Light Spirit Epic Chapter 938: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 938: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (11)

The shadow area is not any diseased tissue, nor is it a metal foreign body, nor is it any object.

It’s nothing, it’s just “Void”().

It’s just a dark hole, a black hole.

It just floated in mid-air, only about a third of an inch from the left ventricle of the Leopard Man, and it didn’t move at all, and it wasn’t affected by Hal’s beating heart.

This seemingly bottomless black hole that floats out of thin air, but it is so ethereal, absurd, but sure, indisputably, that it continues to exist.

It’s all like a joke, laughing at all the doctors, biologists, physicists, scientists in the world.

——There is a black hole in the human body? !

“Your Majesty, what’s the matter, did you see anything?” Shadow Walker fixed the needle, and then let go of his hand.

There seems to be something in the black hole.

“Can this camera continue to magnify the pixels?” King Arthur shouted hysterically: “Put it in, zoom in! It’s as big as it can be magnified!! Quick!”

“Your Majesty, what did you see—” The Shadow Walker used the remote control to control the camera inside the probe as he walked around the operating table and walked towards the display screen.

At this time, Arthur was already petrified. He held his breath and watched so intently that he didn’t even move the slightest, as if he had really turned into a stone statue.

Constantine was so surprised to see King Arthur, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at the screen, wanting to see how sacred the black shadow was.

Then, he was also stunned, and his reaction was no less than that of King Arthur, more like a stone statue than a stone statue.

Because, the bizarre image in the eyes of the two at this moment turned out to be ——!

A universe! !

The deepest part of a black hole, in an endless darkness, is a universe.

A universe! !

A universe inside a black hole inside a Leopard boy! !

So, correctly, this is not a black hole, but a wormhole.

It connects to another universe!

Using the highest-tech pinhole camera probe to maximize its display magnification, and then using tens of billions of pixels of ultra-high-definition imaging technology, it can barely be displayed in a fingernail-sized insect In the hole, another universe!

The rotating stars, the picturesque nebulae, and thousands of galaxies, the sea of ​​​​stars composed of trillions of trillions of stars, can only be seen roughly, but they are very real, even if People who have never seen the true face of the universe can see that it is real at a glance!

It’s a universe!

In the infinite universe where the classical laws of physics no longer apply, [big] and [small] are only relative existences.

If a grain of sand can contain an entire universe, then the [universe in a wormhole] in front of Arthur is not impossible.

It’s just that this fingernail-sized wormhole happened to appear in the chest of Arthur’s nephew, the Leopard boy Hal.

It’s just that this fingernail-sized wormhole appeared just after this series of incredible events, and was discovered by Arthur at this timing.

It is because of all this “coincidence” that Arthur is so surprised.

He thought things were a little more complicated than he thought. But the truth was far beyond the King of Knights’ expectations, and it developed in a more confusing direction.

What is the “mutation” born in the leopard boy Hal? !

Just as King Arthur and Constantine were both stunned, the scene on the screen seemed to move forward a little.

“Huh?!” Arthur sensed something was wrong, but he couldn’t understand for a while what was wrong with the gaffe.

The screen moves forward a little again.

The King of Knights understood instantly: “Damn it! It’s attracting the probe! Pull the probe out!!”

“Damn it!” The shadow walker has hurriedly rushed to the operating table, aiming at the probe stabbed in the chest of the Leopard boy, and pulled it out!

The image on the screen sank a little further.

“Ugh?!” Shadowwalker felt that the probe in his hand seemed to have an irresistibly powerful attraction. Not only could he not be able to pull out the probe, but he was dragged deeper and deeper by that attraction!

If this goes on, there will only be two outcomes. The probe may be sucked away by the “wormhole” and disappear into another universe; or, the wormhole cannot **** the probe away, it will only make the needle sink deeper and deeper, and eventually pierce the little black Leopard’s little beating heart!

In either case, it seems very bad, Shadow Walker hurriedly grabbed the probe with both hands and pulled it out! The probe got deeper and deeper, and the situation became more and more frightening!

“Hal, wake up!” King Arthur slapped the leopard boy on the face with a slap, awakening Hal, who had been half anesthetized and fell into a drowsy sleep.

“Ow…” The leopard boy felt a burning pain on his face, and Arthur slapped Hal’s right cheek, the part that wasn’t anesthetized: “Uncle Arthur…? Why did you hit me? Meow…”

“Wow!” Shadowwalker suddenly felt the probe in his hand loosen. The force that held the probe disappeared, and he successfully pulled out the probe, lost his balance, and sat on the ground.

