The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 183: Scumbag


During the few minutes of waiting for Takamori Yangqing, Kimura Kazuki has gradually figured out a clue.

First of all, the phone call he made to Kotone Mikami last night was a little weird.

On the phone, Kotone Mikami said she was bored and sent a help message.

Then why write the cell phone number… Of course, the cell phone number is required to receive calls from him. It can be assumed that Mikami Kotone wondered if someone would really call her.

And Kimura and Shu really called and let Mikami Kotone know that Chulingwang was not a prank, but also felt guilty, so he apologized on the phone.

So…what about the addresses?

Thinking about it, he, who was already sitting in the police car, asked if Mikami Qinyin lived in Shihu Community in Baitian District.

“That’s right! Miss Mikami lives there.” Iida looked at Kimura Kazuki strangely, and the meaning in his eyes was very clear. If you didn’t know Mikami Kotone, how could you know where the other person lived? Obviously, even if Takamori Police Department endorsed him, he still doubted Kimura Kazuki.

Kimura Kazuki ignored Iida’s suspicions, and Kotone Mikami posted her real mobile phone number on the help post. It can also be assumed that the other party wanted to confirm whether someone would call her.

Then… it’s very suspicious to post your real address on a help thread.

If you post your real address on the help thread, it means that the other party is definitely here for help. Otherwise, there is no need to fill in the real address! After all, what if you get hacked by a letter? The Elimination website doesn’t look like a legitimate website.

In addition, he just logged in to with his mobile phone or computer, and this website has disappeared, and there is no trace of it.

Thinking of this, Kimura and Shuxin sneered. If the spirit removal net did not disappear, he still didn’t know what the evil ghost was, but he had no trace of his spirit removal net, so he basically knew what the evil ghost was capable of.

Being able to feel like a duck to water on the Internet is a kind of Internet soul. And the ‘Sanshang Qinyin’ who called him yesterday was probably not Sanshang Qinyin himself.

Kimura Kazuki can confirm this.

With his sense of urgency for the soul body, even if ‘Sanshang Qinyin’ told her it was a joke. He will also check online first to see if there is really a place in Shihu Community, Baitian District. If he is sure that there is such a place, he will probably go there in person to make sure. But after the call last night, he had no idea of ​​going online.

He got a spell? Apparently not.

Then there can only be one explanation. When the evil spirit was talking to him, he used his voice to influence him. The magnitude of the impact was so small that he didn’t realize it until the police came to the door.

However, just in case, he asked about the time of Kotone Mikami’s death.

“Last night between 20:50 and 21:10.” Iida didn’t want to answer Kimura Kazuki’s question, but the Takamori police department stared at him, and he could only answer helplessly.

He picked up his cell phone and looked at it. The time he called was 21:04, and he wasn’t sure if it was the devil who answered the call.

Soon, Gao Sen Yangqing brought Kimura and Shu to Shihu Community in Baitian District. Soon they came to Unit 1 of Building 17, and then several people took the elevator to the 18th floor.

As soon as I got to the eighteenth floor, I got out of the elevator. Kimura and Shu looked at both sides and found that the corridor was indeed narrow and long. If they went home at night and glanced at both sides, it would probably be very psychologically stressful.

Without being led by a police officer, he saw police officers and forensic doctors entering and leaving Room 1801. Outside, there were five boys, and to his surprise, Ito Shi was also here.

And the five people, including Ito Se, stood outside, and the surrounding atmosphere was a bit embarrassing and resentful.

Ito Shi couldn’t help being surprised when he saw Kimura Kazuki, “Kimura-kun, why are you here?” He trotted over quickly, obviously unable to stand the atmosphere next to him.

“Why are you here?” Kimura Kazuki asked instead without answering.

Ito Se looked embarrassed and didn’t answer. On the other hand, the Matsushita police officer who came back with Kimura Kazuki couldn’t help laughing, “Ito-san is one of Miss Mikami’s boyfriends… Well, if you say that a boyfriend is not suitable, it should be said that it is Miss Mikami’s spare tire. As for the boyfriends of Miss Mikami next to them…”

Kimura Kazuki was stunned for a moment. He looked at Ito Shi and then at the four men in front of him.

Ito Shi gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect Kotone-chan…Bah, this guy Mikami is a scumbag. While having an affair with me, this guy also dated four boyfriends at the same time…” With a sad face, he was even just a spare tire. The four men in front were the genuine boyfriends.

Originally, when the police contacted him and learned that Kotone-chan was dead, Itoshi couldn’t believe it… When he arrived at the scene, he even burst into anger. But after learning that Mikami Kotone dated four boyfriends, he calmed down, but the sadness in his heart still flowed into a river… Not for the dead Mikami Kotone, but for himself!

Kimura Kazuki is speechless…

At this time, Gao Sen Yangqing had already walked over with a middle-aged man chatting and laughing, the middle-aged man looked at Kimura Kazuki and said with a slight smile, “Kimura-kun, hello, I have long admired your name. I’m Ryo Otake, deputy police chief of Baitian District.”

“Hello, Dazhu Police Department.” Kimura Kazuki knew that Dazhuliang was the current person in charge of the scene, he respected it, and then said, “I wonder if I can observe the scene?”

“ Otake Ryo pondered for a while, then looked at the other party and said, “But someone must accompany you. “

To be honest, this case is confusing and falls into the category of back room homicides. Because they checked layer by layer from outside the door, they did not find any trace of the prisoner. And the reason why they can know that Mikami Kotone is dead is because all four of Mikami Kotone’s boyfriends received photos of Mikami Kotone’s death.

Then the prisoner must have entered the house, killed Mikami Kotone, and then took a photo of the death with Mikami Kotone’s mobile phone and sent it to her boyfriends.

Of course, Ito Shi did not receive it. They suspected that Itoshi didn’t have it because it was just a spare tire. However, they still contacted Ito Shi to see if there was any information.


Kimura Kazuki knew that he was the first suspect in the eyes of the police officers in Baitian District. If there is no relationship between Gao Sen and Yang Qing, it is estimated that he would have entered the police station immediately.

As soon as he entered the room and came to the living room, he frowned.

A few meters from the bedroom to the living room, there is a deep bloodstain, as if it was dragged out. At the end of the bloodstain, the outline is drawn by a white line, but only the upper body. A little further ahead, there are three words ‘I’m sorry’ written in blood red.

The police officer Matsushita, who was ordered to follow Kimura Kazuki, saw this scene, and he couldn’t help but think of the scene that came after receiving the call in the morning. He rolled his throat and said in a low voice, “When we arrived, we found that Miss Mikami was dead. Now, the one who was cut to death by the waist should be a sword.” He casually looked at the Sun Moon Sword in the hands of Kimura and Shu, if he hadn’t checked that it was made of wood, he would have thought it was the sword that held the three swords. Qin Yin beheaded.

Kimura Kazuki is noncommittal, “Any photos?”



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