ryo Otake heaved a sigh of relief, and then he started chatting with Kazuki Kimura with a big smile on his face, and of course he didn’t ignore Takamori Yangqing and Ito Shi.

He said that the Baitian District Police Station will always follow up on this matter, and will notify Kimura Kazuki whenever there is any clue.

After half an hour, several people said goodbye. And Gao Sen Yangqing also quickly returned to Jinwen District. In his words, Kimura and Shu are looking for ghosts. According to the plot of the novel and movie, if Kimura and Shu did not solve this incident, it was probably To die for. So Gao Senyangqing didn’t want to be implicated.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t say anything while speechless. He asked the other party to come over to guarantee him. Now that Gao Sen Yangqing’s task has been completed, he did not retain it, but kept this matter in his heart, as he owed Gao Sen Yangqing a favor.

However, Ito Shi kept following Kimura and Shu, he looked at each other, “What’s the matter with you?”

“I can help!” Itoshi said aggrieved, “Didn’t I just say, maybe there is something I can help.”

Kimura Kazuki thought for a while, the other party did say that…but he just thought the other party wanted to gossip, so he came over.

And Otake Ryo didn’t chase the other side, mainly because Ito Shi was next to Kimura Kazuki. He thought the two were friends, so he didn’t ask any more questions.

“What can you do?”

“Since you are practicing kendo, and you are so good. Then you should know that our Ito family has many connections with the people in the ghost Fuming Palace.”


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