Light Spirit Epic Chapter 950: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 950: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (twenty-three)

The deep secret passage oozes coolness. An ominous cold wind blows from the Kilimanjaro Volcano underground palace. It seems to warn the intruders. This underground palace hides great danger.

Sir Cador read aloud:

“Now. First place in terms of average points: Group 9 – Berelder, Logan, Hillhart. You can go out.”

The gladiator Berelder, the great mage Logan, and the Viking warrior Hillhardt nodded to the examiners together. They walked into the secret passage.

The scene is deadly silent. Candidates are looking forward to their group being called as soon as possible. So that the exam can begin.

After five minutes, Cadore turned his attention to his electronic notebook. He read: “The second place in the average points ranking: Group 22 – Faris, Bet, Mollen. You can get out.”

The sharpshooter Pharis. Poisoner Bet. and the machete hand Morun nodded to the examiners together. Then they entered the Kilimanjaro underground palace proudly.

Then Bedivere understands what’s going on. This is what Kay referred to as the “point advantage”.

The order of the candidates. Calculated by the average of the scores of the candidates in that group.

Berelder, Logan, Hillhart, Faris, Bet, Mollen. These guys are the first candidates to reach Kilimanjaro in the first stage exam. When they was assigned to the same team. Its score is much higher than other teams. The two teams were arranged to be the first to leave.

And the fifteenth group that Bedivere is in. Because the Werewolf and Solar’s points are very low, it will drag the “chief” Tristan’s hind legs in disguise. It is estimated that it will be arranged at a very late time. out.

According to the current schedule. A team is released every five minutes. Bedivere they estimate to wait an hour. unfavorable.

No. They weren’t the worst. Bedivere took a look at Albert’s team.

Tiger’s team consisted of Albert, Elaine, and Chanel. And they were all candidates who finally reached Kilimanjaro. That is to say, all three were the tail of the crane. There is no doubt. They The average qualifying is 42nd – the last team out. That’s how it goes. A team is released every five minutes. The Tigers’ team has to wait three and a half hours before they’re out – oh my ****

Thinking of this. Albert clenched his fist unwillingly.

Time, fate, luck. Some people are unlucky. They lost at the starting line from the beginning. There is a 3.5 hour gap between them and the first. How to make up for it

When Tiger was wondering. Cadore had projected the group data and average ranking of the candidates with the electronic notepad in his hand. Using the rock wall of the cave as a screen, it was shown to every candidate.

Bediver took a quick glance. Only concerned about the condition of his comrades:

Group 15: Bedivere, Tristan, Solar (average rank 32)

Group 23: Albert, Elaine, Chanel (average rank 42)

Group 27: Palamidis, Evan (average rank 15)

Group 37: Seefer, Seglade, Mordred (average rank 35)

Sure enough. Bedwell’s heart tensed. They were ranked 32. At least an hour to wait for the exam to start.

Tristan lost his energy immediately. He actually lay down beside the stone wall of the cave: “Alas. I’ll sleep first. Wake me up when the time is up.”

“Sleep. My friend. I’ll be on guard.” Solar was very forgiving of the murloc prince’s rudeness.

And Bedivere simply sat down with his back against the wall of the cave. He took out all the weapons in his hand and continued to prepare. He actually had nothing to do. That is to continue to sharpen the wooden arrow. Sharpen the knife. To pass the time.

The waiting time was long and boring. But the more I waited, the more nervous the candidates present. They were all nervous and impatient.

The team that is placed later will be at a greater disadvantage – not only will the “that thing” in the underground palace be easily acquired by the team that exits earlier; the monsters in the underground palace will also become more and more The less. Because they are all hunted by the first team.

But there’s nothing I can do about it. Who told them that their grades were not good enough for others. Or they were unlucky. They were dragged down by the tail of the cranes in the same team.

But luck is also a kind of strength.

The guy who is born unlucky. Will eventually be at a disadvantage in various important tests. Become a loser in life. Those who have both strength and luck can truly climb to the peak of fame and status .Achieve the hegemony of emperors and generals.

Thinking of this, Bedivere couldn’t help raising his head again. He cast his eyes far away to Albert on the other side of the cave. Not only was the tiger far inferior to others, but it was also extremely unlucky. Looking at it makes the werewolf extremely sad.

It was about half an hour later. The Knight of the Round Table Cadore called out: “The fifteenth place in the average points ranking: The twenty-seventh group – Palamidis and Evan. You can come out.”

