Light Spirit Epic: Part 5: Artifact (3) Other Equipment


—————–[PART 5: Vehicles and Artifacts (3)]—————– –


5/04: Equipment—Other:

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5/04/01: Artifact: The Lord of the Time Rings – Androvararot the Gatekeeper

In Norse mythology, the ring used to open the Nibelungen treasure will bring great wealth to the bearer; but the ring itself carries a curse, which will cause its owner to die tragically under the drive of profit.

(Version in this game:) A ring capable of creating a warp (pseudo), not related to treasure.

The sapphire inlaid on the golden frame of the ring is actually a magic stone, which can directly draw magic lines on the plane of the object. These coils are connected to form the entrance to the subspace.

. The circled entrance may not be opened immediately, but can be opened at any time according to the user’s will, regardless of the distance.

. Several entrances can be set up at the same time, and the cumulative total area is not more than 300 square feet.

. Up to three entries can be set up, and the next setting will close the previous entry.

. The entrance can also be closed at the user’s will, regardless of distance.

. Once the portal is closed it is gone forever and must be reset.

. When creating large portals, the user can also paint the portal with the light emitted by the gem. The range is up to thirty yards and the entrance area is up to three hundred square feet.

. Creating a large portal closes all other portals and incurs a very long cooldown. Depending on the size of the entrance, it can vary from a few hours to a few days, during which time the ring is unusable.

. The ring will choose the owner. Once selected, the ring cannot be removed from the owner’s hand unless the owner dies completely. Even if the ring is taken by cutting off the owner’s finger, the ring cannot be used.

. The ring is said to consume the user’s life to function. How it works is still a mystery.

The artifact is said to be capable of creating a warp the size of an entire world, or at least the size of the Earth.

Strictly speaking, [Andrew Lalot] does not “create” a subspace, but only uses it as a prop to connect a subspace. That is to say, this [mirror world] actually exists in the universe, which is a [mirror] or [parallel space-time] of the real world. The Lord of Time and Space is just connecting the two worlds with an entrance and exit.

. [Mirror World] is very similar to the real world, with air and all still life, including the earth.

. But the mirror world is a static world, in which there are no living things, not even sunlight, and you need to bring your own lighting props when entering.

. The object in the mirror world is permanently stationary in its original position, such as raindrops falling in the air, will always stay in its original position.

. Objects in the mirror world can be moved/destructed by humans. For example, you can make a big hole in the ground to hide. Therefore, the local environment of the mirror world changed by law has no effect on reality.

. Objects and/or creatures brought from the real world can move in the mirror world.

. [Mirror World] is updated every five minutes, re-projecting the structure of the real world.

. Objects brought from reality, or objects that have been artificially moved/destroyed in the mirror world, will not be updated.

How the mirrorworld works is still a mystery.

In addition to the [Mirror World], the Lord of Time and Space can actually connect to another world, the [Void World]. It’s a very dangerous warp because nothing exists in it, it’s a pure void.

. Open the entrance to the subspace, and a protective barrier at the entrance will prevent the air and other substances of the real world from flowing into the void world.

. Once any other object touches this subspace entrance, it will be gradually pulled into it by the [Void]. If it cannot escape by itself, it will fall into the void world forever, and it is impossible to return to reality.

. Therefore, the [Void World] entrance can be used as a kind of death trap. Because it is too dangerous, the ring itself has functional limitations, the [Void] entrance can only have a maximum area of ​​five square feet, and only one entrance can be set up, and it will automatically close within ten seconds.

Each time [Void World] is opened, the ring will have a ten-minute cooldown.

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5/04/02: Artifact: Hamelion the Charmer

An artifact for hypnotists or bunnymen. The Magic Flute itself does not have a hypnotic effect, but it can synthesize the brain waves of creatures within its sphere of influence, causing them to have a telepathic effect.

This telepathy can be used by a hypnotist or beastmaster (rabbit) to expand and/or increase control over surrounding organisms.

As a result, there are two additional effects similar to “enhancing the effect of hypnosis” and “increasing the influence of hypnosis”.

When used on allies, it can also bring the spirits of allies within the range into a state of synchrony, thereby increasing the allies’ resistance to enemy hypnotism.

The more allies within range, the stronger this resistance will be. The popular understanding is that “a group of people guard each other with a firm will”.

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5/04/03: Artifact: Resumfield the Reminder

A special artifact for mental interference.

By allowing a awake individual (individual A) to perform mental synchronization with another sleeping individual (individual B), the effect of allowing individual A to invade the dream of individual B can be achieved.

Therefore, this is a very dangerous artifact. Once individual A invades individual B’s dream, he may change or destroy individual B’s dream in order to modify or damage individual B’s spirit.

Hypnotic suggestion to a person in a dream can control the person after waking up;

Destroying a person’s spirit in a dream can cause a psychological blow to the person, making the person feel depressed, and in severe cases will die of neurasthenia.

Due to its potential danger, [Recalling the Magic Mirror-Reltherfield] was sealed by the Pantoracken King’s Treasure Room, and its existence is only known to very few people.

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5/04/04: Artifact: Sun Egg – Dangram

An artifact used to enhance the power of a colonized individual.

The entire artifact is in the shape of a golden egg, and the user must swallow the artifact, allowing it to disintegrate into a nano-scale miniature golem within the user’s body.

These golems regroup within the user’s spine, reorganize, alter the internal structure of the user’s body, and eventually allow the user to grow a pair of permanent, regenerative wings.

But [Sun Egg]’s abilities don’t stop there. The ability of wings is not to fly, but to collect sunlight.

They are able to collect solar energy during the day, convert it into a fluid energy (a pure energy substance similar to plasma, not photons) in the user’s body, and emit it at the user’s will.

In the dark, if the sky is clear enough to see the moon, a corresponding receiver on the moon will collect the sunlight shining on the moon and send this energy bundle to the user. Therefore, the user can replenish the solar energy even at night (the efficiency of absorbing solar energy is the highest at night).

The user who has fluid energy is equivalent to possessing amazing power: fluid energy can easily melt steel, produce powerful explosions, and can also freely shape in every possible way. outside the body.

Although the wings cannot fly, the user can ignite the fluid energy and release it from the quills of the wings to make a more advanced “jet flight” than the ordinary flapping flight. Its speed and explosive power are amazing, far exceeding the propulsion provided by all current mainstream photon engines.

The reality of fluid energy is actually a nano-scale golem, “Moonlight Disc”.

These tiny golems are driven by photons, and use the energy fields between them to form a cloud of particles, which flow with the cloud, and finally achieve a shaping effect. This is very similar to the process of wrapping a cloud of photons with a barrier.

These nano-scale miniature golems are theoretically omnipotent and can accomplish any task given by the user.

The nano-scale miniature golems of [Sun Egg] will absorb the user’s vitality and continue to multiply, and maintain a certain number.

For example, even if the wings are severed, the user will not be injured or feel pain. But [Sun Egg] consumes more miniature golems in order to regenerate Broken Wings, while taking more life force from the user. If the wing has been broken without reasonable nutritional supplements, the user may be weakened to death.

There was a classical account that the ancients used [Egg of the Sun] to make a large number of winged legions. Who this group of legions fought against, and how they mysteriously disappeared from the stage of history in the end, remains a mystery to this day.

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