Light Spirit Epic Chapter 951: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 951: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (twenty-four)

At the same time. Great Britain. Edinburgh. North Sky Knights Base. Edinburgh Castle.

“Ow.” The evil star accidentally hit the pain in the crotch when he jumped off the dragon ride. Another scream of misfortune.

“Does it hurt? Would you like me to help you down?” said the King of Knights with a sneer.

“No. I don’t need you to take care of me.” Sha Xing groaned. He carefully climbed down from the seat of the anti-gravity gunship. The process was incredibly slow. The King of Knights looked very restless.

“Ow… You humans always need to know these things that get in the way. Obviously you can fly. You still sit on this and that.” Jin Shining finally got off the dragon ride, but he kept complaining. /

The king of knights smiled disdainfully: “I fly by myself. It consumes stamina. I use a dragon cavalry to travel. It consumes only fuel. Why do you always stick to me. Do you have to follow me wherever I go?”

“I don’t need you to worry about where I go. King of Knights.” The evil star also quarreled unceremoniously: “Anyway, I have nothing to do. I just follow you around. Do you need to have such a big opinion. “

King Arthur snorted: “Okay. If you like it.”

Shaxing smiled smugly: “Now. Where are we going. You should have finished your paperwork long ago – hastily.”

“Did you forget what I told you just now.” Arthur ignored the sarcasm of the evil star. The fixed frame of the mobile mechanical warehouse was fastened to the dragon knight. Fueled the dragon knight again. The arrangement is properly arranged. He continued: “Great Britain is currently testing a simulated combat system. This thing will be completed soon. External sales – of course. Not for the purpose of making money. We want to complete this system as soon as possible. It can be very busy.”

“That’s right. It’s about the game.” Shaxing seems to disapprove of this kind of child’s playing games. With great contempt in his words: “Our king of knights is really idle. Know how to open the game. Hey.”

“You don’t understand. Stupid dragon.” The king of knights pushed open the door of the mechanical warehouse. He was about to walk into the depths of the castle: “This system has saved us a lot of money in training apprentice knights every year in Great Britain. It How good is the training effect. You idiots who have never been trained as knights will not understand.”

At the same time. In a virtual world.

“Stop.” Husky called in a low voice. He pulled the murloc prince. The two of them got into the shadow of the corridor together.

In front of them is a T-shaped aisle. A group of guards are patrolling. There are three people in total. The situation is very bad.

Don’t say the Huskies have almost no weapons at hand now. Even if they are fully equipped, they may not be able to fight against these three chaptermen. It is wise to avoid them.

The question is. Can it really be avoided?

The shadows of the castle are not as dark as imagined. Even Husky and the others are hiding and motionless. Their figures are still largely exposed to the enemy’s sight. If the Zhangmen guards watch carefully. They are very Two teenagers hidden in the shadows may be revealed.

But. The guards walked from the other side of the aisle. Their eyes didn’t scan the area where the teenagers were. According to this trend. They should just walk through. Ignore the two teenagers.

If no one is doing anything.

Husky felt an itch on his tail. The murloc prince and the canine boy were very close together. The two were skin-to-skin. Calvin grabbed Husky’s as soon as he had the opportunity. The tail is here to play. I am rubbing the dog’s tail of the dog boy up and down. I have a lot of fun——

At this time, a huge blue vein appeared on Husky’s forehead. He was still enduring. On the one hand, he endured the itch on his tail. He tried his best not to laugh. Angry. Try not to curse.

The chapter guards are halfway through. They are about to pass that aisle. Just be patient for another ten seconds or so. It should be over.

However, Prince Calvin is getting more and more extreme. Not only does he grab Husky’s tail and keep rubbing it. He also pulls it violently. The position of the dog boy’s tailbone is sore.

That’s what Husky felt. Although the game system can block most of the pain, some deep pain in the human body can’t be completely blocked. He feels now. It’s like something is stirring in his ass. And at any time It became an uncontrollable itch. He tried his best to hold back his laughter. But soon the limit was reached.

“Haha. Ahhahahahahahahaha.” Haski still didn’t hold back. He laughed. He laughed at the same time as the impulse to kill Calvin.

Of course his laughter was heard by the Zhangren guards. The Zhangren guards who were planning to leave quietly turned around immediately. Go back. The guards will soon be back at the T-junction. From Find the hiding place of two teenagers in the shadows. Find the teenagers. Kill them.

