Light Spirit Epic: The Book of Eternal Night: A Research Report on Anzi (Part 1)


The Book of Eternal Night: A Research Report on Anzi (Part 1)

I would like to make this report to warn future generations about the terrifying nature of Anko and how to prevent the crisis from happening. It is hoped that future generations will be able to have a commandment for such terrifying things as Anzi, and prevent all the possibility of Anzi breaking out.

For the balance of the universe.

Detron is a special kind of intrinsic photon (Trans-Photon) in the universe.

Ordinary intrinsic photons are photon aggregates formed by epic photon creatures (such as dragons) absorbing free photons (Exo-Photon) in the environment and slowly accumulating/fusion in the body. They are not dangerous and do not would disrupt the balance of the universe.

But Anko is a completely different being. They [I AM] have existed from the very beginning of the Big Bang and will continue to exist until the end of time.

The reason why dark sons are terrifying is that they can independently absorb free photons in the surrounding environment, and achieve the purpose of self-proliferation through active aggregation methods. If left alone, [darkness] will spread at high speed in the entire universe, until it devours the entire universe, and finally returns the universe to Vyupas Ama, annihilating all life.

A world without the flow of photons is equivalent to death and birth without life. The life of the world will tend to be static, and the universe will rapidly approach a state of [heat death] in the mutual engulfment of dark-son-infected creatures. Even mass and space-time are completely collapsed, and the universe will perish in every sense until it enters the next cycle.

(1) [Proliferation of dark sons]

There are two main ways of dark seed proliferation:

One, infecting a creature. The dark particles will slowly multiply and spread in the organism. Creatures will begin to exhibit unusual appetites and be aggressive. Most of the photons in the food eaten by organisms infected by dark sons will be converted into dark sons, and the creature is like a hotbed of dark sons. Creatures infected by Anko attack other creatures, and may also infect other creatures to expand the infection range of Anko. Therefore, biological infection is increasing geometrically, and if it is not controlled in time, the consequences will be disastrous.

Secondly, it is very inefficient to multiply by infected organisms swallowing food. A more efficient and terrifying means of multiplying is to let the negative consciousness of infected creatures erupt —– [Darkside] (the Outbreak of Darkside).

The dark son can absorb the negative spiritual energy of living beings. With these negative energy as nutrients, it absorbs the photons in the surrounding space at a high speed and expands, and it grows explosively in an instant.

The situation is similar to the process of using magic: when the magician uses magic, the quantum waves of the brain react with the photons in the environment, absorb the photons in the environment, and then convert the photons inhaled into the body into various physical phenomena.

The process of [Dark Outburst] is like a specialized magic, taking the negative consciousness (brain quantum waves) of hatred, malice, jealousy and other negative consciousnesses (brain quantum waves) as an opportunity to absorb the photons in the environment, and then let these photons become a Instantly aggregated into shadows.

Depends on the [Darkness] in the heart of the infected creature, the more distorted the dark mind, the more dark sons can be bred. If a person’s heart is dark to the extreme, [Dark Outburst] can even engulf the entire solar system in an instant. This is the most terrifying nature of Anzi.

(2) [Anko’s infection method]

There are three main ways to infect organisms:

First, inject the dark sub-solution directly into the organism. The blood of the creature will carry the dark sub-solution to flow through the body of the creature quickly, the infection success rate is very high, and the infection process is very fast.

Second, body fluid contact infection. A portion of the infected creature’s saliva/body fluids spreads over the wound, with a chance of infecting the victim. However, the photons in the victim’s body will surround the dark photons on the wound like white blood cells, and the process of annihilation occurs, which should be the photon’s resistance to defend itself. Therefore, the success rate of infecting victims by attacking this indirect means is not high, and the infection process is also very slow. If the victim knows how to remove the dark son from the body, he can also use the corresponding means to remove the dark son’s threat in time.

Third, respiratory infections. This pathway generally refers specifically to the environmental impact of a creature undergoing [Dark Outburst]. A large number of high-concentration dark particles are scattered in the air during the outbreak, and other organisms within a certain distance may inhale these high-concentration dark particles and be instantly infected. Although there is no real historical data as a basis, there has been an example in history in which an entire ancient civilization was infected due to the outbreak of the dark son, which shows the horror of the [outbreak].

(3) [The Infection Stage of Anko]

The dark son infects the creature, which is divided into three stages:

In the first stage, when the infection rate is lower than 50%, the creatures begin to produce abnormal appetite and gradually become violent. At this time, they rely on food to keep the shadows growing; (It is also possible to carry out [Shadow burst])

In the second stage, the infection rate is between 50% and 75%. At this time, the creature begins to gradually lose its [heart] and is enveloped by negative emotions such as malice and hatred. Anon takes this as energy and grows explosively;

Fortunately, the [heart] of creatures in this world is very fragile, and the second stage will not last for a long time, and the infected creature will completely lose [heart]. Once the [heart] is completely lost, the explosive growth of the dark son stops. For Anzi, these creatures are a broken embryo, and can no longer cultivate [Darkness] greatly, and the Anzi in their bodies can only continue to grow by eating.

The most terrifying stage is the third stage, and it is also the stage that very few creatures can reach: if a creature does not lose [heart] in the second stage, it will persevere with its own tenacious will, and even let the infection rate reach One hundred percent, all the negative mental energy of this creature will continue to be the source of [Dark Burst].

It will truly become a hotbed of darkons, inhaling photons without limit, creating darkons without limit, until it engulfs the entire universe.

Of course, the speed at which a [Phase 3] creature creates shadows still depends on how many negative emotions it can generate. If that creature had already hated the world, the world would probably end in an instant.

(4) [Anko’s removal method]

There are two main methods to remove dark particles in living organisms: [high frequency particle vibration] and [high heat].

Since darkon is a kind of unstable intrinsic it can be easily decomposed under high vibration and high heat, turning back into ordinary free photon. Possessing sophisticated medical equipment, it should be possible to perform a dark-scavenging job on a creature’s body without causing undue damage to the infected creature.

However, if a creature has entered the second stage of being infected by the dark son, because his [heart] has long been lost, even if the dark son can be removed from his body, he is equivalent to death.

Furthermore, if a creature has been infected by the dark son for a long time, his body will be dependent on the dark son, and his body has already changed from [life] to [death], even if the dark son of his body can be removed, He can no longer rely on the favor of photons to survive, and he will quickly weaken and die.

Therefore, most of the creatures infected with Anko are dead and can no longer be brought back to life. Clearing these creatures of the shadows can only guarantee a peaceful death. Please don’t push too **** them to be able to [come alive again].

[~About 700,000 words~]

……The above is my research report on Anzi, for reference only. However, no matter anyone, any society, or any civilization, it is the responsibility to put an end to the existence and reproduction of the dark sons. Anzi is an opportunity to destroy the world. Once discovered, it should be eliminated immediately, and must not be allowed to become the scourge of this world.


———————Merlin. D. Buckingham, Winter 518

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