The Prodigies War Chapter 3227: Forbidden place


  Lin Xun’s consciousness is like a rainbow, crossing the endless void, constantly moving forward, through the space filled with unknown chaos…

   I don’t know how long.

  Suddenly, he “sees” a vast chaotic world, and a sinister aura also appears, full of taboo-like flavors.

  Lin Xun raised a strong premonition in his heart——

  You will die if you enter!

   But Lin Xun was not surprised but delighted.

   He knew that Chen Xi, Taichu, and that swordsman from a long time ago had also sensed this kind of forbidden aura that was so dangerous that people didn’t dare to take a step.

   And this is enough to prove that the chaotic world he “sees” now is the forbidden land!

   Without hesitation, without hesitation, Lin Xun’s consciousness was like a sharp lightning that broke through the fog and swept straight towards the forbidden land.

   When the divine consciousness penetrated into the forbidden land covered by chaos, Lin Xun suddenly had an indescribable feeling, as if he was looking for the path of the Dao and entered the mother’s nest of “Dao”.

   In the boundless chaos, there are traces of “Tao” everywhere, you don’t have to understand it, you don’t have to comprehend it, and you don’t have to search for it, you can feel it naturally.

   But at the same time, there is also an unknown sinister atmosphere lingering in this chaotic world, full of taboos and destruction!

  ”In that sinister aura, there is a source aura that belongs to the great silence and lifeless calamity…”

  Lin Xun instantly captured the dangerous aura that he was familiar with.

   As early as in the Thousand Tribulation Realm, Lin Xun realized the essence of “Jiao” from the source of chaos in this realm.

   The changes in the world, the changes in the world, and the changes in the world, all have the atmosphere of “robbery”.

  Because of the existence of “Kalpa”, everything in the world presents a kind of opposition and balance between life and death, destruction and new life.

   kalpa, there is no good or evil, but all life has kalpa. Those who resolve the number of calamities can obtain good fortune, die after calamities, and all talk about it.

   And the same is true of this great silence.

  It has the word “Fate”, which is a life calamity for the cultivators of the immeasurable realm. It was born in the change of eras. Like the five decaying dao calamities, it is a general Dao law that exists in the world.

   It’s just that in the past years, after realizing the origin of robbery at the beginning of time, in these mysterious gods, he has the power to borrow and interfere with the “Great Silence and No Life Tribulation”.

  , like the “Messenger of Destiny” and “The Bell of the Beginning” that appeared in the Great Silent Tribulation, are actually means from the beginning of time.

   And the great silence has no fate, which is related to the way of life, which means that any immeasurable existence that emerges in this “chaos era” will face this disaster.

   rather than deliberately targeting anyone.

  The robbers will live, otherwise they will die. This is one of the ways of life.

   While thinking, Lin Xun’s consciousness has been swept away along the breath of the great silence.

   Gradually, his consciousness sensed an increasingly strong atmosphere of ignorance and ignorance in the chaos, which made him feel palpitations.

   After that, the consciousness was like swept into a violent catastrophe world, full of obscure and terrifying catastrophe visions, electric snakes dancing wildly, thunder flashing, destructive turbulence sweeping through the void, and the scene was terrifying.

  While Lin Xun was depressed, he also felt a series of indescribable insights.

   Here, it is indeed the origin of the Great Silent Lifeless Tribulation, imprinted with the mysteries of this Tribulation!


  Lin Xun Divine Consciousness, “saw” the phantom of a bell.

  This phantom is completely condensed by the source power of the Great Silence and Lifeless Tribulation. It floats and sinks in this world. It is indescribably large, and it seems to fill every inch of space.

   When you look closely, it is only nine inches tall.

  ”The first clock!”

  Lin Xun’s heart was shocked, “No, this is just a phantom formed by the great silence and lifeless calamity. The real bell of the beginning is no longer here.”

   After thinking about it for a while, Lin Xun understood that he must have sensed this world in the beginning, and had insight into the power of the Great Quiet Lifeless Tribulation. Ye Ye has been tempered and infiltrated by the Great Silence and Lifeless Tribulation.

   In this way, there is a unique connection between the original power of the Taichu Bell and the Great Silence Lifeless Tribulation, so that the Taichu Bell can easily be used for the Great Silence Lifeless Tribulation by using the Taichu Bell. strength!

   “When you see it through, it’s nothing more than that.”

  Lin Xun’s consciousness left this world and continued to swept into the depths of the forbidden land.

   On the way, he felt a lot of mysterious and incredible auras. In those auras, there are powers that he is quite familiar with, such as creation, destiny, cause and effect, time and space…

   When he sensed the breath of the spirit world, Lin Xun was shocked and his consciousness went straight away. Sure enough, in the chaos, he felt the origin of the spirit world.

   “Sure enough, it’s exactly the same as what we saw in the gate of eternity. It was right at the beginning, and the world of spirits is located in the corner of these wonderful forbidden places… However, the consciousness can only sense it, but cannot intervene… …”

  Lin Xun recalled the scenes of his confrontation in the spirit world and the will law of the beginning, and couldn’t help but feel a little strange. At that time, was the consciousness of the beginning watching all this?

