Light Spirit Epic Chapter 952: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 952: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (twenty-five)

“Hey hey hey. Easy. Too easy.” Calvin smiled and walked over to pick up the props on the ground.

“Easy shit.” Husky put away his sword. Once he was out of danger, he thought of swearing: “What the **** are you doing. Just now, you can avoid the battle. We almost got killed by you. Did you know that you’re dead?”

“Oh. Please. It’s just a game. It’s no big deal to die.” Calvin disagrees.” And. Let the three chaptermen go. It will only cause us more trouble in the future. Might as well Just kill it. We can earn experience points and items – give it.”

He threw the two long swords he found to Husky. He had only one short sword in his hand.

Husky immediately changed into two swords. Once the weapons were abundant, he felt a little more at ease. He turned to look at the small iron rod in Calvin’s hand – it fell from the iron fence of the cell next to him. Rubbish so rusted that you can’t bear to look at it. Calvin just used this thing. Did he do some kind of magic.

The dog boy temporarily put away his anger. He asked curiously: “How did you do it. You don’t have a staff in your hand. You obviously can’t use magic.”

“Oh. Don’t be stupid.” Ralvin said proudly, brandishing his dagger. “Anything with an iron core can be used as a wand. A wand is a kind of thing. It was originally designed to help the caster concentrate. Spirit. And better transfer the flow of magic power. Even if it is not a dedicated staff, it can be used. The effect will be reduced.”

“Yes. Is it Wang.” Husky doesn’t know anything about magic. He can’t comment much. But Calvin was able to use an iron rod to perform freezing magic just now. I know very well.

If Calvin didn’t play this game as a “human” incarnation. This guy can definitely cast spells with his bare hands*. The spells that can be cast are estimated to be even more powerful.

(*Note: Most mermaids cast ice spells with their bare hands. Very few mermaids can use a staff. Because it is inconvenient to carry that kind of thing.)

They packed up the battlefield. Just as they were about to move on. The sound of fighting came from the corridor in the distance. Boom, boom. The sound of swords stopped after a few moments. has ended.

“Hal must be there.” Husky was overjoyed. But he was also worried: “I hope he is the one who will win. Let’s hurry up and see.”

“You’d better keep a low profile.” Calvin said with a sneer: “If the Zhang people win the battle. That means the little black cat is dead. There are still several guards to deal with.”

“That’s when we avenged Howl.” Husky ignored the murloc prince’s advice and charged forward with two swords in hand.

After turning two intersections, what Husky saw far exceeded his expectations. There were about five or six dead Zangren guards on the ground. The corpses had just disappeared. There were props on the ground. /

And the leopard boy Hal is standing there silently. He only has a short sword in his hand.

“Hal. Ha–” Husky was halfway through. He was covered with his hand.

“Don’t get close to him.” Calvin grabbed Husky from behind and pulled the canine boy back.

The leopard boy heard the voice and turned around. Husky and the others were already hiding in the dark corner of the corridor.

Husky was surprised to see. Hal had a huge wound on his body. Blood was oozing continuously. The leopard boy himself had a blank expression. His eyes were sluggish. He seemed to be in a sleepwalking state.

However, it was this “Sleepwalking” Hal. He killed at least five. The fully armed Zhangren guards. Relying only on a short sword.

What happened here.

“Ha…Hal. Do you still recognize me Wang.” Husky couldn’t help but whispered.

“No. He’s going to pounce.” Calvin raised his dagger in a hostile manner.

“No. Don’t provoke him.” Husky tried his best to hold down the murloc prince. Calvin’s dagger couldn’t be shown in front of the leopard boy.

“Husky.” The leopard boy in the sleepwalking state seems to have a trace of consciousness. He recognized Husky as a friendly force from the other party’s voice and smell. Therefore, he did not attack.

Gudu. The dog boy swallowed his saliva. He stepped forward boldly: “Yes. It’s Husky Wang. Do you still recognize Husky Wang?”

“Ha…sky…” seems to be relieved. The leopard boy slowly closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

At the same time. East African Plateau. Entrance to Kilimanjaro Palace.

I don’t know how long it took. The Knight of the Round Table Cador cried out: “Average points ranked 32nd: Group 15 – Bedivere, Solar and Tristan. You can come out. “

“Finally.” Tristan, who was supposed to be dozing off against the wall, jumped up. He looked refreshed.

“You haven’t slept at all.” The werewolf also recovered from the state of closing his eyes and resting. He immediately got up.

“My business is none of your business.” Tristan is still arguing with the werewolf.

