Light Spirit Epic Chapter 954: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 954: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (twenty-seven)

At the same time. The depths of the underground palace of Kilimanjaro volcano.

The ice crystal colossus raised its right arm. It turned into a sharp five-foot ice blade. It swept across the leopard warrior.

The big cat tumbled. Slipped through the monster’s crotch. Easily avoided the fatal blow of the Colossus.

More slashes are coming. The monster seems to be unscrupulous. It stabs itself in the crotch.

Slip again. Palamides quickly dodged to the monster’s left foot. Avoiding the sword strike. The Ice Crystal Colossus also raised its left foot at the same time. Planning to step on it with one foot.

“It’s not that easy.” Evan rushed over and slashed the monster’s right foot with his sword.

The Colossus, who had just raised its foot, did not expect his other leg to be attacked. He hesitated for a moment. He was hit by Ivan’s long sword. But it was only an attack by a long sword. The weight of the sword determined it It slashed on the monster’s right foot. It didn’t hurt or itch. The ice crystal colossus didn’t care anymore. Continue to drop the raised left foot. Going to smash the leopard warrior into flesh.

“I got it.” Evan sneered and pulled the trigger on his weapon.

lb. A vacuum wave is ejected from the hilt. It’s a plug-in that can deliver a vacuum shock. Evan brought it with him as a spare. Just to deal with this situation. The vacuum wave can be used to drive back. The close enemy is unexpected. It can also be used in this way – using the reaction force of the shock wave to increase the strength of the slash.

Suddenly heavy sword slash. The long sword sank deeply into the monster’s right foot. It caused a huge wound. The impact it brought forced the monster’s right foot back a foot. The ice crystal colossus, which was originally independent on one foot, lost its balance for a while.

“It’s now.” Palamidis seized the opportunity to counterattack and stabbed a shot horizontally.

The electric light on the gun head turned into a particularly bright golden track in the dark. A straight line.

The trajectory of the electric light. Countless halos are reflected in the cave covered with ice crystals. This golden light finally stabbed into the right foot of the ice crystal colossus. After the monster was attacked many times, it was already a tortoise The split foot produces a cascading effect of destruction.

Pala la la la la. This leg made of ice cubes shattered. The colossus was originally waving the ice blade of its left arm to chase after Evan. I didn’t expect his right leg to be at such a critical time It broke. The arm it swung out was heavy and long. It lost its balance in an instant. The whole body spun and slammed forward.

pound. The monster hit the wall heavily. Even the left arm of the ice block that had just stretched out shattered. The stone wall also shook off countless ice chips during the impact. out.

Evan dodged the oncoming ice and flew over. He simply landed on the monster’s back. He raised his sword and aimed at a palm-sized rock crack behind the colossus: “die.”

Kacha—— The long sword penetrated with great precision. It penetrated the center of the monster’s stone body. Some crystals with blue light were shattered. Along the edge of the long sword, it was broken into dozens of pieces. Lost its magic.

The ice golem can no longer move. Its limbs of ice also begin to shatter. It scatters lifelessly.

“Stubborn bastard.” The big cat came over and kicked the monster’s stone body: “It’s really not easy to fight this kind of guy.”

“With the right weapon. I could have blasted it to pieces.” Evan reached into the crack in the monster’s stone body. From the inside, he grabbed a piece that still glowed aqua blue. Transparency Extremely high ice crystal – that was the core of the monster. Now it was destroyed by Ivan’s sword. It has lost the power to control the monster.

The half-dragon young man stretched out his hand to hold the frame of his glasses. He carefully looked at the ice core fragment in the other hand: “This thing is completely inorganic. This is not a living thing at all.”

“I’ve heard that photon mutation can alienate animals in the environment. But… can inorganic matter also be affected?” Palamidis was also quite surprised.

“It’s too early to make a conclusion.” Ivan took out a bag and carefully put the ice core fragments in it for good preservation: “I have to send this for testing when I go back. The things born in this volcanic underground palace are too strange. It feels so annoying.”

Palamidis was silent for a while before saying: “I wanted to ask a long time ago. What’s wrong with your eyes. Has the eagle eye surgery started to decline. I’m going to wear myopia.”

“This.” Ivan pushed his frame again subconsciously: “No. My eagle eye technique is getting stronger and stronger. It’s uncontrollable. It has become that even if I don’t move, I can see it Some things I don’t want to see. It brings a lot of inconvenience to daily life. This pair of glasses is not worn because of myopia. It is an additional magic sealing device. Wearing it can suppress the eagle eye surgery.”

The big cat glared at the half-long young man: “People wear glasses to [see clearly]. Do you wear glasses to make yourself [clear]. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse.”