Husky clenched his only iron short sword. It was light and short. It had limited lethality. It was used against such a formidable opponent. Obviously not enough. But now he only I can give it a try. I hope I can find a way to survive.

His only chance. When the guards turn the T-shaped intersection. Before the canine boy is hiding. Give the opponent a quick and deadly ambush. But at best, it will kill one of them. The famous chapter guards. The rest can only be dealt with by luck.

Dah. Dah. Dah. People are approaching. They are approaching very carefully so as not to be ambushed. Husky’s success rate is significantly lower.

And the little murloc prince couldn’t help at this critical time. Not only couldn’t help, but also dragged Husky’s hind legs everywhere. The canine boy gave the murloc prince a white look with anger in his eyes.

Calvin’s prank succeeded. He stuck his tongue out at Husky shamelessly. It was just a game to him. It was up to him how he wanted to play. /

Dah. Dah. Dah. People are still approaching. They are about to turn the corner of the T-junction.

The murloc prince caught something on the ground. He didn’t make a sound.



The guards were also on guard with swords. They saw a huge shadow rushing towards them. As a matter of course, they slashed with their swords.

Crap. If it goes on like this, Husky will be hit first by the opponent’s longsword. Three longswords will slash at his head, chest, and shoulders. Even if he can eat these with [self-healing enhancement] Attack. Husky will still die. Head is fatal.

Thinking of this, Husky couldn’t help lowering his body’s center of gravity. At the same time, he raised his sword and stabbed to the ground. His combat technique [arm burst] moved in sync. The canine boy whose arm strength increased several times avoided the opponent’s Onslaught. The sword hit the floor.

The pound. dagger pierced the ground at the same time, causing a strong impact.

The lower body of these octopuses are octopus feet. They are originally mollusk limbs. Their walking relies entirely on the suction cups on the octopus feet to **** the ground.

Now. The floor is overturned. It shatters into countless pieces and scatters. These guys who rely on suckers to stand firm are crumbling. They fall down.

Hasky saw the opportunity. He rushed over immediately. He slashed with a sword. He took the life of a Zhangren guard first. His dagger plunged deep into Zhangren’s chest. He instantly destroyed the enemy. heart.

The other two Zhangmen also got up at this time.

They’re not stupid. They’re very smart. They don’t keep falling on the ground and beating. They see too many pieces of stone bricks on the ground. They can’t stand on their feet. Take advantage of this to get up.

Once the two guards regained their posture, they cursed immediately. The long sword in their hands swung wildly. At the same time, the other hand was already doing magic. A magic formation in the middle of the palm opened the black portal.

The next second. A large amount of seawater stored in the warp will be ejected from this portal with high pressure. Take advantage of the time when Husky is too busy to avoid the blade. Drive it on the canine boy A big hole.

Husky also knew how bad things were going to be. But there was nothing he could do at the moment. He could only concentrate on dodging his opponent’s sword blows in despair. Just to dodge this.

In this fight, the Zhangren guards will definitely win——

Wait. Something seems to be wrong

When something is wrong with the chapter guards. It’s too late – their octopus script is attached to the wall. Thinking it will be safe to fight. But their feet are starting to go numb. Take a closer look .Only when these octopus feet start to freeze.

A cold air spread from the cold and slippery walls of the dungeon. It began to spread on the Zhangren guards. And the source of this cold air was the murloc prince Calvin who was poking at the wall with a small iron rod. .

Zhangren guards were shocked. The blade waving in their hands also hesitated a lot. They were easily avoided by the canine boy. They pointed their other hand at Husky. They planned to use the hydraulic cannon first. Let’s talk about the canine boy. But it’s pointless to do so – their hand that can cast water magic is frozen.

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly Squirt

Zhangren guards knew that the situation was over. They exclaimed hysterically. They twisted their bodies in a final dodge.

But it’s all in vain. The freezing of the body makes these guys a lot slower. Plus the octopus feet are frozen on the wall. There’s no way they can dodge Husky’s next blow. /

“Die, Wang.” The dog boy pulled out a sword heavily. It was crisp and neat.

Silver light flashed. The dagger’s trajectory coincided with the throats of the two Zhangren guards. In the next second, a deep hole was added to the throats of the monsters. Transparent blood spurted out of it.

The three chapter guards were completely destroyed. The props that burst into the ground. The battle was over. () “The Walking Dead” only represents the views of the author Raven D Such as If you find that the content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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