Light Spirit Epic Chapter 953: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 953: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (twenty-six)

That’s right. At this moment, Albert is humming a little tune. He wipes his sword with aplomb. It’s ridiculously easy.

Seeing this scene. Chanel, the elf girl who was in the same team with the tiger, couldn’t bear it anymore: “It’s a shame that you still look at it like this.”

Chanel gets more impatient as pairs of candidates enter the Kilimanjaro underground palace. She is pacing troubledly between Albert and Elaine at the moment:

“We are almost four hours behind the first team. Even if we run after we leave, we can’t make up the gap. Why don’t you be nervous. At least be ready to sprint at any time.”

“Relax. Everything is under my control.” Tiger smiled triumphantly. As if he had a plan.

“Hmph. I really don’t understand why I was assigned to your group.” The elf girl was almost insane.” I don’t think you’re a stupid tiger trying to win the exam at all. Right.”

“Not at all.” Tiger ignored Chanel’s abuse. “It’s not our turn. It’s useless for you to be in a hurry. But it’s annoying to be in a hurry there. I’ll tell you. I have The way to go straight to the exam destination – I know where [that thing] they are talking about.”

“You…know.” The elf girl said suspiciously.

“Oh. I know.” Albert smiled mysteriously. He continued to wipe his sword with a clean cloth: “Or, [Xiao Bai] knows. Although the Demon Sealing Bracelet can seal Xiao Bai’s Power. But it can’t stop Xiaobai from communicating with me. This time, Xiaobai took the initiative to tell me the location of [that thing]. So there is absolutely nothing wrong.”

Speaking of which. Chanel was even more puzzled. Of course she would not know that Albert had the Holy Spirit in him. She thought the tiger was just lying.

“I don’t believe it.” The elf girl looked at the tiger contemptuously: “What nonsense are you talking about. Idiot.”

As Chanel’s hatred of Albert continues to increase, the elf girl becomes more and more rude when she talks to the tiger. If you hurt someone, it’s straight to the point and rushing to the tiger youth.

But this was also within Tiger’s expectation. He was not particularly angry. Instead, he called out: “Elaine. You can come and block meow.”

“Oh. Oh. Okay.” The white bear man came over. He sat in front of the tiger like this. He used his tall (fat) and big (fat) body to block the sight of the candidates on the opposite side.

Although. It’s almost pointless to do so. Those anxious candidates don’t have time to pay attention to what’s going on on the Tigers’ side – Albert’s team is a veritable crane tail team. All three qualifying It is a matter of course to be despised or even ignored by other candidates within the last tens of digits.

This is exactly what Albert wanted. It’s much easier for him to act if he doesn’t get noticed.

When it was confirmed that no one was peeking, the tiger secretly took out his cat’s tail. He raised the end of the tail and showed it in front of Elaine and Chanel: “Just let you see. My partner. [Xiao Bai] “

Chanel thought the tiger was just talking nonsense. Too lazy to pay attention to him. But Albert had already raised his tail to be seen. It would be difficult to satisfy the elf girl’s own curiosity if she didn’t look. She glanced reluctantly. took a look.

Something is coming out of the end of the tiger’s tail.

Spiritual body. Translucent spiritual body.

It is very small. But the thing quickly takes on a recognizable form. The shape of a kitten.

“Meow~” It made a very small cry. It was very low-key.

“Okay… so cute.” Elaine whispered blushing.

“What is this. Is it a pet?” Chanel couldn’t help laughing. But the elf girl actually had the same words as the white bear in her heart. “So cute.”

Tiger immediately defended himself: “I’m wearing a magic bracelet. I’m not good at wielding power. And I don’t want to be too conspicuous. I let Xiaobai show people in this form. But what you see is my Holy Spirit. .The White Tiger of the Holy Spirit—Little White.”

“Yes…As expected, people live up to their names. Objects are like their owners.” The elf girl didn’t forget the tiger: “I guess you are just as weak. Haha——”

“We are weak or not. You don’t need to worry about it.” Albert endured Chanel’s ridicule again: “But you have to believe. Xiaobai will tell us the right way. It has a special effect on all kinds of antiquities. The more ancient something is, the more clearly it can be felt. Somewhere three thousand feet below our feet. There is a very, very, very ancient artifact. And Xiaobai can already feel it here. At this moment It’s stirring inside me.”

“Three thousand feet.” Seeing that the tiger said it seriously. The elf girl believed it a little: “It’s a long way.”

” Coupled with the intricate structure of the maze. It can only go further. So yeah. In fact, the gap of four hours is not a big deal at all. If you know how to walk, you can reach it in about a day; if you don’t know If we go, we will turn around in the labyrinth for two or three days. We can’t find the north. We may be the last team to leave. But we will definitely be the first team to arrive at [that thing]. You can rest assured.”

