The Prodigies War Chapter 3223: Bodhi and the little monkey


Zhongxuan Forbidden Land is the most taboo and dangerous place in the Zhongmiao Dao Ruins.

From time immemorial to now, no one dared to break into it.

Including Chen Xi, Tai Chu and the swordsman, they also never entered.

Like the beginning of time, even after 100,000 years of trials and quests, it was only carried out in the realm of the Mysterious Gods, but his deity did not dare to take a step.

In other words, in these Mysterious God Realms, with their Taoism, they can clearly sense the existence of the Mysterious Forbidden Lands, but they can also feel the great murder.

You will die if you enter! !

Because of this, they have all been dormant in these mysterious gods for countless years, and they can only sense the breath in those wonderful forbidden places in the air, so as to deduce and ponder the mystery, and dare not really to go.

But now, with the arrival of Lin Xun, who has the profound meaning of Nirvana, everyone in the Mysterious God Realm realizes that the opportunity has come.

When he understood this, Lin Xun couldn’t help but be silent for a while, and then asked Bodhi about things related to “Nirvana Profound Truth”.

Since the mystery of Nirvana is so wonderful, why does it appear in the “dark world” of the ancient star road?

How can such avenues be related to entering the forbidden land?

This is the doubt in Lin Xun’s heart.

Bodhi thought about it for a while, and then said: “I entered the Dao with the state of mind, opened up the Dao system, and the methods I wrote are all related to the secret of the state of mind. But almost no one knows how I set foot on the Dao back then. “

Jin Chan next to him couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Daoist brother, when he first set out on the road of cultivation, did he have a teacher?”

Bodhi shook his head and said, “It can’t be said to be a teacher’s inheritance, but it should be regarded as a ‘Dao’.”

Speaking of this, his eyes flashed with reminiscence, “Before I set foot on the road, I was just a frustrated person who longed to cultivate the Dao but couldn’t get it. I visited many places of cultivation, but because of my stupid aptitude and poor roots. Because of this, people are often living outside the door…”

“Naturally, I was not reconciled. At that time, I went to many places, trying to find a sect that could accommodate me and teach me the magic method, but in the end, until I was nearly a hundred years old and the wind and candle were dying, I couldn’t get my wish… “

Lin Xun couldn’t help but startled.

He never thought that Master had experienced such ups and downs before embarking on the path of cultivation.

Seeing Bodhi continued: “Afterwards, I really couldn’t walk anymore, plus my old age and frailty, and running around for many years, my vitality was greatly damaged. “

“At that time, I had a premonition that death was coming, but I didn’t care at all. The only unwillingness was that in this life, I was rushing to seek the Tao, and I didn’t reach this threshold in the end.”

Speaking of this, Bodhi smiled slightly, “It was also at that time that I met that fate, a little monkey who had just opened up his wisdom, appeared with a book in his arms, asked me for advice humbly, and wanted to Know what is written in this book.”

“I looked at the book, and the book was badly damaged, with only a dozen pages left, and the content on it was messy. Fortunately, I recognized all those words, so I read them to the little monkey one by one.”

“It was very happy after listening to it, which surprised me. Because the handwriting has long been damaged, it can’t put together the complete content. But this little monkey danced and was so happy, I asked him Why are you so happy?”

“The little monkey said, it knows these words. It’s such a simple sentence, but it makes my heart unspeakable.”

“Then, I said that before he died, I could teach him to read and write, and the little monkey was very happy. From that day on, every time he came to me, he brought me mountain springs and fruits from the mountains, while I Teach it to read.”

“I didn’t expect that, in the past few years, not only did I not die, but all my injuries were healed.”

“One day, the little monkey pointed to a complete sentence on the damaged book and asked me what it meant. I looked at it, and it was ‘clear mind, see nature, know the mystery’. I said this sentence It means to the little monkey.”

“After listening, the little monkey pointed to the word ‘heart’ again and asked, how can I understand my heart? At that moment, I was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.”

“From that day on, I’ve been thinking about what my heart is.”

“Sitting for three years, on a thunderous rainy night, I finally understood.”

Speaking of this, Bodhi couldn’t help but feel a trance in his expression, “That was an epiphany, like a sudden enlightenment, my mind felt the latitude and longitude between heaven and earth, the Dao marks in the mountains and rivers, a grass. Vitality in a tree… At that time, it was like opening a door to a whole new world, and I finally understood what the so-called Great Way is.”

“Since then, I have embarked on a path of cultivation, and I have brought the little monkey with me. I have traveled through the vast rivers, and have seen all the ways in the world, discussing Zen with Buddhism, Confucian scriptures, and Taoism… …”

“Later, I took the little monkey and opened up a square inch Taoism in the land of return to the ruins.”

Speaking of this, Bodhi looked at Lin Xun and smiled, “That little monkey is your senior brother.”

Lin Xun felt a subtle and strange emotion in his heart.

It turned out that the relationship between Master and Senior Brother was such a bond.