“Stop talking. Let’s go.” Solar urged. He has already stepped forward. He walked towards the entrance of the underground palace.

“Humph.” The werewolf quickly followed. In order not to lose to the murloc prince.

Three people passed through the hidden stone gate like this. They ran into the underground palace of Kilimanjaro Volcano.

As soon as I entered the underground palace, the werewolf couldn’t help but sneezed. The icy breath here was stronger than the outside. The irritation made Bedivere’s puppy’s nose very uncomfortable.

Ice crystals here and there. Ice chips all over the place. Thick hoarfrost on the hard volcanic rock walls. They’re so thick that they narrow the supposedly wide aisle almost a foot out of thin air. The corridors of the maze are basically only enough for five people to pass through at the same time.

Nevertheless. It’s not as cold as it looks. After entering, it’s probably because the air flow is not fast. Instead, Bedivere feels that the interior of the dungeon is not as cold as the entrance. feel.

While Bedivere was still concentrating on observing the surrounding environment, Tristan had already taken this opportunity to catch up with the werewolf. He walked ahead and said proudly: “We won’t wait for you if you fall behind.”

“No. You must follow me.” The werewolf wiped his puppy’s nose. He said proudly: “Only I can take you. Use the fastest speed to reach the correct destination.”

“Oh. Am I going to believe your bullshit.” The murloc prince is ready for the next series of cynicism about Bedivere.

The werewolf took a few steps forward. When they were some distance from the entrance to the dungeon, they said, “You must believe. But not me. Believe in my nose. Believe in Palamides.”

Tristan smiled even more disapprovingly: “Hmph. This has something to do with Uncle Leopard.”

“Of course. Palamidis was here. Did you forget?” The werewolf smiled confidently, ignoring the taunting of the murloc prince: “Seven years ago. He came here to find Kai. He went deep into this The underground palace. He knows the structure of this underground palace. He also knows which way to go to the deepest part of the underground palace – and I guess. That is our destination.”

When Bedivere said this, the murloc prince became suspicious: “It’s as if you’ve experienced the scene. You know what the big cat has done-“

Before the murloc prince could finish his stupid words, the werewolf interrupted, “I didn’t. But when I took a shower with Palamides. He used to brag about his adventures.”

“Together… take a shower.” Tristan changed his eyes this time. He squinted at the werewolf: “Oh. The circle is so messed up… I guess his wife Vivienne will be very interested in knowing what’s going on between you. A secret that cannot be told—”

“Cough cough.” Solar coughed dryly. He pretended not to hear anything.

“What nonsense are you talking about. Idiot.” The werewolf glared at the murloc prince: “Anyway…you can’t go wrong with the smell of Palamides. Follow him. It’s the shortcut to success.”

“I can only agree halfway with what you said.” Tristan sneered even more disapprovingly. As if contradicting Bedivere was the murloc prince’s greatest interest: “Following their backs. It would be very convenient. But if you do. We can only be number two forever.

The treasures in the labyrinth will also be scavenged by them one step ahead. The monsters will be killed by them one step ahead. Even the [that thing] designated by the mission will be taken away first. There is no point in doing so.

What we need to do is not to be someone else’s follower. But to be aggressive. Find a way to surpass them. And this way is-“

Looking at Tristan Bedivere, who was getting more and more complacent, he glared and asked, “This method is.”

The murloc prince stuck out his tongue: “Uh. I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Bediver and Solar gave the foolish prince a blank look at the same time: “If there is no countermeasure, stop talking nonsense. In short. Follow Palamidis first. Look at the form and then talk about it – this way.”

The werewolf sniffed close to the ground carefully. From the complex and changeable smell on the ground, he found the trace of Palamides. He sniffed and ran. He followed the footprints of the big cat all the way.

Hurry up and notice – Bedivere, who is busy tracking. At this moment, he is thinking in his heart.

He’s worried about Brother Zephyr and Albert’s team – especially Albert’s team. Team El is far behind the other candidates in qualifying. Good grades on exams.

In order to win, the only shortcut for Albert and the others is to follow the example of Bedivere. Follow the smell of Palamidis. In this incomparably complicated labyrinth of dangers. This is the tiger they bypass. Other Obstacles. The Best Way to Direct Success.

What is the truth.

Albert, who is waiting in the cave outside the underground palace. At this moment, he is wiping his Haitao sword leisurely. It seems that he has obtained a unique treasure in the world. He is intoxicated.

He didn’t worry at all about being (far) behind others. He didn’t even think about tracking down the scent of Palamides.()”Lights” only represents the author Ray Wen D Vixas’s point of view If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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