The Prodigies War Chapter 3226: The decision of victory and defeat begins now



  Lin Xun listened quietly, occasionally asking questions.


   Chen Xi also patiently answered them one by one.


   As for some of the mysteries that Chen Xi sensed but couldn’t figure out, he would also bring them out to discuss with Lin Xun.


   This gives both of them something to gain.


  Unconsciously, time has passed for a few days.


   Through the discussion on the Dao, Chen Xi also learned about Lin Xun’s understanding of the Dao and the Dao practice he has now, and he was also filled with emotion.


   In the end, Chen Xi couldn’t help but look forward to what Lin Xun would get when he truly sensed the forbidden land.


   “Senior, I plan to return to the Terma Realm immediately and begin to sense the mysteries of the Forbidden Lands.”


   On this day, Lin Xun made a decision.


   Chen Xi was stunned for a moment, and then agreed with a smile. He took out a sword-shaped jade slip and handed it to Lin Xun, “This is some experience left by that swordsman back then, and the content is in harmony with what you and I have talked about these days. There is not much difference, but you can ponder it yourself, and maybe you can figure out some different mysteries.”


  Lin Xun took it with both hands and clasped his fists in thanks.


   At this moment, Chen Xi personally sent Lin Xun away. Seeing Lin Xun’s figure disappearing at the exit of Hongling Realm, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly and fell into thought.


  ”Grandfather, why did Lin Xun leave?”


   In the distance, Chen Linkong came in a hurry.


  Chen Xi glanced at him and said, “Didn’t you say that you must not leave the place of cultivation?”


  Chen Linkong snorted and said, “Seeing that Lin Xun is leaving, I also want to say hello to him.”


  ”Let’s go.”


  Chen Xi turned around and walked towards his residence.


   “Grandfather, you haven’t said why Lin Xun left.”


  Chen Linkong chased after him and asked, “Don’t he know that it is the safest to comprehend the breath of the forbidden places in this world of Hongling? At least once some variables are caused, it is also possible to use grandfather’s methods. Help him resolve it.”


  ”He may have other ideas.”


  Chen Xi said casually.


  ”Another idea?”


  Chen Linkong is not stupid. After thinking for a while, his brows slightly wrinkled, “Is he guarding us?”




  Chen Xi laughed, “It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to think about it. By the way, what do you think of Bodhi as a human being?”


  Chen Linkong thought for a while, and said, “No matter his mind or spirit, he is rare in the world, and even his attainments on the Great Dao are better than mine. If it wasn’t for the fact that when he was transforming the mortal world, he put the karma of Taoism into practice. The Dharma remains in the Dao Principles of Zhou Tian, ​​and its achievements are destined to go far beyond what it is today.”


   Thinking of this, he felt a burst of emotion in his heart.


   In those days, when Bodhi entered the Ordinary Transformation Realm, he would have had the opportunity to set his Dao Karma above that of Zhou Tian Dao.


  In this way, when you break through the nine-layered gate of the God Realm, what you get is not the fruit of chaos, but the source of chaos!


  In this case, with Bodhi’s mind and means, I am afraid that when they reach the realm of the mysterious gods, they will have the opportunity to step out from the level of immeasurable great perfection.


  But Bodhi didn’t do that!


   Until now, Chen Linkong didn’t understand that Bodhi kept the dharma of Taoism in Zhoutian Taoism in order to complete Lin Xun’s apprentice.


   A teacher for one day and a father for life.


  Bodhi once said that from when Lin Xun worshipped Fangcun Mountain when he was young, he never got any guidance or lessons from him.


  Perhaps because of this, he was indebted, and in the original world of mortal transformation, he left the law of Taoism in Zhou Tiandao, and gave Lin Xun an extraordinary experience. “Teaching”?


  Just, I don’t know if Lin Xun has thought of this, and whether he is aware of the hard work and price that Bodhi paid for this… What a great deal!


   Just when Chen Linkong’s thoughts were wandering, Chen Xi’s voice sounded again: “Then, what kind of person do you think Jin Chan is?”


  ”Golden Cicada?”


  Chen Linkong was stunned for a moment, and said, “This person is very good, since I met him until now, I have never seen him really use all his strength to do one thing, it seems that anything can be done easily in front of him. So much so that I often wonder how powerful his Taoism is.”


   said, he smiled, “Bodhi once said that the way of Jin Chan is higher than the sky. In my opinion, Jin Chan is unfathomable.”


   “A golden cicada that has walked in various eras, but can be praised by you and Bodhi like this. I think it is also an existence with great ability.”


  Chen Xi nodded and said, “It’s a pity, since he entered the realm of the gods, he has been dormant in the world of treasures, so far, I haven’t been able to see him.”


  Chen Linkong shook his head and said, “You can only blame Jin Chan. I have invited him to visit Hongling Realm several times, but he has always declined.”


  Chen Xi said: “Above the avenue, who doesn’t have some weird temper, let’s not mention him.”


   He turned his head and glanced at Chen Linkong, “What are you doing with me, and go to practice!”


  Chen Linkong snorted and said, “Grandfather, Lin Xun is going to comprehend the mysteries of those wonderful forbidden places. This game has reached the most critical time. Under such circumstances, how can I still have the heart to practice? “


  Chen Xi shook his head, without saying anything more, turned around and walked into his hut.


