Light Spirit Epic: The Book of Spiritual Bodies: Research on the 5 Great Spiritual Bodies


The Book of Spiritual Bodies: A Study of the Five Great Spiritual Bodies

The five spiritual bodies generally refer to those that exist in the world:

Photanima, Detanima, Sanintanima, Spitanima, and Phantanima.


Light: (Photanima)

Full name Photonic Anima.

A living body completely composed of photons, free from dependence on the physical world. With a complete personality and thinking, it can be said to be a complete form of spiritual body.

Its thinking and memory abilities are derived from the constant fusion of inherent photons.

There are countless forms of intrinsic photons, and the process of combinatorial fusion is infinitely close to the speed of light. Therefore, this spirit body is like a super computer, with amazing logical operation ability and almost infinite memory.

The creation of the Light appears to be the result of the interference of some great will of the universe.

“Great Will” stimulates an intelligent creature in a specific form, so that the photons in the creature change from disorder to order, evolve various functions, and finally evolve to break away from the shackles of the physical world, relying only on photons A special photon life form that can survive in the world.

The purpose of “Great Will” seems to be to create a “singularity” that can reverse the fate of the world, relying on the ability of the light to reverse the fate of the world’s destruction.

Broadly speaking, all spiritual bodies composed of photons can be collectively referred to as [light spirits]. But here, the most complete and pure photon life body that can exist independently and has autonomous consciousness is defined as [Light Spirit].


Dark Spirit: (Detanima)

Full name Detronic Anima.

It is very similar to the light spirit, but it is composed of all dark sons.

Darkon is also a kind of intrinsic photon, but its combination is fixed.

Since dark particles cannot be fused, they cannot participate in thinking operations, let alone form memory. This means that it is impossible for the dark spirit to have the ability to think and remember for itself, and it exists purely for one purpose: to destroy (devour).

The dark soul itself has the danger of destroying the world, and the dark spirit composed entirely of dark sons expands this danger to the extreme. It can be said that the dark spirit is a kind of incomparable evil, only to destroy (devour) the world. spirits that exist.


Holy Spirit: (Saintanima)

Full name “Eternal Saintanima”.

It is an artificial spiritual body created by the round table system.

The round table system extracts photons from the light veins of the planet, and then wraps the human nature (spirituality) of the knights of the round table in an enchantment as the core of the Holy Spirit, and finally creates the incomplete spiritual body of the Holy Spirit.

The production of the Holy Spirit requires strong human willpower and a “desire” that will never give up. This thought will provide the Holy Spirit with a powerful core, and the stronger the desire, the more powerful the resulting Holy Spirit.

However, human nature is changeable. The core of the Holy Spirit will eventually lose all of its humanity and become a beast-like creature that exists only following survival instincts.

Holy Spirits who have lost their humanity are very dangerous. They will actively attack those who threaten them. Moreover, the Holy Spirit is an immortal existence and cannot be killed by ordinary means. The creators of the round table system were well aware of the potential danger of the Holy Spirit, and from the very beginning, the Holy Spirit was forever imprisoned in the Avalon Pure Land.

The Holy Spirit is very close to the realm of God. They can use their own minds to erode reality like the world, distort the original laws of the world, and replace them with their own laws.

For example, the Holy Spirit can ignore the original law of inertia of objects and make massive objects stop instantly from a state of high-speed motion.

Those who become Knights of the Round Table can call upon the Holy Spirit through a contract with the Round Table system. But this calling does not call the Holy Spirit out of Avalon.

—— Just the opposite.

The summoner summons a part of Avalon’s Pure Land, temporarily connecting the Pure Land and the earth through the warp. In this subspace where the pure land and the world interfere with each other, the Holy Spirit of the Knights of the Round Table can move freely and attack the target following the orders of the knights.

Due to the burden on the round table system, the system defaults that a round table knight can only use the Holy Spirit summon once a day, and there can only be a maximum of 24 knights (and one “king”) and the round table in the same era. The system signs a contract.

When a knight makes a formal pact with the Knights of the Round Table:

(1): He will strip a very small part of spirituality (human nature) from the body.

(2): With this spirituality as the core, the round table system gathers the photons on the planet, and finally creates the Holy Spirit.

