Light Spirit Epic Chapter 936: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 936: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (9)

Five minutes later. Read 蕶啶堐誐誐的网

Albert took a comfortable hot shower, and also received new clothes from the test party’s supply department. Finally, he could no longer wear the torn cloth.

And Cador also sent the three weapons they had chosen earlier, along with two large chests. The box contains, of course, the promised weapon plug-in.

Kador of the Round Table came up with an unhappy face: “Forty-five spear inserts, ten bow inserts, and thirty long sword inserts, all for you. Yourselves. Check it out.”

“Hehe—“Albert played with his sword excitedly, “I really got all the carvings up, it’s good—although it’s only a negative pattern*.”

(Note: Engraving is generally divided into [yang pattern] and [yin pattern]. [Yang pattern] refers to the engraved pattern that protrudes from the surface of the utensil. On the contrary, the concave engraving is called [yin pattern]. )

“You also said,” Cador looked at the tiger with a bitter look, “in order to help you carve the sword, we must first remove the enchantment from the sword, then use the laser to engrave, and then re-enchant the enchantment. Do you know how troublesome this is?”

“Hey, hey, it’s none of my business.” Al smiled maliciously, carefully observing the pattern on the long sword. The slightly concave spiral pattern on the sword body is like turbulent waves, making the sword body of the entire titanium alloy long sword like a furious sea. In addition, the body of the sword originally reflects the silver-blue luster, and these luster are reflected at different angles in the complex and beautiful engravings, making the long sword look more like the sea.

“Well, it’s great! I’ll call this sword Haitao sword in the future. The enchantment is also very simple and clean, without that messy feeling. Xiaobai will like this.” Albert shook happily. holding his tiger tail.

“Xiao Bai?” Palamidis asked curiously. Tiger did not answer.

Bediver knew that the “little white” in Albert’s mouth was referring to the white tiger of the Holy Spirit that resided in his body. Albert guessed that he had planned to use this exquisite sword as a sacrifice to the Holy Spirit White Tiger.

But that’s in the long run. The current Albert cannot use the power of the Holy Spirit at all, so why is he nervous about this?

“Don’t think about swallowing this sword for yourself.” Seeing the tiger drooling at the sword, Cador urged: “These weapons are temporarily [lent] to you. When you finish the second When you come back from the exam, return the borrowed weapons to us. ——- Unless you don’t want to go back to Eternal?”

“I will pay it back! Of course I will pay it back to you!” The leopard warrior wrapped around the tiger’s neck and smiled at the tiger with threatening luck: “Are you right, little tiger?”

“Ahahahahaha…Yes, I will pay it back…Unless I lose these weapons in the heat of battle, then it’s not my responsibility.”

“What?!” Leopard Man’s arms tightened, causing Tiger to feel an inexplicable pain in his shoulders.

“It will be paid back, in short, it will be paid back——” Albert said perfunctorily with a haha.

“Okay.” Bedivere had already counted the other weapons, and lifted the big box full of weapon inserts: “Everything is ready. We can go.”

“Of course.” Palamides also lifted the suitcase, picked up his mithril spear and wanted to leave.

“I have to slowly distribute these messy props when I go back.” Albert also took the last box of plug-ins in one hand and the Haitao Sword in the other, and walked out.

“Wait!” Cador is not a fool, how could he be deceived by this little trick? He grabbed Palamidis by the shoulder with one hand, and said in a slightly reproachful tone, “Where’s Eternal? You haven’t handed it over yet, have you?”

Palamidis turned his head and smiled: “Oh hehe hehe, yes, you see how useless I am, I start to forget when I get older.”

“Stop talking nonsense, in short, hand over the Meteor Gun—Gengnir.” Knight of the Round Table Cador tried his best to suppress his anger: “I have spent so much effort helping you get a complete set of weapons. , don’t cheat at this time. Be careful I’ll cancel your exam qualification!”

That is, of course, to scare Palamidis. The authority of the Knight of the Round Table, Cador alone, is not enough to kick a group of fraudulent candidates out of the Round Table Trial.

“Alas.” The big cat had no choice but to stretch out a hand: “I’ll leave it to you for safekeeping for the time being.”

Meteor Gun—The ancient neil suddenly appeared from an unknown place, came upon call, and immediately flew into the hands of Palamides.

“…Has the Ancient Nir been manipulated to such a degree.” Kador looked at the leopard warrior warily.

“Don’t worry, if it’s too far from me, it can’t be summoned. You keep it in the battleship, protected by a barrier, I can’t summon it away.”

“I hope so.” Cador grabbed the gun of the Gunner with one hand, intending to complete the handover.

Not moving. No matter how hard Cador tried to grab it, Palamidis would not let go.