“Haha. Maybe.” The Banlong youth smiled helplessly: “Don’t talk about it. Let’s hurry up. How much distance do we have left?”

“Come on. If I remember correctly.” The big cat followed his own memory and led the way. His mouth was still long-winded: “Then. You are wearing a magic bracelet. The ability of the eyes has been suppressed. I still need to wear glasses. Can I still use a little eagle eye after taking off my glasses?”

“It can be used a little. But of course the effect is not as strong as before.” Evan affirmed: “I will take off my glasses to fight when necessary. You don’t have to worry.”

This guy Evan is wearing a double magic sealing device in action. Palamidis couldn’t help but muttered in his heart. How strong is the half-dragon boy’s eagle eye technique? Even the magic sealing bracelet can’t completely seal it.

If there is no magic sealing device to limit his power. The strength of this guy Evan. How terrible it would be

At the same time. The Leopard brothers who just entered the underground palace (and Mordred, who has no sense of existence).

“It’s my dad’s smell, meow.” Saifer whispered.

Seglade also nodded: “Indeed. It’s my father’s smell. I have to follow me.”

They weren’t wasting their time waiting outside. They were thinking the same tricks that Bedivere had thought earlier. They knew best about the life of their father Palamides. They knew the panther warriors as well. I have been to this Kilimanjaro underground palace.

According to normal thinking. Going after the smell of Palamides. It is a shortcut to [that thing]. It is a shortcut to success.

But. Is that really the case.

This matter. The Leopard Brothers know it best. They are still young. No matter their speed or fighting ability. A guy whose strength is unknown. Shouldn’t be comparable.

If they’ve been following behind their dad, they’ll never be able to surpass Palamidis. They’ll need stronger. More effective means. To overtake each other in this exam.

Although it is still a bit early to use this. Fortunately, there is no surveillance by others in this underground palace. This secret trick will only be leaked to one person (Mordred) to see.

Use it. Don’t use it now. Maybe you won’t have the opportunity to use it in the future.

The two leopard youths finally made up their minds. They nodded to each other. They are twin brothers. They can understand each other’s thoughts without dialogue.

Use it. Then overtake everything. Become the leader. Use the advantage you get to win all the way.

“Mordred, meow.” Seglade whispered to persuade: “Our two brothers are now going to use a special move. It will allow us to surpass other candidates. We can reach our destination smoothly, meow. But you must Calm down. Don’t be surprised by whatever you see. Good meow.”

“Yes.” The white boy looks very calm. He seems to be used to insomnia. No matter what he sees, he won’t be scared.

“Then—” Zephyr and Seglade glanced at each other. They reached out and held each other’s hands.

“Fitness Meow.”

A ray of light enveloped the two leopard youths. Pure blue light. Immediately reflected in the underground palace corridor covered with ice crystals. It illuminated everything into a dazzling brightness.

The white boy’s eyes were stinging from the light. He couldn’t help closing it tightly. When the light passed and his eyes could be opened, Mordred saw a “monster” that was unimaginable by normal logic in front of him.

A large cheetah appeared in front of Mordred. He was the size of two adults. His muscles were extremely strong. His fur was a bright and vivid dark blue. However, none of this was the most surprising.

This big cheetah. It has two heads. This big two-headed cheetah. It is the monster that the two people of Zephyr and Seglade have become.

“Bedivere’s guess is correct. [Since the animalization technique] can be used. A technique of the same scale can also be used, meow.” The leopard head on the left spoke. From the voice, it sounds like he should be Saifei Er.

The leopard head (Seglade) on the right also said: “And the size has also become doubled. Is it the superposition of the strength of the two of us. It’s great meow.”

“You…” The white boy looked at the big cheetah in front of him. He was puzzled for a while. His face was carved with incomparable confusion, but he was not shocked at all.

“You know. This is just an orc’s [Beastization] transformation, meow.” Segrad’s head quickly explained: “But the situation of our two brothers is special. Probably because we are twin brothers. That’s why, meow. If we are next to each other and use [Beastization] at the same time, we will merge into this look, meow.”

“Hmmm.” Mordred made an intriguing cheek table.

“You’re not surprised meow.” Seeing the other party was unmoved. Instead, Saifer was a little disappointed.

Mordred stammered, “My mother specializes in…monsters. She made a lot of…weird things.”

He’s seen something even weirder. So. Mordred wasn’t surprised when two leopard youths turned into this strange two-headed cheetah in front of the white boy.

“Okay… Okay meow.” Saifer was shocked. He sighed deeply: “Come on up. I’m going to run meow.”

“You become like this. Can you know where your destination is.” Mordred wondered. Being carried by a big cheetah. Running around in a dungeon extending in all directions. Sounds stupid. /

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