   And Chen Linkong laughed as if relieved.




   On Lin Xun’s way back to the Terma Realm, a voice from the beginning of the Tai Hun suddenly came out from the Tai Hun Realm: “Fellow Daoist, in your opinion, between me and Chen Xi, who is the stronger or the weaker in the perception of the forbidden areas? “


  ”Is your victories so important?”


  Lin Xunli laughed.


  ”No, I was just wondering what I would get from you.”


   Taichu said with a smile, “But now, I don’t want to know anymore. After all, you see Chen Xi as a friend, and you naturally think that Chen Xi is better than me.”


  ”If you know this, why bother asking?”


  Lin Xun raised his eyebrows.


  ”I can’t help but feel happy when I see the hunter, hahaha.”


   Between the heavens and the earth, the laughter was lively in the beginning, and it gradually became silent until a long time.


  Lin Xun shook his head, turned and walked into the Terma Realm.


  ”How’s the harvest from this trip?”


  Bodhi and Jin Chan were the first to greet him.


   “Benefits a lot.”


  Lin Xundao, “Master, I plan to retreat for a period of time from today, and then begin to feel the breath of the wonderful forbidden places.”


   “Okay.” Bodhi nodded.


   “Little friend, don’t be too hasty, just follow your heart.” Jin Chan warned in a warm voice.


  Lin Xun nodded.


   From this day on, Lin Xun began to meditate in the Terma Realm.


   He sat alone on the edge of a cliff, reviewing the little things he had cultivated since he was young, and meditated on sorting out the gains from the past.


   The battles, the trials and tribulations, the joys and sorrows, were all presented in Lin Xun’s heart, and he captured the mystery, deduced its cause and effect, and summarized its gains.


   This is sorting out the past, comprehending and precipitating one’s own path.


   one month later.


  Lin Xun reorganized again.


   But this time, he took the path of each realm as a guideline, and summarized and summarized them one by one for the state of mind, spirit, body, and will.


   Every time he summarizes, he has a different feeling and understanding of the search path he has experienced in the past.


   Time goes by day by day.


   On the edge of the cliff, Lin Xunku sat motionless, like a stubborn rock, his aura was completely silent, as if he had disappeared from the world.


   Until one day, he suddenly opened his eyes, and then, the silent figure had an indescribable mysterious charm.


   In this dark world, the chaotic atmosphere shrouded in it seems to be dyed with a bright and vibrant color.


   A mysterious force is surging in the entire Terma realm, gathering towards Lin Xun alone, cheering and jumping around him, all the mountains and rivers resonate, with Lin Xun’s breathing. Strange rhythm.


   On Lin Xun’s body, it was empty, there was no breath, no power was sensed, and there was not even a trace of power.


   At this moment, he is like a chaos, indescribable and indescribable.


   Bodhi and Jin Chan, who lived in this world, were also shocked by this “mysterious and mysterious” vision for the first time. They looked at each other and looked at Lin Xun on the cliff in the distance.


   “It’s so chaotic and empty…” Jin Chan murmured, with an indescribable look on his brows, and said with emotion, “Little friend Lin’s Taoism is completely invisible…”


  ”I am so fortunate to have this successor.”


  Bodhi’s heart is full of joy.


   “Master, Senior Jin Chan.”


  On the cliff, Lin Xun got up, looked from afar, and said with a smile. “Next, I will feel the breath of those wonderful forbidden places. During this period, I have something in my heart. Even if there is a game of life and death, there is no need to worry about me.”


  Bodhi smiled and nodded: “Good.”


  Golden cicada handed over.


   Afterwards, Lin Xun raised his eyes to look at the sky, his body was empty, but his **** was like a divine rainbow swaying upward, soaring into the sky, swept out of the Terrestrial Realm, and passed through the chaotic world of the Mysterious God Realm. Qi, has been swept to the endless depths…


   is too muddy.


   Deep underground, there was a violent crash of chains.


  The long-awaited laughter from the is finally coming, I would like to see how the forbidden places will change due to the arrival of this variable…”


  The black crow on the independent cold branch also swayed and muttered: “It’s finally time to decide the winner, I’ve been waiting for too long…”


   Not far away, Ape Ancestor, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, raised his head slightly and looked into the distance. His expression was indifferent, but there was a flame surging in the depths of his eyes.


   He took off the two swords he was carrying, and folded his hands together.




   One black and one white pair of Dao swords merged into one, turning into a chaotic Dao sword.


   “Chen Xi, you know what, I’ve been waiting for today for a long time…”


   Ape Ancestor murmured in his heart.


  Hong Lingjie.


  Chen Linkong suddenly raised his head and said, “Grandfather, it’s starting!”


In the hut, Chen Xi’s clear voice came out: “The time for a showdown is indeed here, but… it’s just the beginning, let’s take a look.”


   The calm voice also contained a trace of anticipation.


   At this moment, the founding patriarchs of the four four great ancestral courts of Yuanchu, Xuyin, Tianwu, and Shi, as well as the nine Heavenly Destiny Daoists of the Nine Departments of Taichu, also felt something in their hearts. They were shocked and conscious. By this time, the game has entered the time when the winner will be decided!


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