After being named, the leopard warriors walked past the sons: “We are going one step ahead. You have to cheer up.”

“Come on, Dad.””Good luck, meow.”The two cats replied at the same time.

The leopard warrior nodded. Together with Evan, entered the Kilimanjaro underground palace.

“You seem to be very familiar with the terrain here.” Evan asked curiously when he saw that Palamides was walking all the way with ease.

“Oh. I’ve been here once.” The big cat walked cautiously with a long spear. In this complex underground palace with numerous branch roads extending in all directions: “Remember. Seven years ago. Arthur called me here. Help Kay. I tracked his signal. Finally found this place.”

“Then. This is really-“

“That’s right. The place where [Flaming Demon Sword – Revatin] is sealed.” The Leopard Warrior explained in a low voice: “And it is also the hometown of the guardian of the Demon Sword – the Fire Giant Clan. Kay’s wife Frey’s hometown. Hehehe. Looking back now, the situation at the time was really funny. I was ordered to come to Kai. Unexpectedly, Frey chased him for dozens of kilometers. I almost died under her flame.

The matter was resolved smoothly in the end. Kay also got the Flaming Demon Sword from Frey. He even married such a hot beauty as his daughter-in-law. What a joy.”

“But that’s not the whole story.” Evan interrupted Palamidis: “Something must have happened. Made this place look like this ghost. Right.”

He wiped the walls of the dungeon with his hands. His fingers were immediately covered with a thin layer of frost. It is hard to imagine a volcanic dungeon that was originally surrounded by geothermal heat and lava. It would suddenly transform into this freezing ice cave. .The variation here is definitely not normal – so abnormal.

“Speaking of which. How did [Flaming Devil Sword] deal with it in the end.” Evan asked.

He recalled the last battle of [The Battle of the Five Kings] seven years ago.

At that time, Arthur defeated the Grand Duke of Palinlor. There should have been no rivals. But he was chased and killed by the ebony knight Gunther who suddenly rushed into the venue.

Beware of those with bad hearts holding [Flaming Demon Sword – Raivadine]. The Demon Sword will change into a cursed form – surrounded by terrifying black flames. [Destruction Demon Sword – Regnaru g()].

Under the joint confrontation of everyone, the [King’s Sword] in Arthur’s hand collided with the [Destroyer Demon Sword]. Both were broken. and Frey took away.

They should have sealed that terrifying magic sword forever. Just somewhere hidden in the world. However, seven years ago. At the end of [Dawn War]. Evan once again saw Kai take out the magic sword Use.

In other words. He took out half of the magic sword. It was the hilt of the flaming magic sword. It was used against a certain emerald knight under Morgan. The stubborn emerald knight was burned to ashes .

The hilt of the magic sword that Kay took out. It should still be kept by Kay and his wife. Only they know its whereabouts.

However. The other half of the magic sword – the blade of Raivadine.

“What are you doing.” Palamidis tapped Evan’s head with the **** of a gun: “[Guests] are coming. We can’t be slow.”

An enemy has emerged from the intricate passages of the underground palace. Appears in front of the big cat and the half-dragon youth.

This monster is grotesque. Its body is made of rock and ice crystals – no. More correctly. Its body is a rock the size of a person. Only its hands and feet are ice crystals. The hands and feet of the wonderful monster are controlled by some kind of magic .makes the seemingly inanimate ice cubes form joints. Constructs complex actions.

And this piece of ice that can walk is slowly walking towards the leopard warrior and the half-dragon youth. The arms are even more transformed into five-foot-long ice blades.

“Damn.” Evan pulled out his saber in a very disgusting manner: “I’m really unlucky. I chose the wrong weapon.”

The long sword he draws is a weapon enchanted with ice. It seems that the frosty breath emanating from the sword is more focused on freezing the opponent during slashing. Of course. For this kind of enemy composed of blocks and stones, this weapon is almost useless. It can only be wielded as a relatively sharp blade.

Palamidis also drew his spear. His mithril spear had a thunderbolt arc of lightning on it. It was handsome. But its electric shock was not much better than Ivan’s Frost Sword – for this pure An insulating monster made of stone. Also useless.

Although he has a spare weapon plug-in that can generate heat, it is too late to change it now.

“Hehehe. Looks like we’re both unlucky.” Palamidis pointed his gun at the monster, ready to sprint: “It’s okay. Let’s go.”

The two rushed out at the same time. They attacked the monster. () “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D If it is found that its content violates the laws of the state Please delete the content, and the position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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