“Hey!” Cador looked at the big cat gloomily. This **** leopard, wouldn’t he want to go back at the last minute? ?

“Oh, what a pity, I have to be separated from you for a while, my baby.” Palamidis spoke to the Ancient Neil as if he had been struck by evil, as if the spear could understand everything he said.

“You’re sick,” Bedivere scolded coldly.

“Humph.” The big cat grunted and let go suddenly.

Cador was still struggling to grab the artifact, but he didn’t expect that the other party would suddenly let go. He stumbled and sat on the ground: “Ow!”

“This is for you.” Palamidis still looked at the lost Eternal with a sad face: “Treat her well, take care of her every day, just like treating her own daughter The same.”

Hearing that, Cador was depressed. The Knights of the Round Table looked at Palamidis with the eyes of a lunatic, and said in a perfunctory manner: “…I will try to do it.”

“That’s good.” The big cat replied without thinking.

“Is Daddy Leopard’s mind really normal meow?” Albert asked, leaning into Bedivere’s ear.

The werewolf glared at the tiger, and then at the Haitaojian in the tiger’s hand: “You have no right to speak of him!”

At the same time, Great Britain, in a Goth’s cafe, in an underground chamber.

Smack zi zi zi zi!

A strange mist sprayed from the countless holes in the surrounding walls and ceiling, and the mist had an unpleasant smell of disinfectant.

“Wow!” Although he was already prepared, the leopard boy Hal was still caught. Before he could close his eyes, a small amount of disinfectant was poured into his eyes, which made him cry.

“Disinfection completed.” Shadow Walker held his breath for a few seconds, waited for the disinfectant to settle, then opened the door and said, “Come in.”

Hal’s eyes are still stinging, and he can’t see anything for a while, only feeling that his Uncle Arthur is holding him and walking forward, seemingly through the front door.

When his eyes stopped hurting and he could open it to take a look, he found himself in an operating room with all the medical equipment around.

“Okay. Boy, take off your clothes and sit here.” Shadow Walker patted a cylindrical mechanical surface and ordered.

“You…what do you want meow?” Hal asked gloomily, clutching his chest.

“This is an MRI scanner, which can be used to examine the condition of the patient’s body.” Shadowwalker smiled disapprovingly: “You said, I’m a doctor. The doctor examines the patient’s body, what’s wrong? ?”

“But, you are a black-hearted doctor, meow.” The leopard boy still refused to believe him.

Shadowwalker rolled his eyes at King Arthur: “Your Majesty, don’t use my image in your games in the future. It’s not good for me.”

The King of Knights smiled perfunctorily: “Hahaha, I will pay attention.”

Then he placed the little black panther in front of the scanner’s mechanical bed: “Hal, everything will be fine, please trust this doctor?”

“Well… okay meow.” The Leopard boy still took off his shirt suspiciously and lay down on the scanner bed: “Although it’s a black-hearted doctor meow.”

“It’s really hard to deal with the little ghosts now.” Shadowwalker Hei Tie’s mask revealed a disdainful expression: “Start scanning, don’t move.”

Zhi—The mechanical bed began to move, slowly sending the Leopard boy lying on the bed into the cylindrical device.

Some kind of light swept back and forth on Howl, scanning the physical condition of the leopard boy.

Hal doesn’t know much about his physical condition. According to his mother, Vivian, the Leopard Teenager only lost part of his internal organs. As for what he lost, Hal himself didn’t know, and he didn’t dare to think about it.

“Hmm. That’s scary.” The shadowwalker’s voice came in from outside the scanner, mingled with the sound of the machine’s operation, making it almost indiscernible.

“The intestines are obviously missing a large section, but there are no incisions and seams at all. Is this an operation that humans can do?”

“Can’t you do it with your technology?”

“Impossible. No matter how delicate the operation is, it will definitely leave a small amount of scars. He looks like he was born with a missing part of his intestines instead of being surgically removed.”

(Sure enough, I’m talking about my internal organs meow. So scary meow.)

“Vivian has started the cultivation of artificial you confident that the operation will be done well?”

” I will try to do it. But… I also said that his body seems to be born without these organs. It is estimated that the nervous system and blood vessels cannot be properly connected to the transplanted organs. The operation will be very difficult.”

“I don’t care. No matter what means you use, you have to do this operation well, that’s all.”

“Your Majesty will really be **** others… Forget it, I will try to do it. I will take the scanned data back and study it carefully. At the same time——”

“Greenville will do her best to assist you, don’t worry.”

“That’s good, thank you Your Majesty.—Huh?” Shadowwalker exclaimed, he was so surprised that it was too late to suppress his voice.

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