Puff! A small stream of blood spurted out of the Leopard boy’s chest. The doctor inserted the probe avoiding most of the blood vessels and nerves without causing much damage, but his rough needle removal did not.

“Um meow? This is… blood meow?” The leopard boy squinted at his chest.

Although King Arthur has blocked most of it with his hands, Howl can see the truth between the knight king’s fingers.

A bright red is spreading.

“This, this is… Howl’s blood meow?” The little black panther was frightened.

“Wow ah ah ah!” The leopard boy was stunned for a while, before he began to lose his face in shock, and passed out in a burst of screams.

Something weirder is coming. From the leopard boy’s chest, a red light spurted out!

King Arthur thought it was blood light at first, but would the blood light turn out like that, spewing out in a columnar shape?

The next second, his doubts were resolved.

A spirit body emerged from the hole.

The whole body is translucent, with an ominous red light, and a flaming flaming leopard is staring at Arthur with those faint red eyes.

As if it was a foreign object in this world, as if from another universe. Its eyes gave King Arthur an endless sense of alienation. But Arthur also felt a sense of familiarity, as if he was familiar with this spirit body, as if there was some kind of connection with it.

Yes, it is Chaos incarnate, it is an eidolon.

The same spirit exists in Arthur’s body, that is, the phantom crimson dragon – Anglo Moore.

Since Phantoms are only gods created by the group’s unconscious, they have no difference in creators. All Phantoms originate from chaos, and they are brothers to each other.

But they also repelled each other and didn’t want to tolerate each other.

Therefore, the moment the phantom flaming panther saw Arthur, he regarded the King of Knights as his enemy. To be more precise, he regarded the crimson dragon inside the King of Knights as his enemy.

"吼啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!"它咆哮着,不由分说地朝骑士王划出一爪! That fiery red arc of light seems to be a shock wave of blazing flames, but it is actually a turbulent flow of heterogeneous photons, which can twist and tear everything involved in it!

“Humph!” Seeing that the monster was so close to him, the King of Knights couldn’t dodge at all. He raised the sheath of the king and unfolded the Holy Spirit Griffin Shield to block!

Touch dong dong dong dong dong dong dong! With a burst of terrifying sounds, even Arthur began to doubt whether his shield, which he claims to be able to block everything, can really survive the attack of the phantom flaming giant leopard. However, it was finally blocked. The appearance of the Griffin Shield became very distorted, but it blocked the fatal blow for the King of Knights!

Without much thought, Arthur has raised the sword of the Holy King in his right hand, drawing a golden arc of light. He knew in his heart that this was useless work, because ghosts couldn’t be killed. But he had to do something to suppress the phantom flaming giant leopard!

The golden glow quickly faded away. If there is no accident, it should cut off the head of the phantom giant leopard, at least to stop the monster’s offensive!

But Arthur miscalculated again! What emerged from the chest hole of the leopard boy was actually the upper body of the ghost. The other half of its body seems to be connected to another universe through a wormhole, and it is a piece of cake to freely enter and leave the two worlds.

It doesn’t do anything but simply shrink back into the wormhole! Arthur’s sword was cut in the air like this!

This guy is very cunning! It is completely different from most of the spirits that King Arthur once fought against. It has its own consciousness and its own set of combat strategies!

It was waiting for the opportunity for the King of Knights to strike. Seeing that Arthur’s sword slashed the air, he immediately took the opportunity to counterattack! The right claw of the giant leopard grabbed the left waist of the king of knights with red blazing flames. Needless to say, this is a blow that can twist off the armor and cut bones and flesh!

And it’s coming so fast that King Arthur can’t dodge! The King of Knights watched desperately as the giant leopard’s claws attacked, and he was about to cut a terrifying big hole in his left abdomen!

Touch! Something has stopped the monster’s attack!

I haven’t seen him for seven years, and the phantom crimson dragon suddenly emerged from Arthur’s back, holding an incomparably sharp blade, colliding with the claws of the flaming giant leopard!

Smack zi zi zi zi zi! The fight between the two is extremely The phantom sparks like fireworks are scattered everywhere! But this is not the end at all. In the next second that King Arthur realizes, the two spirits have swung their weapons to each other and slashed thousands of knives at the same speed as light!

Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump!

The sound of swords screeching, continuous and low. It’s like a waterfall that keeps scouring Arthur’s eardrums! The illusion in front of the King of Knights was even more intense and dazzling, and it was almost impossible to capture the trajectory of the two spirits swinging the sword with the naked eye!

King Arthur could only stand still and let the two spirits fight each other! This is the battle of the gods, and mortals have no room to intervene!

And the shadow walker beside Arthur was even more stunned, and he didn’t even understand everything that was happening now, what was going on!

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