Light Spirit Epic Chapter 937: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 937: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (10)

Shadowwalker knew that he had lost his way, and immediately lowered his voice again: “What is this? It’s strange that the scanner can’t scan it, it’s completely black—“

“What’s that? Is the machine malfunctioning?” King Arthur’s voice came closer. Read 蕶啶堐誐誐的网

Shadowwalker fiddled with the machine, with doubts in his words: “Why? The MRI scanner that can completely dialyze the human body has something that cannot be scanned? —Wait, I increase the power, Zoom in on the image.”

“Hal, don’t move, it’s time for an accurate scan.” King Arthur reminded loudly.

“Well, meow.” The leopard boy agreed, but his heart was full of unease.

The countless rays of light in the scanner are concentrated on the chest of the leopard boy…scanning back and forth near Howl’s heart. The high-precision scanning transmits the enhanced image to the other end of the scanner, projecting the image of the inside of the body on the display screen.

“Um—” The two adults outside took a deep breath, but the inhalation was almost drowned out by the noise of the scanner working, and Hal only heard it slightly.

“What the **** is this?” Arthur asked in the lowest voice, focusing on a black shadow the size of a fingernail on the Leopard Boy’s heart.

“It may be some kind of metal foreign body, electromagnetic waves cannot pass through, so it becomes this black shadow in the image.”

“Are you sure?” The King of Knights was even more puzzled, with a more critical tone in his tone: “Vivian also conducted a thorough physical examination on this child, and we hadn’t found this black thing yet. Why? , now appearing in the scanner’s image?”

Shadowwalker did not answer. This is so bizarre, so bizarre that it can’t be explained by today’s science.

Speaking of which, this was weird from the start. A good leopard boy, why did he lose most of his internal organs for no reason, and became the current lingering appearance? Moreover, there was no trace of surgery on his body, and his internal organs just disappeared out of thin air. Is this really possible?

Shadowwalker swallowed a mouthful of saliva, pulling his consciousness back to reality from his contemplation and confusion: “Anyway, let’s try to get it out first.”

“No. Although you are his primary doctor, you tried to operate on Little Hal without Vivienne’s consent? Vivienne will not only kill you, but also come after me. Absolutely not.”

Shadowwalker froze for a while. Indeed, King Arthur’s eldest sister, as a powerful succubus, has a very fierce character. She is by no means the type to be easily provoked.

“That’s fine…no surgery, but we still have to find out what that black shadow is. If it’s a metal fragment like a bullet, it still needs to be surgically removed as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause infection Inflammation and other problems.”

“After talking for so long, you just want to cut open Howl’s chest?” King Arthur’s face was darkened, although most of his face was hidden under the mask: “Do you really want to die, Constantine? ?”

“Calm down, Your Majesty.” Shadowwalker coughed and cleared his throat, “I don’t need a scalpel to open his chest to find out what that shadow is. We can do a minimally invasive surgery to remove the A probe with a tiny camera was inserted into his body, and the probe was used to observe the condition of his body.”


“I promise, this operation is very safe. The diameter of the needle is only one-thirtieth of an inch, and the flesh and tissue of the stab can be healed in an instant with magic. Everything is so seamless that His Majesty’s sister Vivian could not even notice. Until we have done this minimally invasive surgery.”

King Arthur thought about it again, trying to find anything inappropriate in it, but he didn’t think of it for a moment. Modern medical technology has been very prosperous, and the safety of this type of minimally invasive surgery is still very guaranteed.

“…Well, I’ll do what you said.” The King of Knights compromised. He was actually very curious, and wanted to know what the black shadow on Hal’s chest was.

“Then——” After the Shadow Walker saw the matter, he turned off the scanner and pulled out the mechanical bed in the scanner: “Boy, let’s discuss something.”

As soon as the leopard boy got up from the bed, he muttered with a little fear: “Hal heard meow.”

“Hmph… just right, save the time to explain to you.” Shadowwalker secretly cursed the orcs’ hearing too much, too much: “We scanned with equipment and found that you have a small black shadow. We don’t know what that is, and it’s very worrying now. So I’m going to do an operation for you, stick a needle with a camera in your chest, and see what that shadow is inside. I do Say, are you willing to accept it?”

The leopard boy looked at Shadow Walker tremblingly: “Dr. Black Heart… Will this operation be successful? It hurts like an injection?”

” It will be a little painful, but I will give you anesthesia first, so it will not hurt. And I am very confident in my medical skills, I can keep the needle away from the main blood vessels and nerves, and the needle can hardly penetrate it. It will hurt.”

“You lie meow…” The leopard boy pouted and said, “It hurts enough to get anesthesia, meow.”