“I hope so.” Chanel still doesn’t fully believe in tigers.” What is the truth? Let’s wait until we really look for [that thing]. Then again. What exactly is [that thing]. The examiners have everything Don’t tell us. Expect us to find the right treasure.”

Albert was decisive. He answered confidently: “Certainly. Even if it is sealed deep in the ground. That thing still exudes enormous power. I think. As long as we see it with our own eyes, we will know that it is [That thing]. Absolutely can’t go wrong.”

At this time. Knight of the Round Table Cador shouted: “The 35th place in the average points ranking: the 37th group – Saifel, Seglade. You can come out.”

The two leopard youths and their white youth teammates couldn’t wait to rush out at this time. Their figures disappeared in the white ice mist at the entrance of the underground palace in an instant.

“Why are they in the front row. The two of them are obviously the tail of the crane.” Albert said dissatisfiedly.

A voice explained: “Because their team consisted of three people. And the remaining one was called Mordred candidate. His grades ranked third among all the candidates. In disguise, he raised the two kittens’ scores. grade.”

“Oh. It’s meow.” Tiger was stunned for a moment. A strange voice came into their conversation: “Huh. Who was talking just now.”

“It’s me.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. They thought it was a good candidate who came to join in the fun. They never thought that the owner of the voice turned out to be an even more great person. .

This old man is supposed to be in his 90s. But for some reason. The valiant knight of the sky and the knight of the round table still looks like a sturdy middle-aged man – at least in Alber In Te’s memory, Hall was exactly the same as he was seven years ago. It hasn’t changed at all.

“Why meow is you again…” Albert pouted his cat’s mouth. He looked at Hall coldly. He looked very bored.

“Yo. Guys. So indifferent. Don’t you even bother to say hello?” Grand Duke Hall’s eyes never left the tiger man youth.

“Meet the Grand Duke.” The elf girl bowed and saluted.

“Hello grandpa.” Elaine also hurriedly bowed and saluted.

(Note: Because Constantine always refers to Hall as “Grandpa”. Elaine occasionally learns to call it that. Although it is only used in informal situations.)

“I don’t need to say more polite words. I’m not the chief examiner of this exam. I’m just here to check on the situation.” Hall waved his hand: “Speaking of which. Your topic just now seems to be very interesting. Would you like me to listen too?”

“Topic. What a topic.” Albert deliberately pretended to be stupid.

Hall continued with the tiger’s words: “Oh. You know. You just said that [who] can sense [that thing] underground.”

“Are you asking about Xiaobai?” Chanel said casually. “Isn’t Xiaobai his – woo.”

She hasn’t finished yet. Immediately, Albert’s cat paw covers her mouth.

“Hahahahaha. No meow. Really no meow.” Tiger pretended to laugh apologetically: “We were just talking for fun. From this position, it sensed an object thousands of kilometers deep underground. That kind of How can things come true.”

“Hmph. It’s hard to say -” Hall looked at the tiger with a very subtle look: “[creatures] in this world may not have this ability. But God knows – maybe there is something beyond [ biological] the concept of things. It can do things that can and cannot.”

The tiger is silent.

“Be careful.” Hall smiled mysteriously. He patted the tiger on the shoulder.” Dealing with the kind that transcends biological boundaries. Take extra care. You never know when it’s going to bite you back. You are completely devoured. You have a very dangerous toy in your hand. Don’t get hurt by it.”

(He knew.)

Albert and their conversation. Perhaps the Duke of Hall has completely overheard it. Or perhaps. Hall, who observes everything, already knows about the Holy Spirit in the tiger. Anyway. Albert I just hope that the other party is not looking for trouble.

“What you said. Bedi has said it before.” The tiger man shrugged disdainfully: “And my answer is: This matter has nothing to do with you. I did not violate the rules of the round table trial, right? .That’s all right.”

“Yes. You didn’t violate the rules. The power is in your hands. As long as the conditions allow. You can do whatever you want.” Good luck on your exams.”

Hall nodded slightly to the three of them. He turned and left.

“What the **** is he here for?” Elaine couldn’t help feeling depressed.

“Just a nosy old man. Leave him alone. Ouch. What are you doing meow” The tiger grinned suddenly. His cat’s paw was bitten hatefully. The pain was overwhelming:” Ouch. It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts”

“Are you finally willing to let go of your dirty hands?” Chanel’s mouth was covered by Albert for a long time. She was burning with anger. Wen D Vixas’s point of view If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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