The Prodigies War Chapter 3224: Chen Xi and Lin Xun



“Enlighten the breath of the forbidden places?”


Lin Xun was surprised.


“Yes, these wonderful forbidden places are regarded as the forbidden area of ​​life. It is rumored that there is a higher avenue than the eternal way. Now, you have taken this step and have the mystery of Nirvana. For you, on the contrary, It is most likely a fortune.”


Bodhi said, “It’s not just me who thinks this way, even Chen Xi and Taichu also think this way. They all want to take a look at them, and you will be able to comprehend some mystery from it.”


“Oh, this is interesting in the beginning. After the previous action of the ape ancestor in front of the public hall was frustrated, there was no further action. It turned out to be other preparations.”


Lin Xun chuckled and said, “If I say that, if I’m comprehending the forbidden places, once I trigger some changes that are enough to make the heart of the early days, this game will come to the winner and loser. already?”


“As it is.”


Bodhi said warmly, “However, I suggest that you go to the Hongling Realm for a walk before comprehending the breath of the wonderful forbidden places.”


Lin Xun nodded.


He understood what Master meant. Chen Xi was the only existence in the Mysterious God Realm that could threaten the beginning of time. During these countless years, he must have sensed the aura in those wonderful forbidden places many times, and he must have also sensed the aura in the Forbidden Lands many times. There is a lot of understanding in the forbidden land.


It would be beneficial and harmless to ask him for advice.


“Little friend, please ask for advice. In my opinion, when you truly feel the breath of the wonderful forbidden places, it is better for you to return to this terma world.”


Jin Chan said suddenly.


Bodhi was a little surprised, and said, “Why did you say this, fellow Daoist?”


Jin Chan was silent for a moment, and then said: “Maybe I’m thinking too much. In my opinion, in the beginning, I was obsessed with the profound meaning of Nirvana, so it’s not necessarily that Chen Xi has no thoughts in his heart.”


After a pause, he continued: “Even if he doesn’t have any ideas right now, but when little friend Ruo Lin senses the forbidden area, he triggers some changes that are enough to make Chen Xi be tempted…”


The words are not finished, but the meaning of the words is very clear.


Bodhi frowned, stared at Jin Chan for a moment, and said, “It is reasonable for you to be concerned about this.”


Jin Chan said with a wry smile, “I’m worried that I will be criticized as being a villain to control a gentleman’s belly. To be honest, I still have great admiration and respect for fellow Daoist Chen Xi in my heart, as if he exists. , following the path of reincarnation and walking the path of infinity, far from being able to slander and be suspicious of me. But… the variables in this game are too great to allow us to be careless.”


Bodhi nodded and looked at Lin Xun, “What do you think?”


Lin Xun smiled and said, “Although I don’t know that senior Chen Xi, but I understand the person of senior Chen Linkong, in my opinion, they will definitely not have other thoughts.”


“Of course, what Senior Jin Chan said is also good. When the current situation is indeed a matter of life and death, one should be careful. After I consult with Senior Chen Xi, I will return to the Terma Realm.”


Jin Chan smiled: “I hope I just think too much.”


Lin Xun didn’t delay any longer, and turned to go to the outside world.


It wasn’t until Lin Xun’s figure disappeared that Bodhi looked at Jin Chan and said, “Fellow Daoist, in the past, you never suspected others for no reason. Did you discover something?”


Jin Chan was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, and said, “The so-called concern means chaos. Maybe it was because I cared too much about Lin Xiaoyou before that I made such abrupt words, don’t blame Taoist brother.”


Bodhi nodded, “Indeed, concern leads to chaos. My disciple’s every move is related to the change of the whole situation. To be honest, fellow Daoist, it also makes me feel a little uneasy in my heart.”


Speaking, he let out a long sigh, “I entered the Dao with my heart. I never thought that I couldn’t really calm down at this time.”


Jin Chan said warmly: “At this time, not only you and me, Taichu, Chen Xi and the others must also have concerns, and it is impossible to truly remain indifferent.”


After a long silence, Master Fang Cun said: “I have deduced before that the restlessness in my heart may be a harbinger of an ominous sign, but a sign is very deep and hard to detect. I think about it. If you want to go, when it is that Taichu’s hand, there is still an unpredictable hole card, and… it is coming at me.”


Jin Chan’s pupils narrowed slightly.


Immediately, Master Fang Cun shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s not mention these, if my life can be exchanged for the victory of this game, it is worth it.”


Jin Chan said softly, “Brother Daoist, Lin Xun is a variable. As long as he is there, the ambiguity you feel is absolutely impossible to resolve.”


Bodhi nodded and stopped talking about this topic.




Out of the Terma Realm, Lin Xun instantly felt that there was an obscure and mysterious aura, swept out from the distant Tai Hun Realm, and was “looking” at himself from a distance.


This is undoubtedly the breath of the beginning!


Lin Xun narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Why, do you have to do it now?”


“No, I just want to take this opportunity to tell fellow Daoists something related to those wonderful forbidden places.” Between the heavens and the earth, the voice of the beginning sounded.


Lin Xun raised his eyebrows, “Do you wish I could reveal more mysteries from the forbidden ground?”


“Those who know me are Xiaoyou Lin.”


Tai Chu laughed, “The bigger the variable you bring, the more variable it is for me? You don’t have to worry that I’ll have other thoughts on this matter when it’s not yet decided. .”


Speaking, a cyan rainbow swept across the void in the distance, and turned into a jade slip in front of Lin Xun.