After half a sound, Lin Xun’s consciousness continued to sense it forward.

  It’s just that, as time went on, he began to struggle, and the forbidden area was so large that it seemed like it had no boundaries.

  ”With the power of my soul, I can persist for a while…”

  Lin Xun did not intend to stop this induction, and his consciousness continued to swept forward.

   On the way, he combined the experience of the three supreme figures, Taichu, Chen Xi, and the swordsman. When he sensed some mystery, he naturally understood the mystery.

  ”This…is the power of reincarnation!”

  Suddenly, Lin Xun’s consciousness captured a mysterious aura that was different from normal, and sensed it along with the aura.

   After a while, he seemed to “see” a complete cycle of reincarnation, in which there are alternate rotations of life and death, inconceivable scenes such as sinking, extradition, termination, rebirth, etc.

   “Sure enough, as Senior Chen Xi said, reincarnation is also a kind of way of life, and his river map secret treasure must have been born from the origin of this reincarnation…”

   A few days ago, Lin Xun had discussed with Chen Xi the mystery of the way of reincarnation. Chen Xi did not hide his secrets, and shared his understanding and insights about the way of reincarnation with Lin Xun one by one.

   This also made Lin Xun deeply aware of the secret of reincarnation.

   Therefore, when he felt the power of the source of reincarnation again at this time, Lin Xun also had a different experience in his heart.

   Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles.

   Asking and discussing with Chen Xi is a kind of harvest, and when you experience it in person, this kind of harvest turns into a kind of insight, which is precipitated in your own way of doing things.

   For a long time, Lin Xun’s consciousness flew forward again.

   He forgot about the passage of time, or in other words, in this wonderful forbidden place, there is no time change in the ordinary sense at all.

   And his divine sense, on the way to fly, felt more and more obscure and mysterious mysteries, which made him sometimes amazed, sometimes immersed, sometimes terrified, sometimes had a sense of epiphany…

   Later, Lin Xun finally dared to be sure that, just as Chen Xi, Taichu and the swordsman realized the mystery, these wonderful forbidden places are the origin of the many wonderful Taoist ruins, containing the mystery of the way of life. There is also a wonderful connection with the other Three Great Dao Markets.

  Suddenly, a feeling of exhaustion came to his heart, and Lin Xun suddenly felt that his spiritual power had been exhausted.

   And the front of these wonderful forbidden places still seems to be endless, without boundaries.

   can also be at this moment, on him, the eternal boat suddenly trembled slightly, and then it turned into a light and swept out of the Terrestrial Realm, swept through the chaos of the Mysterious God Realm, and spread along Lin Xun’s consciousness. in the direction of…

  ”Eternal Ship!”

  Jin Chan was the first to notice this scene, and his pupils froze.

   This is a variable no one thought of!

  Bodhi said: “Perhaps, Lin Xun has sensed some mysteries, and these mysteries are related to the origin of the eternal boat.”

   They all knew for a long time that the Eternal Ship was a mysterious treasure plundered from the forbidden places a long time ago. At the beginning, it was obtained by the beginning.

   But later, because of the Emperor Evernight, this eternal boat flowed to the outside world, and finally fell into the hands of Lin Xun.

  ”Eternal Ship…”

   Tai Hun Realm, deep underground, Tai Chu couldn’t help muttering, “This should be considered a variable that was expected long ago, but I just don’t know what effect this treasure will have on Lin Xun’s induction of this wonderful forbidden area. …”

   There was a strange emotion in his voice.

  Originally, this treasure should belong to him!

   “Sect Master, Lin Xuncai only realized seven days, but the mystery he realized from the forbidden places seems to be far beyond imagination…”

   Black Crow couldn’t help but said.

   “With the experience left by me, Chen Xi and Nake Swordsman, if he can’t even comprehend some then it’s abnormal.”

   Deep underground, Tai Chu said, “What’s more, he has the mystery of Nirvana, and he is an unpredictable variable. For me, the more mysteries he can perceive from the forbidden ground, the better. Wait. Well, with the appearance of the eternal boat, what Lin Xun senses next is the most anticipated!”

  Hong Lingjie.

  Chen Linkong couldn’t help but say: “Grandfather, have you ever deduced the origin of this eternal boat?”

   “This treasure, like the river map, comes from all the forbidden places. It should be a chaotic thing born from the source of these forbidden places. A long time ago, the swordsman and I scrutinized together and thought that the forbidden places There are more than just the two chaotic things, the river map and the eternal boat, and this eternal boat should be called the boat of life. After all, this thing was born in the forbidden land of life.”

   Chen Xi said softly, “A few days ago, Xiaoyou Lin also talked to me about this treasure. According to what he said, this treasure can open a door of eternity and lead directly to the spiritual world. Both of me believe that eternity The boat is a key, and it was born in the chaotic origin of the spiritual world, but now it seems that the origin of this treasure is obviously not just that simple…”

  Chen Linkong was startled, “So, the appearance of this treasure at this moment is a variable?”

  ”As it is.”

   Chen Xi said, “I just don’t know, the variables caused by this treasure will bring you Lin Xiaoyou a blessing or a curse…”


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