(3): Most of the spirituality of the Knights of the Round Table will be stored in a special container——[Diamond of the Holy Spirit]——, which will be carried by the knights; the spirituality that becomes the core will remain in the In Wallonia (due to security protocols, all Holy Spirits are not allowed to leave Avalon)

(4): When the knight needs to summon the Holy Spirit, use the [Spiritual Diamond] as an anchor to create a subspace where the pure land and the earth temporarily overlap,

(5): The summoned spirit will merge with the [Spirit of the Holy Spirit] to form a complete Holy Spirit, and fight according to the orders of the Knights of the Round Table.

(6): The summoning time is related to the strength of the Holy Spirit and the range of the overlapping space. The stronger the Holy Spirit, the larger the range it can move, and the shorter the summoning time.

In addition, summoning the Holy Spirit is not a kind of magic, there is no petrification punishment, and humans can use it with peace of mind.

In addition to the artificial Holy Spirit created by the round table system, it is said that the Holy Spirit also exists in nature. This may also be the result of the interference of the great will of the universe (or a planet).

The Holy Spirit in nature is very rare and impossible to be tamed by humans. They are almost never recorded, and when they exist, they are generally worshipped as some kind of **** by the local aboriginal people.

From this, it can be seen that the ancient people’s conception of gods and holy spirits was very vague. It is not impossible for spirits in nature to be worshipped as gods and to develop various religious systems in the future.

Those gods who have the appearance of various strange creatures are very likely to be the Holy Spirit.

At present, there is still a very fierce debate in the academic circles about the gods that the wild Holy Spirit may map to.


Evil Spirit: (Spitanima)

Full name Everlasting Spitanima.

Like the Holy Spirit, an artificial spirit created by the Round Table System.

It should be said that it was an early failure.

The Holy Spirit takes the human [good desire] as the core of the mind; the evil spirit is more simple and takes the human [desire] as the core.

However, human desires (magic nature) never end, just like human greed.

The evil spirits created by [desire] are also crazy and greedy, completely uncontrollable existences.

Even the Knights of the Round Table who created the evil spirits could not order their own evil spirits to fight. The evil spirits they summoned only acted on their own desires and only knew how to destroy, kill, loot, and occupy.

Although uncontrollable, evil spirits are inherently much more powerful than the Holy Spirit, because [desire] is an extremely powerful thought energy.

The knights abandoned their own desires and created them after the evil spirits. The Holy Spirits with [desire] as the core were weakened a lot because the [desire] itself was not strong.

For many generations since then, Pantoracken has strictly selected the knights of the Round Table: only the knights with the purest mind and the most determined will qualify to become knights of the Round Table.

These people are the only ones who can really nurture a powerful Holy Spirit.

And Pantoracken’s criterion for selecting knights is the [Knight Rules].

Unfortunately, most of the knights in later generations just obeyed the rules of knighthood in form, pretending to be noble and kind on the surface. They know neither what the rules really mean nor the existence of the round table system.

The knight rules of Pantoracken have been declining in the [Lost Millennium], and there are very few knights who are truly pure and kind.



Full name Phantomic Anima.

A spirit body that is very similar to the dehumanized Holy Spirit or evil spirit, but is fundamentally different.

Although the phantom is composed of photons, it does not have a [core] as a thinking body, and only a pure emotion is scattered in each photon of the spirit body, forming a unity with pure consciousness.

In other words Phantom is the incarnation of [Group Unconscious], and it is also the closest to the truth of the universe, the real “God”—[Astrominicense]— The presence.

Since Phantom is an unconscious product, its essence is infinitely close to [Chaos]. Its power is also almost endless, and it is better at distorting the laws of the world than the Holy Spirit.

But eidolons are almost impossible to exist in the world.

Its existence is very loose, like a fog that will dissipate at any time. It only maintains the body of the phantom with a simple [miss]. With the passage of time, this kind of thinking will quickly dissipate. .

The phantom can neither be preserved in the pure land nor remain in the world for a long time. It can only find an intelligent creature as its host and rely on some emotion of the host to maintain its existence. When the host’s emotion (such as anger) erupts to the extreme, the phantom can emerge from the host’s body and burst into a powerful destructive force.

Since the phantom itself is the incarnation of chaos, it is infinitely close to the existence of the truth of the universe. It is uncontrollable and its destructive power is also a natural disaster.

The lethal power of the phantom can be described simply as “God’s wrath”: once it is manifested, it will definitely destroy life, destroy the sky and destroy the earth, and do everything possible to destroy it.

For this reason, ghosts are often referred to as “Gods of Destruction”, deeply feared by the world, and mentioned in various ancient civilizations (and all of them are bad comments).

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