Jin Chan couldn’t help but sigh: “I don’t ask others, but I realize the Dao in my heart. Brother Daoist’s experience in those days is beyond my generation.”

Bodhi laughed: “That’s wrong, I could have asked many sects and tried to set foot on the path, but I was repeatedly rejected. I thought I would regret it and die, but I never thought that I would find it inadvertently. Such a path, like this, has the path I seek.”

After a pause, he said: “In the beginning, after I opened up the Fangcun Dao Lineage, I went to the original place of Guixu to explore, watched the changes in the five orders of Guixu, and sensed it with the power of my state of mind. ‘ existence.”


Jin Chan’s eyes flashed a different color.

“No, it is the seed of the path to Nirvana.”

The main way of Fangcun, “Returning to the ruins can be regarded as the end point and the way back to the world. Every time the brokerage changes and changes, the way of the heavens all enter the ruins and become the power of the source. At that time, Dao was only a seed in the origin of returning to the ruins.”

“After many years of deduction, I can only infer that in this era, this way of Nirvana will definitely be born in the world. Therefore, I left the verse of the way of opening a single lotus.” /

Lin Xundao: “Why does the master leave a verse, but it says that the way of Nirvana is related to the ‘Immortal Supreme Road’?”

Bodhi laughed, “If I say that the way of Nirvana is too powerful, the noise will be too great. In that case, if all such beings in the beginning are attracted, how can you get it?”

Lin Xun was startled and couldn’t help laughing, obviously realizing that when Master left this verse, he deliberately left a hand.

The golden cicada on the side asked: “How about Brother Dao

Know that this way of Nirvana was born in this dark world of the ancient starry sky? A long time ago, I had traveled all over the place, and found nothing special. “

Bodhi said: “If you have entered the original place of Guixu, you will understand that the source of power in the dark world was born in Guixu. After I noticed this back then, I speculated on the way to Nirvana in the future. , will appear in the dark world, so I let my two disciples Zhong Qiu sit in it, so that when this way of Nirvana appears, it will not be taken away by others.”

Jin Chan was silent for a moment, and couldn’t help sighing, “In the final analysis, the root of everything must be found in the Guixu, and the Daoist brother opened up a square inch Taoist system in the Guixu, but he was unintentionally inserted, and he learned about the nirvana one step ahead. Some mysteries of the way.”

After a pause, Jin Chan said, “It’s just that Brother Daoist knows that Lin Xiaoyou can get this fortune?”

Bodhi laughed: “Fellow Daoist, you have been photographed, but I never thought that I would definitely let my disciple get this good fortune. Speaking of which, Lin Xun can worship my Fangcun Dao Lineage himself. The predestined dharma, not my arrangement in advance.”

Jin Chan thought about it for a while, and couldn’t help but sigh, “This is indeed a predestined law. It cannot be forced or arranged.”

At this time, Lin Xun asked: “Master, since no one knew the mystery of the way of nirvana at the beginning, why do the enemies in the mysterious gods also seem to believe that this way of nirvana is an unprecedented variable?”

Without waiting for Bodhi to answer, Jin Chan said with a smile: “It’s very simple, since Xiaoyou Lin embarked on the road of immortality, the changes in your body have long been watched by the ruler of the beginning.”

“Of course, this also has something to do with your talent for swallowing the sky. After all, you should already know that a long time ago, the boat of eternity flew out of these forbidden places, and this treasure, A long time ago, it was acquired by your great-grandfather Luo Tongtian. And you have inherited the talent of swallowing the sky in the Great Abyss, and you have the profound meaning of Nirvana, it is difficult not to be noticed.”

Lin Xun finally understood, he remembered the scenes of fighting against the law of will in the beginning of the eternal gate.

Combined with the news I know now, I have a complete understanding in my heart.

To trace its roots, it is still the ship of eternity!

It is like the core of a cause and effect, implicated in the different cause and effect lines of the beginning, the emperor of the eternal night, the summer solstice, and himself!

This is also why when he was in the spiritual world, the primordial master asked himself to hand over all the secrets of Nirvana, the summer solstice, and the eternal boat.

“Little friend Lin, now that you have reached the realm of the mysterious gods, you should already understand that the black hand behind the calamity of the era is Taichu, and the great silence and lifeless calamity that was born in the change of the era came from the forbidden places. .”

Jin Chan said softly, “According to our inference, whether it’s to find a way or to break this long-lasting grievance, in the beginning, he will use all means to deal with you, because he needs the nirvana in you. It is also necessary to retake the Eternal Ship.”

Lin Xun looked as usual, without many surprises, and said casually: “I have thought about this when I came here, and I am not afraid to fight him.”

Bodhi said warmly: “Don’t worry, although the game has already begun, it is not the time to really decide the winner. At least whether it is us or the beginning, we all want to see if you, who possess the way of Nirvana, can follow the mysteries of the crowd. How many mysteries can be learned in the forbidden area, and what kind of variables can it cause.”


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