“Who said I needed an anesthesia injection?” A smile appeared on the corner of Shadow Walker’s mouth: “I have a special anesthesia method, so I don’t need an injection at all. For example—“

He reached out and patted the leopard boy’s left shoulder: “This way, your shoulder will be numb.”

“What, what?!” Hal exclaimed incredulously one second before, but the next second he began to feel an astonishing numbness spreading across his arms. The leopard boy’s left arm was completely immobile in an instant. He even felt that his left chest could not move anymore, and the left body seemed to no longer belong to him!

“Uh, what, how meow—” It seemed that even half of the face was numb, and the Leopard boy began to find it difficult to speak.

“Relax, just relax.” The Shadow Walker lifted the leopard boy who was starting to limp: “Your Majesty, come and help me and carry him to the operating table opposite.”

“Hmm.” Arthur took the job from the doctor, picked up the little black panther and moved forward, while whispering comfort: “Everything will be fine, Hal. This person is my subordinate. The most brilliant doctor, he will cure you, not harm you.”

“Hmm…” The anesthesia seemed to be more effective than expected. The Leopard Man boy became unconscious in half, and even his head was a little groggy. He knew that he actually had no room for resistance, and even if he said he didn’t want to, the other party would still perform the operation. The only thing he can do now is to settle down and trust his Uncle Arthur and this black-hearted doctor.

When the king of knights placed the little black panther on the operating table, the shadow walker also quickly prepared all the surgical equipment that needed to be used, and walked over to look at the leopard boy: “Are you ready? Then I will Surgery has begun.”

He looks like a doctor in a white robe, mask and rubber gloves. The leopard boy swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty: Is it really okay to entrust your body to this black-hearted doctor?

Hal’s eyes are blindfolded and he can’t see anything. This is also for the sake of the leopard boy, because seeing his chest being pierced by a long needle, ordinary people will inevitably feel uneasy.

The oxygen mask is also placed over Hal’s mouth. The pure oxygen supplied by the source makes people happy and think in the direction of viewing.

He couldn’t see or feel it anyway, so what could be wrong with all this?

The leopard boy simply closed his eyes and let the situation unfold freely.

After shaving a small area of ​​the Leopard Boy’s chest, Constantine picked up a silver needle about five inches long. There is a sophisticated camera device hidden in the tip of the needle, and the tail of the needle is a letter device, which transmits the scene captured by the camera through radio waves into the monitor on the side, and displays it on the screen.

This is a high technology that has emerged in Great Britain in recent years and is at the forefront of the medical field. Using a probe to detect lesions in the patient’s body is convenient and saves money and minimizes the patient’s pain.

The only problem is to be careful not to break the probe inside the patient — but that’s almost impossible, since the probe is made so flexible and strong.

Shadowwalker carefully picked up the silver needle and placed it on the intended surgical site.

The tip of the needle pierced the flesh and pierced it, but not even the tiniest drop of blood came out.

“Help me monitor.” Shadowwalker said in a commanding tone. He’s concentrating, and even if it’s a minor operation, there’s no reason to be distracted.

Arthur walked to the other side of the operating table and watched everything from the pinhole camera on the screen.

Constantine is worthy of being a surgeon with the hand of God. He skillfully controls the movement of the needle, piercing the muscle tissue, but avoiding the main blood vessels and nerves, straight to the black shadow in the chest of the leopard boy Enter.

This process is only a few seconds, but it seems incredibly slow. In other words, it was King Arthur who saw God so clearly that he couldn’t feel the passage of time at all.

He looked at the scene on the monitor, watching the needle avoid the various blood vessels and nerves, passing through the gaps in the muscle tissue. The faint light from the tip of the probe illuminated the “way forward” in Howl’s body, giving people a feeling of walking in a different world.

As the probe goes deeper into the Leopard Teenager’s body, there are more blood vessels and nerves in the way on the screen. But they were all cleverly avoided—the probe swiped between the dense capillaries, but always avoided hurting these blood vessels, and someone’s skill was like a god.

And then, it arrived.

After passing through the pectoral muscle of the Leopard Boy’s left and various mucosal tissues in the chest, the needle of the probe came to the predetermined location, half an inch from Hal’s left ventricle.

Through some kind of see-through ray light, Arthur could see Hal’s huge, vigorously beating heart from the screen.

But to a needle, the heart is as huge as a mountain. From the current distance, it is impossible to see its whole picture.

Arthur’s eyes will fall on the shadowy area that the scanner had seen earlier.

He thought he’d see bullet fragments, or some kind of metal implant, or a tumor, or a diseased cyst… or something.

But he was totally wrong.

The image of “that thing” in front of him is far beyond the imagination of the King of Knights.

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