“In this jade slip, there are all the experiences I have gained from comprehending all the wonderful forbidden places in the realm of the mysterious gods. You can take it for reference, or you can ignore it.”


After speaking, the voice dissipated in the sky and the earth, and even the aura that emerged from the Chaos World also disappeared.


Lin Xun couldn’t help but ponder.


A hundred feet away, the jade slip quietly suspended.


It seems that Lin Xun didn’t care whether he took it or not.


“If I don’t take it, it will appear that I am afraid. If I take it, I will owe you a small favor in the beginning… If I take it, I will not understand it, and it will appear that I am afraid. Wu, the more you owe the favor…”


Lin Xun muttered to himself.


At this moment, a hearty laughter sounded: “Hahaha, you don’t even want to owe my favor, so you just say these words for me to listen, right?”


The sound is clear and clear, like a morning bell and a twilight drum.


Lin Xun smiled and cupped his hands: “I know I can’t hide from the eyes of my predecessors.”


“Come on, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. As for this jade slip, I’ll also accept it for you. This way, you don’t have to be in a dilemma, and you can have a good idea.”


The clear laughter is still echoing, and the jade slip suspended in Lin Xun Baizhang has been put away by an invisible force.


This voice naturally came from Chen Xi.


Lin Xun saw this, cupped his hands again, and then swept toward the distant Hongling Realm.


Soon, his figure stepped into the chaotic vortex corridor leading to the Hongling World.




Too muddy world.


Deep underground, Tai Chu also laughed. He stretched out his hand and pulled the sword lock that was tied to his body. Hearing the sound of the chain crashing, he couldn’t help muttering: “Daoist friend, it’s a pity you No, otherwise, today’s situation is destined to be more interesting…”




Hong Lingjie.


When Lin Xun entered, Chen Linkong was already waiting there.


“You can count on Lin Xiaoyou, my grandfather has been waiting for you.”


Chen Linkong said with a smile, leading the way forward.


Lin Xun couldn’t help but look forward to it.


As early as when he created the Divine City, he had seen the demeanor of that senior Chen Xi when he was comprehending the mystery on the “Fortune Star Vault”.


His blue shirt is like jade, carrying an ancient sword, walking on the river of the era, and he has an unparalleled style!


Until not long ago, when he transformed into the mortal world, he was in the nothingness above the sky and saw three dharma signs, one of which was left by the senior Chen Xi.


Just the power that emerged from the Dharma signs made Lin Xun amazed.


Even, speaking, the inheritance of the Dao pattern on his body is inseparably related to Chen Xi. After all, Mr. Lu is the teacher of Shenyan Mountain, and this senior Chen Xi is the history of Shenyan Mountain. The most powerful heir!


And now, finally having the opportunity to meet such a supreme legend, how could Lin Xun not look forward to it?


“Since my grandfather defeated the Supreme Leader, his temperament has become indifferent and idle. Up to now, even I don’t know how powerful his Taoism is.”


On the way, Chen Linkong said with a smile, his expression full of pride and admiration.


“The Supreme Leader?”


Lin Xun was startled.


“Yes, this person founded the Taishang Sect, cultivated the way of forgetting love, and entered the Dao with ruthlessness. The most terrifying thing is that my grandfather also spent a lot of means to suppress this person with the way of reincarnation and make him forever. Falling into reincarnation, suffering from eternal suffering… uh, here we are.”


When Chen Linkong said this, he immediately shut up.


On a big mountain not far away, a pretty figure was standing in front of the thatched cottage, dressed in Tsing Yi, hands behind his back, like a green pines on the edge of a cliff, looking at this with a pair of eyes.


It is Chen Xi!


A supreme legend that has been famous for many ages!


“You go to practice. If you don’t have my permission, you can’t take another step out of the place of cultivation.” Chen Xi casually said a few words, causing Chen Linkong to freeze, and then he honestly turned around and left.


“My name is Chen Xi, I have met Lin Xiaoyou.”


In the distance, Chen Xi clasped his fists slightly, opened his mouth with a smile, his eyes were as clear as the sea, deep and peaceful, his words were calm, but they had a calming power.


Lin Xun cupped his hands and said, “I have seen senior.”


Chen Xi said with a smile: “There is no need to talk about seniority between you and me, but as friends of the Dao, please come and talk.”


Lin Xun nodded and stepped forward immediately.


In front of the cottage, there is a desk and two bamboo chairs.


When Lin Xun was seated, Chen Xi asked with a smile, “Drink or tea?”


“I’m very happy to be able to meet my seniors. I should drink alcohol.” Lin Xun said with a smile.


Hearing that Lin Xun still called him his senior, Chen Xi didn’t care. It was just the name, so why bother to care about it.


He also took his seat, flipped his palm, a pot of wine and two wine glasses had appeared on the This is the wine brewed by my wife Qing Xiuyi. I was willing to drink, this time it was also a little friend who arrived, so I gave it up, haha. “


Chen Xi said with a smile, he had opened the jug and filled it for Lin Xun and himself.


Suddenly, a refreshing aroma of cold wine permeated the air.


“Come, have a drink first.”


Chen Xi raised his glass.


Lin Xun also raised his glass with a smile.


When the wine glasses meet, it is like a meeting on the road.


Without words.




The fourth update is here.


Well, Chen Xi, the protagonist of Emperor Fu, and Lin Xun, the protagonist of Tianjiao, have finally met… I am very happy~


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